Sexual Awakening Part 1

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This is the story of how my husband and daughter showed the greatest love for me. For that matter my son in-law too.
To start off I’m just your normal run of the mill married woman nothing special at all. After 3 children I still have my figure and a dynamite set of tits, legs and a tight ass. I work hard to keep it that way. I stand 5’10 with blonde hair and blue eyes and weigh around 125lbs, with lovely round perky 38c tits.
After being married many years my sex life began to take a downward turn but I expected that with children and work. In time however sex became non existent. Being from the old school I never masturbated or relieved myself in anyway. My husband was as he called it “having man problems”. Then in 1998 my daughter got married to a fabulous guy and to be honest from the first time I seen him I was turned on. The more I seen him the more I wanted to see him. One evening after my daughter and her fiance left and I was in bed wide awake and horny the idea of what my daughter’s fiance would be like in bed hit me. I was ashamed but turned on at the same time. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. It hit me right then and there I had a crush on my daughter’s fiance! I looked over at my husband and a feeling of guilt and want filled me, it had been over 11 months since I had been serviced by my husband and I needed him now. I leaned forward and began kissing him, he turned to me and kissed my cheek and said he was too tired. With that I laid back down and eventually fell asleep.
Time went by and the more I seen my daughter and her fiance the hornier I got. I began to wear more revealing clothes, I couldn’t believe it I was so horny I was flirting with my own daughter’s fiance. Nice mom I am huh? I started to find reasons for seeing my daughter and her fiance, letting him see more and more of my body. My daughter and her fiance never said a word about the way I was acting (thank god), thinking back I was acting like a true slut.
On one such day he touched my hand helping me down from a ladder in the garage and I immediately got wet I turned about 30 shades of red at the feeling. That night I jumped online and searched for anything on in-law lust wanting to see if I was a crazy woman or did anyone else ever feel this way. I found this incest/sex forum and after reading alittle joined and shared my story. It was nice to finally let it all out.
I started going on this incest/sex site all the time I was totally lost in my desires for my now son in-law. Being I wasn’t too smart I forgot to delete the history. Imagine my shock one day when I came into our bedroom and my husband was sitting online looking at the site and turned to me and asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?” I stood frozen as my husband asked me which of our children I was interested in. I stuttered out,”none of them.” And he asked what my login and password was if indeed I had nothing to hide. I broke down and told him and he logged on and sat reading silently. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to explode. He simply turned to me in the end and said, “that was obvious you like him so what are you going to do about it?” “Its all up to you sweetheart but don’t hurt our daughter.” We talked more in bed about my feelings and it was agreed that I had to deal with this asap. He asked me things about our son in-law and reached down under the sheets and touched my pussy. I was so wet! Then he began to ask me if I wanted to be fucked by our son in-law all I could do was let out a yes as he brushed against my pussy lips. My husband kept me going until I was in a sexual fit then he stopped and said that he loved me and kissed me goodnight. I was left laying there wet and wanting more. Worst of all my husband now knew my desires.
Little did I know my husband had decided to take matters into his own hands.

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  1. Anonymous

    When will you post part#3. I really enjoyed reading parts 1 & 2

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