She Was My Ward by Screw3

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The king still had the clothes he wore under his armor when he entered the sick room where I was confined. “Gregory, no don’t try to rise. Your getting the pox was convenient for me, and for You. You were not there to lead his army in rebellion against me. It kills most people, you know.”
“Not this type, my Liege. The Duke put me in a difficult position Sire. He was my local liege and I had sworn fealty to both of you.”
“That did not stop some of your neighbors, Gregory.”
“My Lord they had little choice. I elected to get the cowpox. No one gets close to someone with erupted postules to measure their size. Most of my soldiers would not join the Duke unless I led them.”
“Gregory, I do not care how you avoided doing battle against me, just that you did. You shall be rewarded with a quarter of the Duke’s lands and the title of Baron. Is there another boon you wish to ask me?”
“Yes, my Lord, there is. I would like to be relieved of my ward Madeleine so that I may make her my mistress.”
“Now that is a boon I understand, but will my cousin Lady Constance, your wife approve?”
“My Lord, I believe she will heartily approve. She is no longer well and has difficulties accepting me as a lover. She will be happy to have to be called Baroness Constance and have more money to spend on things.”
“Then your boon is granted, with my blessings since her family was against me and battled on the Duke’s side. She is now landless and no longer entitled to be called a Lady.”

It was two weeks before I felt well enough to have Madeleine brought into my presence. She curtsied as she entered my room, “Sir Gregory, I am here as you requested. You rarely ask me to come to see you in the evening. I find it inconvenient.”
“I think you will serve me whenever I want Maddy, unless you would prefer starving.”
“I am Lady MAdeleine, and please remember that even if you will be my guardian for two more years. Then I inherit my shares of my family’s lands.”
“Your family’s fiefs were ceded to me by the King when your family supported the Duke in his rebellion. The King dutifully rewarded me for not fighting against him. Your lands are mine, as are you. The King relieved me of the obligations of guardianship and gave you to me as a slave. Wasn’t that nice of him?”
“I will complain to the Lady Constance. She will put an end to this nonsense.”
“I will save you some time. Constance, will you make yourself available?”
Baroness Constance came from behind the drapes. “Yes Gregory and the slave Maddy. If you tire of her sir, I will be happy to take her off your hands and bed and bring her to mine. Then when I tire of her we can trade with a neighboring Baron if she retains her looks. If not we can give her to one of your soldiers, or to a whole barracks, if you desire my Lord.”
“Stay Constance, we will give her a sample of your treatment. Strip Maddy, those clothes belong to me.”
Madeleine started to refuse. “Goody, now there is a reason for me to punish you.” Baroness Constance walked over and slapped her face. “Now strip, bitch.”
Maddy had never been struck before. Her face stung from the slap, but not as much as her pride. Until that moment she had not believed what they were telling her, now she did. She quickly removed the three layers of clothes that she was wearing and stood naked before them.
The Baroness took down a cat-o-nine-tails. “Assume the position, bitch.”
Maddy looked at them in wonder. “Bend over with your hands on your knees. How many stripes my Lord?”
“Ten on her arse should do then you may step back and watch if you like. Count them out bitch, and if you change the count the count will start over.”
Maddy lost count after the fifth stroke caused so much pain her mind clouded and she said five again when it should have been six.
“Alright Constance start over. Bitch the next stroke is one. Try to concentrate.” As he said this the Baron was so turned on he began to strip as he was getting quite an erection.
When Constance got to five again she saw her husband standing there with his large 9″ cock straight out at attention. “Bitch suck my husband’s cock while I finish giving you your stripes.”
Maddy looked up and saw the first prick that she had ever seen. Some of the other ladies had spoken of these things so she knew it had something to do with making babies and a pleasure of some sort. She tried to grit her teeth, but when she said “Six, thank you, madam.” He stuck his cock into her mouth. She tried to pull her tongue out of the way and found she was caressing the dick in her mouth. The next stroke struck her ass and she gasped as the cock was then able to go further into her throat.
The same thing happened on the next stroke and her cheeks went in and out around his cock. It seemed to be getting even harder and thicker. The thought of pleasing him made her feel better about this whole thing. Maddy began plotting on how to make him a slave to his own passions. The tenth stroke hit her ass as he came in her throat. She felt the hot cum going down her throat and thought that was not too bad.
At the same time she felt a hand putting salve on her ass. This gave her a warm feeling that she did not quite understand. She pushed the cock out of her mouth with her tongue as it was now soft. “Bitch, you are stupid. Keep sucking and licking it and my balls until I am hard again. I can hardly take your virginity with a soft cock.”
The thought frightened Maddy, but the thought of being whipped frightened her more. She was so concentrating on making the Baron’s cock hard she didn’t notice that the Baroness was underneath her licking her clit and had her fingers in her vagina, but when the baroness put a finger in her asshole she did notice that.
“Enough bich. Lay in the bed. Is she wet Constance?”
“Yes, my Lord. May I finish myself?”
“No, sit on her face while I fuck her. Bitch, you are to lick the Baroness pussy while I fill yours”
“Now bitch I want you to bend your knees. Not together separate them or I will let the Baroness whip you some more. Ask me to fuck you.”
“Fuck me Baron.”
“Now say it so I believe you.” As he said this he squeezed her nipples which had hardened from having been fingered.
Maddy winced, “Please fuck me, Baron. Fuck me hard, please.” She realized as she said that she she meant it. She wanted the Baron to fuck her.
He entered her then stopped when he hit the barrier. He pulled to the edge then pushed harder. It hurt her. The Baron had to repeat this one more time before he got thru and ended her virginity. It began to feel better as he went deeper into her and began to rhythmically go in and out. Maddy started to feel a new sense of pleasure rising in her when she felt the Baroness’ pussy pushing against her mouth. She opened her mouth and began licking the other woman’s clit as hers had been licked earlier.
Maddy thought this is like sucking a tiny cock while the big cock fucks me. At that she started cumming and as the walls of her cunt caressed the Baron he came with her.

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