Still Sweet — Part 1

It was 11 o’clock “Time to go” thought Emily. She quickly put on her runners and silently slipped out her bedroom window. Careful not to make any noise she clambered down the large oak tree in front of the house and dashed down the street towards the public high school. There her boyfriend; Frank, the star quarterback of the championship football team would be waiting for her. She had no idea why she had been summoned tonight, especially since they had already made out earlier that day in her room (almost getting caught, but Frank had dived under the bed just before her Dad waked in). Emily wondered what Frank had in mind.

She checked her watch, 11:06 p.m. “I’d better hurry” she said to herself, Frank didn’t like waiting for people, he was impatient that way. Emily began to job, her sneaker’s slapping against the pavement. All of a sudden a loud clap of thunder rang through the night, and it began to rain. “Shit” said Emily. She wasn’t wearing a coat and was getting soaked to the bone. Her pink top began to stick against her skin, and her nipples stood hard and erect from the cold water and chilly winds. Emily broke out into a run, her long slender legs pumped hard to propel her petite body through the rain.

She quickly reached the school and began searching for her boyfriend. She soon found him, standing against the wall underneath a low balcony, sheltering himself from the wind and rain. She jogged over to him and with an apologetic smile said “Sorry I’m late, the dam rain ya know?”

“That’s okay, I don’t mind” replied Frank. Emily was taken aback by this response, she expected him to be angry that she made him wait in the rain. He swept back her wet brown hair from her face and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “You look great when you’re wet ya know, very sexy.” He said while softly taking Emily’s right breast into his hands and massaging it slowly.

“Is that all you called me here for; to touch my tits? Cause you did that already today.” Said Emily, looking up at her boyfriend.

“No, no, I’ve got other reasons, but for now I’m content with your boobs” he said, while slowly lifting up her shirt and exposing a plain pink bra underneath. Emily wasn’t sure what Frank meant by “other reasons” but she didn’t mind, she was enjoying Frank’s touch on her breasts too much to care. Frank gently slid the bra up over Emily’s breasts to allow her perfect B cup breasts fall gently on her chest. Emily moaned softly as her boyfriend began to play with her nipples.

“Is this what you had in mind?” asked Emily in between moans.

“Not quite yet, I have a favor to ask you.” He said, releasing his hold of Emily’s breast.

“What is it?” Emily replied,

“I want you to…” he began while slowly unzipping his jeans “…I want you to touch it” he said after releasing his member from his pants.
“Frank! I…I…I don’t know….” Emily stammered, while avoiding looking at her 17 year old boyfriend’s penis. After 4 months of dating he had never asked her to do a thing like this, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready.

“Please, just hold it, come on Emily” begged Frank.

“O…Okay” replied Emily reluctantly. She slid her hand down towards his crotch, and slowly grabbed a soft hold of her boyfriend’s cock. She could feel it growing under her touch, the sensation wasn’t as unpleasant as she had thought, in fact she sort of enjoyed feeling her partner’s organ growing.

“Now, just stroke it a little, that’s it, just like that” he said as Emily began to slowly slide her hand up and down her mate’s ever growing shaft. It was Frank’s turn to moan now, Emily’s soft hands worked gingerly up and down his dick,

“Is this okay?” asked Emily softly.

“No” replied Frank hoarsely. Get on your knees.”

“Frank?” replied Emily, shocked.

“Get on your knees NOW!” he demanded. His voice had lost all tenderness. Emily whimpered and got on her knees, her face now level with her boyfriends penis. “Put it into your mouth, do it now!” he demanded when she didn’t immediately obey.

Emily was hurt. She never thought her boyfriend could act like this, could treat her like this. But she was afraid of the tone of voice he used, so she slowly slid her lips over the head of the boy’s penis. It tasted like sweat and slightly of urine, but not overly terrible. She knew what Frank wanted her to do, but wasn’t sure if she could bring herself to do it.

“Now suck it!”

Emily was waiting for this and knew refusing to do it would bring some form of punishment worse than she was already experiencing. So she began to lightly suck on Frank’s penis, she even pushed it farther into her mouth; something she knew would please Frank.

“Faster” ordered Frank. Emily picked up speed. “Harder” Emily fellated on his dick with stronger sucks. “Harder” he repeated. Emily sucked deeper and longer strokes. She could feel some slight pre-cum ooze out of her boyfriend’s dick, and without thinking lapped it up with her tongue. “Faster” he said again. Emily was now truly giving her boyfriend a blowjob, her head bobbed up and down on his dick. Her lips slid around the shaft, leaving it shiny and wet. “Hold them” Frank ordered. Emily knew what he meant by “them” so he took one hand and gently held Frank’s sack, ever so slightly rubbing his balls with her thumb. Suddenly she could feel his sack tighten, and Frank moaned loud.

“Oh god” thought Emily, she tried to removing her mouth from his dick but it was too late. A load of cum shot right into her mouth, filling it and causing some too dribbling out onto her chin. Emily quickly lowered her head and spat her head onto the cement, and kept her head lowered. She gazed down at herself and quickly covered her exposed breasts. She let her brown, shoulder length hair to fall in front of her face, hiding her from the man that had his way with her.

Frank quickly stuffed his now flaccid dick into his pants reached down and gently pulled Emily’s face into view. “See you tomorrow love” he said, using his tender voice again. He quickly kissed her on the forehead and ran off into the rain.

Emily sat back against the wall, a slight sob escaped her body. She closed her eyes and begin to think.

To be continued…

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