Story 1: Meeting The Wife

It was the mid 1980’s when I met Misty.  She was in several of my high school classes. At the time, she was 18 and about 5’2 130 Lbs. with long feathered blonde hair and blue eyes. She had nice big D sized breasts, and a plump ass.

We quickly became good friends; I found myself thinking about her all the time. It was hard to make it through the day without jerking off. I finally got the nerve up to ask her out, and to my surprise she said yes. We set our first date for Friday night.

I arrived at her house at 6:00 pm. Her mom answered the door.

“Hi, you must be Mikey. Come on in. You can call me Debe.”  I smile and follow her inside.

“Misty is still getting ready, have a seat on the couch.” She went back to the kitchen sink where she was washing dishes. I was kind of nervous, but was surprised at her; she wore only a Winston 500 tee-shirt and a pair of panties.

I sat on the couch looking at her sexy legs and her breasts moving freely under her shirt. I thought to myself, my mom would never allow anyone into our house with her dressed like that. She was a widow in her early 40’s with long red hair; about the same size as Misty.

Then the sliding glass door opened and Crystal, Misty’s sister, came in. She was just in her bikini top and bottom. My dick got hard watching her go by.

“Hi Mikey.” She said cheerfully, as she walked to her room.

Then Misty walked in from the bathroom. Her hair and makeup was perfect, I watched her as she dropped a pair of hot pink pumps to the floor and slid her bare feet into them. I just stared at her for a moment, taking in her beauty. The blue eye shadow and mascara, her glossy pink lipstick that went with her pink blouse and pink high heels, and the tight Guess jeans looked awesome on her.

“You ready to go?”

“Sure.” I open the door for her. She takes my hand, I walk her to my car.

“Be back at midnight.” Her mom warns her.

“You really look beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you.” She says in a shy voice. I take her to dinner at Taco Bell and after that we went to the movie rental store. After several minutes we decided on some horror movies.

The strip mall was the local hangout for teenagers, so we joined our friends for a few minutes. About 2 cigarettes later, it was time to go. Going back to my parents house, we jammed to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

Lucky for us, my parents were out shopping and my sister was also out on a date. We put the movie in the VCR and turned the lights out.  I soon kiss her. She kisses me back and our tongues meet. I reach for a button on her blouse, she doesn’t push me away. I unbutton 3 more and reach for her breast. To my surprise, she takes her big tits from her bra. I play with them both, her large puffy nipples become erect. I go down and suck one, then the other.

“Ahhhhhh!” She moans.

My hand moves to her inner thigh, up and down her thigh, massaging it, getting closer and closer to her pussy. She moans again.  She watches as I unfasten her jeans and slip my hand into her pink panties. Finding it shaved clean, I slip my fingers into her wet hole.  She reaches over and squeezes my throbbing cock for the first time. She looks at it then, slides off the couch. She quickly strips me from the waste down, examining my cock, gently stroking it.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were so big?”

“You never asked.”

She takes me into her hot mouth, sucking my cock. I run my fingers through her thick blonde hair. My balls are in her hand while she sucks. In and out, I watch my cock being sucked. I feel like I’m going to blow and wonder if I should tell her. Too late.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Filling her mouth, she keeps sucking. She then climbs back up on me for a kiss, driving her tongue into my mouth with the hot steamy jizz I just deposited into hers. We swap the cum, sharing it between us.

“Let’s go to your room.” I point down the hall and watch her ass sway from side to side. Taking my shirt off as I walk down the hallway, I find her taking off her blouse.  We kiss again as she takes off her bra.  I slide my hands inside her panties, squeezing her ass. After a long passionate kiss, I push her down onto the bed.  She watches me as I pull her high heels off. I take hold of her jeans and panties, pulling them off. Her legs automatically spread wide.

I go right in. Spreading her pussy lips, I taste her pussy for the first time. Giving it long slow licks, I tease her swollen clit with my tongue and she lets out a moan. I take her clit between my lips and gently suck it. She moans more. I start fingering her slick wet sex hole. 2 fingers go in real easy. I add a 3rd one.

“Oh…Don’t stop…More! ” She begs. I add the 4th finger and saw them in and out of her real fast, continuing to suck her clit. Minutes later she locks her thick thighs around my head and cums all over my face. She releases my head and I get up on top of her, trying to line my cock up to my first piece of pussy. With her fingers she guides me inside her and my cock slides right in. In and out I fuck her by the dim light of the TV. I watch her big tits jiggle. I go down and kiss her and suck on her neck.  I feel myself fixing to cum. Pulling out I shoot my load all over her belly and tits. Some of it landed on her chin.

She rubs her big tits, then wipes the cum from her chin and licks it from her finger.

“Lets do a 69,” she says.

“Whats that?” I ask with a dumb look.

“Wow! This is your first time. I’ll show you.”

She turns around and takes my cock into her mouth. Looking down at her pussy I go down on her. She brings my spent cock back to life, then lets my cock go.

“You want to fuck me again?”

“Hell yeah!” I get off her. She pushes me back on to the bed, and straddles me. I watch her guide my cock inside her pussy. She then rides me, playing with her big tits at the same time. She continues to ride me, hard and fast.

“I’m fixing to cum!” I warn her.

“Me to! Leave it in!”

Balls deep inside her she lets out a moan. I shoot my load deep inside her, filling her with my hot jizz.  She falls on top of me, we kiss a long loving kiss. The automatic door opens to the garage and I hear my mom’s car pull into the basement. Misty collects her clothes and goes to the bathroom to clean up and dress. I race in to the next room and grab my clothes and run back to get dressed.

We then went to the kitchen so I could show off my new girlfriend. Misty did not put on her bra, or her shoes. Mom looked her over and gave me a dirty look. She was polite though. Dad smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign as he left the room. I then drove her home. As we drove up the driveway we see her sister Crystal laying in the bed of their family truck, some young punk between her legs fucking her hard.

“Look, Crystal’s getting her some tonight too.” The flood lights come on. Their Mom walks out on to the front porch.

“Crystal! Crystal!” She yells out. The young punk jumps off of her. He pulls his pants up, then jumps on to his B.M.X. bike and rides off down through the yard toward the street. Crystal grabs her shorts and runs toward the back of the house, diving into an open window.

Me and Misty kiss once more.

“I got to go.” I watch her walk up the sidewalk. Her purse over her shoulder, her high heels in her hand.

“You know you had a bra on when you left,” her Mom said in a not approving way.

“Yes Mom, I know.”

“Did you leave him your panties so he can show them off to his friends?”

“No, Mom.”

I watch them go inside, the flood lights go out. I return home and jerk off at least 3 more times that night, thinking about the next sexual encounter we have.

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