The Fourth of July I will Never Forget

Gina and I had planned to get together this 4th of July just like we did the last few years. We kind of combined her birthday with the holiday and sort of made it a special day. I spoke to her the night before and we made plans to meet at her house at 9:30 AM on the 4th. My boyfriend will be there so as soon as he leaves we can head out to the parade she told me the night before. I got to her house at 9:25 on the 4th just as her boyfriend was departing. He grumbled a quick hello, jumped into his car and sped off. Gina looked at me and just shook her head. We had a huge fight late last night and he’s still pissed she continued. I have to take a quick shower and we can get moving she said. Hey, she said, take a look at my pictures from my vacation she told me. They’re on my bed next to the album I am putting them in. Pictures was always boring but I obliged her. I could see Gina showering but I had seen her naked so many times that it was no big deal to either of us. She came out of the shower and toweled off, telling me why her and her boyfriend were fighting. She laughed and turned around to show me this really brand new butterfly tattoo right on her right but cheek. She told me her boyfriend was really pissed off that she got a tattoo and right on her butt. To make matters worse I put my diaphragm in last night and he told me the only was I was going to have sex is if I fucked myself she added. I was really horny too and it’s a shame I ad to waste it she laughed. We looked at each other and must have both gotten that same tingle. There was a brief pause in both chat and thought. I don’t have to remove my diaphragm Gina said smilingly at me. You could be the first to fuck me with my new tattoo she roared. It did not take any convincing. I always wanted to fuck Gina but either one or both of us had a partner and were always faithful. Gina being naked made it so easy. I knew Gina was acting out on anger towards her boyfriend too so I knew I shouldn’t waste time. I took off my clothes and there we were, naked and ready to make our fourth more memorable than we ever thought. I lied down next to Gina and before I knew it Gina was bobbing up and down on my cock. Ooohhh, was this sweet. I stroked her hair and felt her C cup tits for the very first time. She moved up to me and I rolled her under me. She grabbed hold of my rock hard cock and posisitioned me at the opening to what I knew was a very hot pussy. I wanted to plunge it in as fast and as hard as I could but slowly pushed myself deep inside of her. We both moaned in ecstasy as we felt our organs meet for the very first time. Perfect fit she cooed. We must have fucked for about 10 minutes but who knew because Gina started to really get wild. She moaned cumming, cumming…cum with me. Feeling her pussy get really hot and tight I started to pump and as I did Gina screamed loudly. Her legs wrapped around my back and I swear I never thought passion could ever be this intense. What seemed like a 5 minute orgasm finally came to an end. I eased my cock out of her and it felt like pins and needles. I rolled off of her and we clasped hands, both unable to talk for minutes. We finally spoke and both expressed out surprise and gratitude for what we just did. We did get to the parade but considerably late. We went for our customary lunch and both admitted that as long as we had sex already once that day that there would be nothing wrong with another session before the fireworks later that night. We made our next session last about 2 hours, including a shower and some unique positions we were both curious about too. When it was all over we both agreed that though it was fun, that she had a boyfriend and that our friendship would never survive that type of intimacy. Though I disagreed, Gina remained steadfast in her feelings. Two nights later I got a text message from Gina. My diaphragm is in and my boyfriend blew me off tonight. Up to the challenge? Here was my reply. :-) C U in 10.

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