The Good Girl

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She watched herself in the full length mirror as she donned each article of clothing…ever so slowly. Hooking each hook.Pulling up the zipper. Buttoning buttons. As she looked at her reflection she saw that she had made a wise choice. The black dress clung
to her like a second skin…the stilettos added to the overall effect.
She looked away then. Best not to over think it. Best not to linger. She decided it was time to go. She was headed to The Club.

When she made her entrance heads turned. She went up to the bartender and ordered a Screaming Orgasm. She ignored the wisecracks as she downed the shooter. She ordered another…then another…then moved away.

By the time she had drank her third shooter she was feeling good…bold…and ready. As if on cue Ushers: “Climax” begins to play. She started dancing. And soon had a sizable crowd watching.

He had been watching her from the moment she had walked in. He wanted her. The more she moved…the more her sensuality radiated out from her body…summoning him to her.

What was she doing…she thought. She had abandoned her usual self control. She put away the “good girl”. She wanted. No. She needed to feel all the emotions…all the erotic sensations…all the freedom that she could manage. She had to do it now
before she lost her nerve.

“This is it” she thought as she pulled the sexy stranger in to a storage room. She pushed him down and descended upon him before he even hit the floor. She could feel his hardness and hear that his breathing was faster…deeper.

What was she doing? She didn’t do strangers. She had never done anybody. But here she was. She heard her voice say…
She pressed hard against him. Her legs parted as his thigh pressed between them. She pushed against him harder still and arched her back. He took the hint and reached both hands up to cup the round mounds of her ass.

She gasped. His touch felt so good. She wanted to feel
more. She managed to free his member from its denim prison. She felt the muscle clench and it sent a heat wave through her belly and between her thighs.

He sighed when he caught the scent of her arousal.

“Now!” She proclaimed…her voice quivering. She wanted this….needed it.

Her demand caused the man to come unglued. He ran his hands along the skin on her neck until they reached the lacey confines that contained her ample breasts. He cupped them both. She held her breath…bit her lower lip. In one smooth…fluid motion all obstacles were removed and cast aside.

She trembled now as both his hands caressed her exposed
skin. She cried out as he took first one then the other nipple and gentley teased her as he pulled on them. He rolled them between his fingers…increasing pressure with each turn. She moaned and writhed…lost in the moment.

He moved his hands down her sides…past her waist…to her hips where her panties should have been. He moved his hands back around to once again hold her cheeks. He lifts her up…
“More!?” He whispered…it was half question…half declaration.

In responce she places both hands on his thighs and arched her body and head back…pushing down on to him.
He let out a gutteral grunt…followed by a long…low moan.
She welcomes him in. Her hips rolled and bucked with each thrust. Pain then pleasure existed in the same place and at the same time.
Waves washed over her like a powerful drug taking affect.
She would have cried out but the intense sexual excitement took her breath away. She would have called out his name had she known it.

She experiences her first orgasm…ever.
This is it. This is what it feels like. Now she knows. It’s not what she expected. The raw animalistic instincts that are now awaken in her remained churning…jusr below the surface. Powerful. Seductive. Demanding.

She opens her eyes. The man is watching…waiting. She takes in a deep breath and whispers…

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