The truth always comes out

It was Amy’s third year of her degree at university in which she decided to do a sandwich year abroad. She managed to get a placement in at the FBI Headquarters in Nevada, USA. For the year she would spend out there, her long term friend Ash said that he would be happy to share an apartment with her to reduce living costs and reduce the risk of ass-hole roommates.

Ever since the first time Amy met Ash, she knew she felt a strong desire to be with him. He had some sort of animal magnetism which just seemed to draw her to him. She dreamt of him during the night and day dreamed during daylight hours. He seemed to be in her thoughts as much as her conscious would allow.

She was too scared to tell him what she felt for him as she thought it may ruin what they had in terms of friendship. He too was too afraid to let her know as he didn’t want to seem to be too strong so soon…that doesn’t mean he didn’t try to hint. He dropped many, the numerous hugs and tender touches and random kisses which she thought were part of the friendship…those were the kind of things that Sarah did…it’s just friendly, right? It doesn’t mean anything…

Both feeling a bit hurt at the other ‘not feeling the same way’ they dated other people. Amy had never dated before and was amazed when a cute guy from uni asked her if she would accompany him to the movies one time, which she agreed to. Things just went on from there. But she wasn’t true in her feelings, her heart belonged to the ‘guy she couldn’t have’. She wished it was Ash that kissed her the way Sarah did, the way he whispered into her ear with his lips against her pinna, the way his touch caused all the hairs on her body stand to attention. She just wished she could be the girl Ash saw as his. She wanted to be his whole world. She wanted to be the reason he came home at night, to be with her…unaware she was already and for a long time…

Ash seeing she was seeing more and more of Matt from uni, he felt increasingly inferior to him, only because they were both at uni together. He didn’t feel good enough for her anymore. But that didn’t stop him from wanting her, if anything it made him want her even more than before. Every time she walked into the apartment and watched as her strong legs carried her to her chambers; he wished he could run his fingers along the length of her legs.

Watching the way she sometimes sat so seductively on the sofa with him, with her bare legs over his in just her XXXL Burberry’s men’s shirt and white gym socks…how he’d love to just make out with her with Jerry Springer playing havoc in the background. He just knew that she was a virgin, even at the tender yet mature age of 21; he could just smell the sweet innocence pouring off her like her personal perfume. He remembered one time, when she was in one of her weird moods, her asking him if he would ever ‘fuck’ her. Also remembering how cock stirred when she said that word. He said that couldn’t happen because they were such great friends. He remembered many nights watching Amy as she scampered silently across the floor to the fridge to get a glass of juice (which he intentionally placed on the bottom shelf at the back), saw her bend over as her shirt rode up and revealed her Polo boxers. She was completely oblivious to this night spy watching her from the dark sofa.

But he was happy with Scarlet, why did he think of his housemate in that way when he was with someone else? But was he? There was just something that Amy had that Scarlet didn’t, but he couldn’t put his finger on it…he wished he could put his finger in it but that was just another story…He never seemed to feel turned on when he saw Scarlet, he never once wanted to make out with her even thought she dropped many opportunities. It killed him to see Amy with another guy but as long as she was happy, so was he…little did he know that the only person that could make her happy was him.

He decided to take the afternoon off and go shopping for the things he’d need for the supper he planned for Amy, knowing that today was a special day for her as she had a very important exam which would carry on until early evening, so by the time she got home he would have food on the table just for her…

Just as he was getting ready to set the table, She walked in. He looked up and smiled ‘I made your favourite’. She looked over and smiled a weak smile, ‘You’re a star, what would I do without you?’ Dropping her head she went into her room to change. When she came out, he had just put the glasses of wine on the table and was ready to serve. She sat down and he served.

Midway through his meal he noticed Amy wasn’t eating much. ‘Is everything ok?’ he asked in an anxious voice. ‘I’m fine, just fine’. Once he’d finished, he looked across at Amy thinking that maybe her exam didn’t go as well as she hoped or something. He knew she would be sitting cross-legged so he stretched out his hand and placed it half way down her shin. ‘You know you can tell me if there’s something up, right?’ She nodded in acknowledgement that she knew. He didn’t want to press her too hard, for which she was grateful for.

She got up, ‘I’ll wash the dishes, and it’s the least I can do for being so rude’. She took their plates over to the sink to wash up. Ten minutes later he heard her sniffling. He walked up behind her and placed his hands on her hips, feeling the curve of her waist and his chin on the right shoulder, almost expecting her to shrug him off but she didn’t. She just dropped her head as much forward as her neck would allow.
‘Hey, it’s just an exam, you can always redo it’ he assured her.
‘It’s not the exam, I aced that…’ and she started to cry more loudly, ‘…it’s Matt.’ He gently turned her around to face him.
‘Shit, what’s he done? Did he hurt you? ‘Cos if he has I’ll-‘
‘No, please, don’t do anything to him…he just told me a few things which I should have really expected…’
‘Baby, just tell me, I hate to see you like this…’
‘He…he told me…that I wasn’t good enough for him, he said he…he’s found someone better, someone more beautiful and intelligent…I should have known that a girl like me couldn’t hold on to a guy like that, I was stupid enough to believe that he actually liked me…’ at which she broke down in Ash’s arms and cried, leaning her whole body against him, he could feel every movement she made.

Leading her to the sofa, his compassion for her; overpowering his rage prevented him from leaving the apartment in search of the bastard that hurt his Amy.
‘Don’t ever say that! It’s NOT true! He’s just a worthless piece of shit that wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit him in the ass!’ Placing his index finger under her chin he lifted it so that she would look at him ‘you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, you’re intelligent and you have personality…’ then he added with a cheeky smile ‘…just your taste in men sucks’ at which she couldn’t help but smile. ‘You don’t have to say things like that because I’m crying you know’
‘He’s just too up his own ass the see what he has rejected, he will learn to regret it one day; you mark my words’ he added.

Looking into her mixed eyes he realised just how much she meant to him. Just then he became increasingly aware of a warmth in his trousers. She couldn’t deny it any longer, she had to let him know…Before she could say anything, he leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, looked at her to see if she was going to slap him for doing so. She looked a bit stunned…he leaned over again; this time she pulled away ‘What about Scarlet?’ she asked. ‘Who? Oh! Scarlet…erm…it wasn’t working’. At that she pulled him cautiously towards her as though she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do but feeling deep down inside it felt as though it was the most natural thing ever.

As they kissed, their tongues became more confident and the pressure their lips applied intensified. She could feel herself getting war
mer and wetter. He ran his hand over her cheek, feeling the wetness he
remembered what brought this on in the first place, ‘Are you sure this is what you want?’ He didn’t want to seem as though he was going to use her, but if it was up to him he would have had his way with her already. His sergeant was screaming orders which at the moment he was not following. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her more pain than she had already encountered at the hands of that twat. He waited for her to think about it and realise what a big mistake it would have been, which would have destroyed him.

Instead she took his face in her hands and looked him deep in the eyes and said ‘I want this and I want you even more than you could ever imagine…’ and she kissed him again. Leaning her backwards, he slipped his hand up her leg, over her thigh, under her shirt and rested it on her waist. More and more passion was entering their kisses, soon enough they were almost eating each others faces. He ran his hand along her stomach which twitched under his touch, down over her navel and over her black panties, stopping a little distance to prevent falling over the edge.

Looking around he realised this wasn’t really the setting for them to make out. He picked her up and carried her to his chambers. As he laid her atop his water bed, she unwrapped herself from him. He walked across the room and lit as many candles as his room held, filling it with a warm and sensual glow. As he did this she looked around his room, realising in the all the time they have lived together, she had not once been in his room, just stood in the door way. Her eyes came to rest upon a picture in a photo frame on his desk by the wall. It was the picture of her when she was six in her aunt’s red jacket holding a rose and grinning stupidly.

He returned to the bed and sat in front of her. He looked over to where she was looking. ‘I told you I’d put it in a frame’ he said with a smile. He saw her blush to her roots, unable to hold back he knelt awkwardly on his bed and pulled her gently by the legs towards him, this motion caused her shirt to ride up and her panties were in full view.

He leaned over her, kissing he undid the buttons of her shirt which he could feel was rising and falling at a rapid rate. One by one the buttons released from their holes revealing more and more of her rosy skin. ‘Erm, I’ve never-‘ he placed a finger over her lips to prevent her from saying any more; after all, he knew this already didn’t he? Ash found virgins very sexy, he found it even sexier that she told him, making her sound so innocent and pure…but he knew what she could be like at times. He bore witness to it a few times…

Feeling herself become wetter and his temperature rise she reached down to his waist and started to pull his shirt up and over his head, throwing it across the room carelessly. She’d always known that he worked out regular and was fit as a fiddle but his body…she’d never seen it this amazing before. She could feel his ever expanding shorts against her panties.

He undid her last button and opened the shirt as far as it would go. Taking his hands and using them to cup her breasts, he brought himself closer to them, feeling as her heat radiated off her like a warm fire. Taking one nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue, slowly circling it in one direction, then the other, flicking over the hardness. He teased the other nipple simultaneously with his fingers, as though he was turning a small knob one way then the next, running his index over it. He swapped over, doing the same but to the other nipple. Sucking and pulling, biting and licking, it was driving her crazy. It felt so good…

She reached her right hand and slid it between them, feeling her wet underwear under her fingers and his growing hardness on top. Rubbing herself gently she was also stimulating him. She let her middle finger slide under her panties like she had done many times before. She rubbed herself gently and slowly, the mixture of his teasing and her pleasure were almost too much to bear. She let out a quite moan. He kissed between her breasts, licked down to her navel, sucking his lips around it, and then blowing out the air making a funny sound at which she laughed. She could feel him smile and reach the top of her waistband.

His hands traced the curve of her body, over her breasts then along her stomach and down her sides starting to pull her knickers down, following them with his lips. He rose up on his knees and lifted her legs up into the air, slowly removing them. Once they were off, he ran his hands down her legs, down the sides of her thighs down to her butt, giving her cheeks a gentle squeeze.

He parted her legs slowly, letting the warm air rush past her wet lips. Looking down at her lying there, two lines of a song entered his mind ‘God gave her the perfect body, now I’m all up in it’ even though her body was far from perfect. Give me a second he thought, geez…Lowering himself he ran the tip of his nose down the inside of her leg, coming closer to her clit he could smell her essence. He licked his index finger and slipping it softly down her leg, leaving a cold streak behind it. As he neared her entrance, he licked his index and middle finger, lubricating them. He slid them up between her lips and she gave a little gasp as his tips reached her ‘bud’. He spread her lips and moved his head closer; he inserted his tongue between his fingers and drew light circles around her clitoris head causing her to rise with pleasure. His hands were firmly on her hips, holding her in place. In his mind he was already playing what he wanted to do to her but then realised he cannot cram everything in all at once…the first-timer just would not be able to cope…he’d just have to spread it out over a very long period…if she didn’t hate him afterwards that is. He could hear her moans and gasps as his licks brought her closer to her first ‘oral orgasm’. Feeling as she rose up on her shoulder blades, he stuck his tongue as deep into her as he could and the sound exploded from her as orgasm peaked. Sucking her he used his hands on her body.

Raising slowly, his lips traced over her skin, causing goose bumps to rise all over her body…he came closer to her entrance. She welcomed him as he silently entered. Feeling how tight she was, he couldn’t help but bite her. She had imagined what it would be like to be with someone but she had never imagined it to be anything like this…this was sooooooo much better…slowly he started to pump her. Working up speed with every stroke of his hips, she could feel him filling her up each time. Pinning her hands to the pillow, he saw her breasts firm and nipples stand to attention…Sean was pretty good at multitasking, he bent over and teased her nipples with his tongue at the same time as stretching her down below. With each stroke the bed undulated beneath her. Bringing her up, she was now sitting in his lap…the penetration totally engrossing her. She could feel him even further inside her…

He was starting to feel himself come along when the lines came into his head again ‘…now I all up in it’ he smiled to himself, yes indeedy…Knowing that both of them were close, he buried his face in her bosom and pumped harder and quicker. She threw her head back and pressed herself as deep into his lap as she could, taking him in completely as her muscles contracted around his shaft making both of them scream, at which point they both came. She could feel his warmth from within her, pooling under her stomach…

Feeling that she wasn’t satisfied yet, she looked at Him, ‘I wonder what dogs feel when they fuck’ he looked at her and smiled. ‘I’m sure we could find out, turn around’. Almost falling as the waves rippled in the bed, he grabbed hold of her hips stabilising her. Turning around, still with his hands on her hips, bent over into a crawling position. Feeling a naughty wave come over her, she turned her head and said ‘fuck me, Master’. His stallion was waiting patiently, and then there was the shot gun.
He plunged into her, shocking her with the bruta
lity but she was enjoying every second and every inch of him. His hands making circles on her skin, caressing his butt as it faced him. Bending forward, his hands reached for her breasts hanging loosing awaiting support. The steady rhythm was maddening…kissing her back and teasing her nipples, he was bringing her ever closer to yet another electric orgasm, and at that angle if she closed around his shaft like she had earlier then he would come instantly. ‘Oh God…’ ‘I’m still here baby’ he replied with a smile. ‘I’m gonna cum!’ Straightening themselves up, she took his cock in her hand as she released her wetness on him. Still rubbing and gripping him up and down she pressed his meat against her, he was still caressing her breasts when he felt he couldn’t hold back anymore…sprung and instant flood covering her with himself…

The longer she was with him the more she realised just what she was missing by going out with and wasting her time on Matt.

Laying down on his bed, she couldn’t believe what she had just done…and with who! But if she thought it was going to stop there, she was mistaken, he wasn’t done yet.

Positioning himself above her, his slid his cock into her, spreading her further than before, embracing her he decided it was time for some gentleness…it was slow and sensual…and they were both enjoying it. In and out, in and out

Looking at him whilst he was pumping her, it occurred to her, ‘I thought you said that you wouldn’t fuck me?’ She’s doing it on purpose he thought. ‘That was before I knew what I know now…’ kissing her and biting her lip, he finished off ‘…before, I thought you wanted to know just in case you ever got really desperate’

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