Bare Butt Brave


“It’s sure hot,” I think wearily to myself.

The summer sun is high above me and won’t soon be dropping from the sky. Sweat pours into my eyes and burns them. I wipe an arm across my face and groan at the amount of logs yet to chop. Returning to the dreaded task, I lift up my axe and prepare to split a log at my feet. Dull pain throbs in my right shoulder from it. I drive the axe downwards until a wonderful crunching sound is heard. The lieutenant’s head has been split into two bloodied pieces!

Actually, it’s not his fault for giving me this chore to do. I suppose Lieutenant Rickson had to find something for me to do at this fort, ‘to keep me out of harms way,’ as he put it. I’d sure wish he’d find a lighter axe for me to chop with. Its weight was meant for a soldier. I’m only a boy. Muscles in my right shoulder and back cry out each time I raise the heavy blade. Clumsily, I drive my weapon downwards with a great hatred for him. I groan out when realizing my bad chop. The axe head has buried itself deep in the log’s yellowish flesh. I tug on the handle without success, cursing at the sharp pains in my shoulder. Sweat runs down my back and under my pants causing an itch on butt. My body has become heated from chopping wood.

My overalls are too tight for me to reach a hand inside to scratch myself. I loosen all its side buttons. The pants sags over my thin frame. If it weren’t for the shoulder straps, my overalls would fall to my feet. I welcome the movement of air over my butt and sweaty thighs.

I take a firm grip of the axe handle and lift the heavy log up from the ground. Many breaths rush through me as I ignore the pain. I raise the log even higher before dropping it down over another. A loud crack announces the blade’s freedom. After celebrating with a short rest, I prop another log upright. This time my axe finds its mark with care and splits it. I kick the two pieces away and quickly ready another while trying not to notice how many are left to chop. I only allow my eyes to admire the completed work.

Everything around me becomes a blur as I concentrate on my task. I set up a log, lift up my heavy axe while ignoring the pain, swing downwards and crack! I repeat the weary motion. After a while the pile of firewood outnumbers the logs to be cut. My axe swings faster inspite of the pain. I want to catch a glimpse of the Indians that have come to be painted before I’m given my next chore by the lieutenant. I wonder how many Indian men will visit today? Their chiefs come fully robed and wear headdresses of colorful feathers. The younger men are clad in simple breechclouts. I like to look over their tanned bodies and daydream about the primitive rites they perform with each other.

A tight bulge has formed in the front of my pants. I’ve become excited from thinking about wild savages and their secret male rites. No one is near so I take a breather. I clasp the axe blade in my hand and drop the wooden handle over my crotch. My cock begins a grinding motion against it. I close my eyes and pretend…

I’m swimming in the river with my new Indian friend. His breechclout lays over my pants on the bank. We explore each other’s bodies with naughty hands. I get a hard on. It’s hidden beneath the water. The Indian man heads for the bank to dry off in the sun. I follow. He notices my excitement for him. With a sly smile on his face, the Indian man turns himself around and backs onto my groin. My dick presses wonderfully against his butt. I reach around his slim waist and hold him tightly to me. My thrusts feel good. I grasp his thickly skinned erection. My hand pulls over it while I rub against his brown butt cheeks for my pleasure. The man grunts out from his sudden release. My hand fills with his strong squirts.

I end my lusty daydreaming. So close to it! I don’t want to get caught with a wet stain in my pants so I drop the axe to the ground. My hard cock pains me for attention. I promise myself to beat off later in the stables. In taking up the heavy axe in hand, I continue my chore here. I try not to think about wild Indians but I can’t help myself. My erection won’t go down. At least no one has passed by close enough to cause me embarrassment. It won’t be long before my chopping here is finished.

I rest one more time and repeat my rubbing trick. The long wooden handle reminds me of a horse’s cock. What would it be like to embrace an excited stallion laying on its side? I’m curious about the feel of their long dong. I’ve belly rubbed with a man before. He got my dick to release against him. I stop myself again. I’m feeling very horny today. After chopping the wood here, I should head for the stables to take care of my aching dick. It can get me into trouble if I don’t attend to its need in hand.

I look over the remaining logs. Only one now stands before me to be chopped. I approach ‘him’ in stealth. Lieutenant Rickson is unknowing of my strike to come. I aim with care then release a loud war cry like a savage. My shoulder pains me when I deliver the fatal blow. Yet I’m rewarded with the sweet sound of splitting wood. My chore here is finished!

I toss my ‘tomahawk’ onto a barrel top and race to find the Indians. In that time I look about the fort that I live in. Three hundred paces in either direction will find a wall blocking my freedom. I’ve been feeling very trapped of late. The friendly Blackfoots occasionally camp outside its walls. I’ve been forbidden to walk out and see them. Soldiers man the high walls watching for outer hostilities. None look inwards – at those Indians visiting the artist since they’ve not come to make war.

There they are! I slow my pace so as to not disturb anyone. Mr. Catlin is seated on his favorite wooden chair, deep in concentration while he paints. Before him are two Blackfoot Indians. One is seated close to him while the other stands behind to guard. My eyes go first to the seated chief. This aged man is the one who’s come to be painted. He’s clad in a colorful shirt of feathers and quills. His legs are covered in elk leggings. Around his shoulders is a bulky ceremonial buffalo robe. A short bow with four arrows lies in his cracked hands. Face paint of red and white makes him look fierce. Mr. Catlin is so busy getting him down on his canvas that he doesn’t even notice that I’m here. My eyes dart to the brave standing guard. He’s younger than the chief; only four or five years older than me. His dark body reveals much to my eyes. A lot of uncovered skin. This brave is bare chested, bare armed, and even his ‘butt is bared! I’m excited by seeing the brave uncovered there. My eyes look over his smooth lean cheeks and admire his boldness. I’ve heard some interesting things about Indian braves making love. Does his bared rear end mean that he also likes men? A swirling in my stomach comes from the thought of it.

I circle behind the Indian brave. I notice a slim thong hanging down between his butt cheeks. It accents his rear nakedness. A flap of hide covers him in front. I suppose that even in this heat Indians can’t go about fully naked. Where the brave has allowed the sun to touch his skin has become a nice color. It gives his body a dark, beautiful appearance. My own back and arms have tanned from not wearing a shirt. I’m even marked by two pale lines on my shoulders from my overall straps. My butt is still very white from being hid inside my pants. It would be too bold for me to go about uncovered there as he has. My eyes continue to look over the half-naked brave. I like how his black hair is long. That seems to be a worthy quality in a savage. Though my blond hair is of some length, this brave has kept his growth from boyhood. It flows down past his shoulders to well muscled arms and chest. Even his legs are strong down to his bare feet. The dark eyes of the brave finally notice me and glare hard.

I return his stare by peering boldly into his eyes. His face is unreadable. Yet his fierce stance is telling of his Indian savageness and secret ways. That inner darkness haunts me bad. After a few heartbeats I’m forced to look away for some reason. A deep swirling in my stomach steals my breath away. All from playing the Indian man’s staring game.

While easing myself slowly to his left, I try hard to avoid his seeking eyes. I peer down at his front deerskin flap instead. A rounded bulge within causes me to swallow nervously. I glance down at my own erection and feel excited to know that he must see it. Perhaps this brave has a liking for me.

“Christopher, have you finished chopping the wood?” asks a blue uniformed man. I rush my eyes off the naked savage to face Lieutenant Rickson. If I don’t answer carefully he’ll think up some other chore for me to perform. I nod my head slowly in reply while stepping closer to Mr. Catlin.

“Yes sir. It’s all done!” I snap like one of his soldiers. “Can I stay and watch him paint a while?”

“Okay Chris,” he replies, “but don’t you disturb him any, and keep your ears out for a summons. A man from St. Louis has come and will want to talk to you. I think that he intends to take you back to your next of kin so keep yourself available for him. No more chores for you today.”

I fill with excitement and clammor for words. “What’s his name… and when do I leave?!” I shout.

“It’s Major Brinshalt,” the lieutenant replies. “He leaves in a few days after his inspection here. An important man, Christopher, treat him with respect and answer his summons promptly.”

Catlin turns to us with a sour look. Our loud conversation has disturbed him. The lieutenant walks away so I alone apologize to the artist. He shrugs his shoulders and continues to paint the Indian chief. I stand behind him and watch, all forgiven now. His canvas reveals the nearly completed portrait of the Blackfoot Chief and as I suspected, the brave is not part of the picture. He must have come to stand guard over his chief.

I glance at the fierce brave and notice him carrying a small shield in his right hand. Tucked in his belt is a long knife. It seems strange that I didn’t notice these warrior things on him before. My eyes were only interested in his nakedness, I suppose. The brave’s dark eyes call out to me with their longing. Very quietly, I leave Mr. Catlin to join him by the shed. When I reach his side, the Indian brave leads me into the dark shadows. The overhang of the shed hides us from all eyes.

We still have a clear sight of the seated men. Mr. Catlin’s back is to us as he paints. Only the Blackfoot Chief could spy. The Indian brave faces me with hard eyes. This time, I smile back at his fierceness while he looks me over. His interest gives me a thrill. I become bold when turning myself around to show the brave my backside. My tight pants haven’t kept up with my growth so my butt shows nicely in back. Butterflies fill my stomach when his eyes come to rest there. I study his front flap. It’s pushing away from his body; the man’s excitement for me! I get a real desire to be naked with him. The man’s eyes return to himself. I follow his lead to watch his left hand slowly rub over his butt cheeks. Such longing fills my breast to touch him there.

I become startled when he peers into my eyes with such power. He must really want me! My dick stiffens in my pants. I become even bolder. After looking around for anyone watching, I pull off my shoulder straps. My pants drops to my thighs, exposing most of my body to him. The brave’s quick hands reach for my nakedness. I gasp from the warmth of his touch. I glance about again for unfriendly eyes that could be watching. Only Mr. Catlin and the Blackfoot chief are close by, too busy with their work to notice what’s happening behind them. I return the brave’s smile while standing quietly as he caresses me. His hands pull over my sweaty butt and long dick. He wiggles his ass in a gesture for me to handle his body as well. It’s with a trembling hand that I reach out to take it. The young brave rewards me with a nod. As his hands become more rough over my nakedness I feel over the sweaty softness of his.

So daring to be touching each other as we are! I hope that no one is watching. The brave steps closer to reach for deeper parts of my body. His fingers touch upon my balls. It sends surges of thrills through my aching dick. All the while his eyes look over my face. Does he see what his hands are doing to me? I breathe in sharply when his hand traces up my crack. A naughty finger even rubs over my hole! His face fills with such longing from it.

Strange sensations come to me from his soft fingering in my ass. I don’t understand his interest there.vbcrlfvbcrlf My hand tries the same thing on his butt. Yet I’m prevented by the thong that he wears between his cheeks. I could wiggle a finger underneath… The brave’s hands pull away from my body.I nervously glance around. No one is coming. The soldiers on the walls are facing outwards. Besides, we’re hidden beneath the shed’s overhang. There’s no activity in this corner of the fort. I face the brave while gathering up my courage. It’s worth the risk so see how far this Indian brave will try things with me.vbcrlfvbcrlf I step closer to him. My nose takes in his attractive manly scent. It’s a sweet smell of prairie grasses and the musky odor of his sweat. I get more excited.

My dick begins to hurt from being at full length, trapped downwards inside my pants. The brave’s hand quickly discovers that which wants to escape. He gently pulls my dick to my belly. His fingers touch upon my balls while his palm begins an up and down motion over my aching erection. I’m filled with such need to release it! I spread my legs to allow the man an easy handling of me. Tremendous feelings build in me from his harsh grasp of my front nakedness.

I’m reminded of my first special friend and his naughty hands on me… I’d been shown a man’s act of sperming by a fur trader named Telson. He saw my need and taught me what all older boys and men knew. I hadn’t any brothers to show me how. With the death of my parents, I turned to this man for guidance. He was only too glad to show me how good it felt to pull on an aching dick.

We had met in a terrible time in my life. The trader found me washed up on a sand bar after my parent’s raft had capsized. My drowned mother was quickly discovered and he buried her while I cried. He helped search for pa but became convinced that he was lost to the river’s current. We returned to Fort Union where he comforted me for a few days. The lieutenant saw that I was all broken up over the death of my parents and had given me Mr. Telson’s room to sleep in. I looked to that kind man as a father in my time of grief. Yet he became more in our short time together. He awakened my manhood.

It was during our first night together that I suspected his carnal liking for me. We had slept back to back on that small bed with me in my pants and him naked. I didn’t discover this until later in the night. Mr. Telson rubbed his butt up against mine while making strange noises. I brought my hand to our backsides and felt his surging nakedness. How soft his butt had felt! He noticed my curious touches and asked me to drop my pants which I did. Our butts pressed firmly together while his humped against mine. The man didn’t handle me that first night. I suppose he thought that I knew how to pull on my dick. I didn’t. A tremendous excitement was felt in my erection. But without understanding what was happening all I could do was listen to his grunts and feel his rear end flexing against me. He had taken a long time to pleasuring himself. His low moan and slowing body against me signaled his release. He’d gone to sleep while I stayed awake all night feeling excited and tense.

It wasn’t until morning that I learned what he had been doing to himself. I was, after all, an innocent kid at the time. How Mr. Telson’s eyes grew wide at my revealing question! I simply asked what he had done to himself that night. In reply, the man asked me to sit in his lap and face him. My pants were still laying on the floor beside the bed. After explaining things like aching dicks and the healthy release needed by a boy of my age, his warm hand took a hold of my length and gently rubbed over it. It was my turn to grow wide in the eyes. Waves of intense pleasure surged through my body from the man’s handling. He pulled over my long dick while rubbing over my flexing ass. The sensation was new to me. I had been feeling strange desires in my growing body and he was giving vent to my releasing them. I leaned over his hairy body and embraced his shoulders. Breaths raced through my mouth as the good feelings down there became intense. The man’s other hand pulled over my butt cheeks. He seemed to especially enjoy that part of my body. I learned to thrust through the man’s clenched fingers. His hand over my butt had set the beat to it.

My held breaths deepened the thrills in my dick. They built up to a sweet pain. An explosion came from my loins. I released a high-pitched cry of surprise and intense pleasure. It announced my seed’s rising with much of it squirting to the man’s chest. He gave my butt a fond pat for my accomplishment. I kissed his neck and hugged him hard for having shown me such a wonderful thing. The man’s warmth around me was a completion to my lonely spirit.

This Indian brave also wants to release my dick. His experienced hands try coaxing sperm from my body. I’m all too glad to allow it. As one hand pulls over my butt cheeks with fingers digging into my softness, his sweaty palm in front brings me increasing pleasure. I take in deep breath and wait for that wonderful explosion to come. I close my eyes and enjoy it. I concentrate on my thrusts to the man’s sweaty palm; my dick easily sliding over it. Intense thrills shoot from its throbbing tip. In the back of me, I feel his hand keeping a hold of my bucking. One of his fingers reaches deep inside my cheeks. I explode when he sticks it in my hole! He senses my rising climax and brings his palm up to catch it. I try keeping my cries within. Great thrills rush through my dick at this moment! I feel his hand catch my five squirts. A loud ringing fills my ears after it’s done.

I take in several deep breaths to clear my head. A panic sweeps through me. I glance about in dread for any unfriendly eyes. Luckily, no one seems to have witnessed this Indian’s hold of my nakedness, his coaxing hands… I fill with a suspicion. This brave is familiar with boys and their needs. The brave’s hands withdraw from my trembling body. One of his hands is cupped. I’m given a proud smile when the man reveals his wet palm to me. He holds it close to him, my seed glistening in the sun like a valued gift. I’m feeling many deep emotions because of it. I’m embarrassed that he took my sperm out in the open. But it felt good and I had need to do it for him; to show the Indian man that I’m not an innocent young boy.

I’m startled by the brave’s next action. He reaches under his front flap to cup his erection. He brings his wet hand to his nose and sniffs my cum while peering lustfully at me. I drop my eyes in embarrassment. The brave’s flexing cheeks draw my attention. He stabs through his hand under the front flap and that gets his butt humping like Mr. Telson’s when he had beat off in our bed. I become bold when reaching for the Indian’s sweaty ass. His sexy motion is felt against my palm. The loose thong dances against my hand like a branch in the wind. I curiously lift it to peek through the crack of the man’s butt.

An intense excitement grips me for my bold look! Under the slim thong is the Indian’s brown asshole. It seems a naughty thing to be wanting to see in a man but I can’t help myself. He bends over to open his ass some more. I watch the wrinkled hole wink in and out while strange notions of lust fill my head. A really naked thing that he’s showing me!

The Indian’s low moan brings my eyes back to his front flap. After a few more thrusts, he pulls out his hand to reveal his manly wetting to me. It pools thickly in his palm. Relief fills his dark eyes. The young brave holds his palms out to me. I see the release from our dicks pooled in each of his brown hands. It’s my turn to gasp when the brave puts his two hands together. He nods his head to me while rubbing one wet hand over the other. Our sperm joins. It feels strange to see him wanting to do that.vbcrlfvbcrlf Deep emotions tug at my heart by his next gesture. The brave’s face is full of deep longing when he covers his heart with his right hand. After a moment, he brings it down to show me our mingling cum on his palm. His dark eyes beg me to answer him.

I’m all mixed up inside. I don’t know what this brave wants from me! I shrug my shoulders. He reaches out to my left breast and clasps it. I feel his warmth shoot into my heart like an arrow. Again, his eyes wait for my reply. I let my heart answer for me. My trembling hand creeps up his smooth chest to rest over his left breast. His skin is warm and moist under my palm. The brave smiles to me while nodding his head in acceptance. He releases me with a string of sticky cum flowing from his hand. I gasp in surprise when he brings that wet hand up to his lips and licks it.

Boy, my face burns from seeing the Indian man do that! Faint steps from behind sends me into a frenzy. I step away from the brave while pulling up my overall shoulder straps. The soldier passes by with his eyes only for the Indians. I let out a sigh of relief. The brave’s eyes were watching the passing soldier but return to me. The fierceness in them, fading…

Without uttering any Indian words, the brave starts speaking to me with his hands. He holds out his palms to me with his index fingers extended and touching. He swallows nervously and waits for my response. I shake my head back and forth from his strange gesture. The brave tries another hand sign. While covering his heart with his right hand, he extends his left index finger and wiggles it. He next covers my heart and wiggles his other index finger. I take his meaning as a kind of friendship he wants to offer me. I would like this handsome brave for a friend. When I nod my head, the Indian man’s tense face forms a smile for me.

Someone calls out my name. I peek out from the shed and see a strange man waving for me to join him. From his uniform markings I realize that it must be Major Brinshalt. I glance back at the brave. He hurriedly joins his index fingers again. Then he makes sweeping gesture out the fort’s main gate. My heart leaps at the thought of it! Yet I shake my head in reply. The guards wouldn’t allow me to leave. An urgency fills me when hearing the major’s second calling.

I run from the Indian brave while keeping my tears inside. Major Brinshalt takes me to a small office for questioning. I begin by telling him about the river tragedy and that I’m without any parents. He also learns that I’ve never met any grandparents or know where others of my kin are. The major says that it will be difficult to find me a proper family.

I’m told that a steamship will arrive in four days. I’ll be taken to the city of St. Louis and placed with a family there. I’m not thrilled with the thought of being cared for by strangers. The major assures me that all efforts will be made to find my relatives. My heart sinks with the thought of leaving that nice Indian man behind.

Once his questioning is finished, the major allows me to leave. I run outside to look for the Indians. I find the artist alone. The Indian brave is nowhere in sight! I’m further alarmed in seeing the completed portrait of the Blackfoot Chief. Now there’s no reason for that nice man to return. I run from Mr. Catlin to find a hidden place to cry. I head for the stables. My eyes swim with tears when I look around for any soldiers. None. Only the horses watch over my sadness with their wide understanding eyes. I lean over a brown mare to cling to her warmth; a mother’s comfort that I need now. I listen to her gentle whinnies and cry some more. I hurt a lot inside and am feeling very alone. The rest of the day is spent wandering about with my head hung low. I have no more tears to cry out. In four days a steamship will take me away from this place. I’ve grown to hate the fort and the lieutenant’s many chores. Yet I would gladly keep them all if only that brave would come to visit me. I angrily shake my head at this sweet dream. I know it could never happen. How silly it is for me to even think it! Yet his nakedness and gentle spirit haunts me until the sky grows dark.

I’m called in for supper. No one cares to notice how down I’m feeling. I simply stare at my dinner on my plate begging to be eaten. If ma were still alive she’d be fussing over my lack of appetite and ask me why. I wouldn’t even be able to tell her that my heart is sick for a handsome young brave. I finally excuse myself. None of the soldiers, Lieutenant Rickson, or even the major notice my departure. I don’t think that anyone here cares for me. I wander about in the darkness for a while since I can’t sleep. The stars are brilliant tonight. I wonder if that Indian brave looks up at them? Twinkling so high up in the sky, so free…

How trapped I feel inside this small fort. I climb up to a high platform. No guard is posted here at night so I’m alone in the dark. I look for the river. Too far away to spy on from this side of the fort. I stare into the darkness. My thoughts are deep and full of sadness. After a long while I rise from the platform. Behind me is the fort. My freedom lies ahead. I could simply step off the wall to my death. Join my parents in heaven…

My terrible moment passes. I really don’t want to do this. My heart was sad after the river tragedy and it almost broke when that trader ran off without even saying goodbye. I’ll get over my hurt for that Indian brave too, in time. I laugh into the uncaring night. My spirit is strong! Life has been hard but I’m made of harder stuff. Especially with all these chores the Lieutenant has been giving me. You should see my arm muscles! I reach into the front of my pants. My stroking gets my dick to lengthen. Its good feelings will get my mind off of my troubles.

A naughty idea comes to me. I wiggle out of my pants to stand naked on the small platform. The cool air tickles my body. I pretend that my Indian brave is watching me from below. He lusts for me. I tease him further by stroking over my erection. My other hand rubs over my backside. I turn around on the high platform to show my butt off. My cheeks open wide when I bend over. My nude display inflames the Indian brave’s desire to have me. It has him climbing the fort’s outer wall to reach me!

An alarming sound from below has me grabbing for my pants. It had sounded like a guard’s cough. His footsteps become loud on the wooden steps as he climbs up. I prepare for the worst. A young man comes into sight. I think it’s Mister Brennan, a new posting at the fort. He had come up on the steamer with the major. We haven’t really met.

“Hello Chris,” greets the man.


“A pleasant evening, this,” he asks as if not knowing anything better to say.  I simply nod my head and turn away. The darkness prevents me from reading the man’s face. I look to the rolling hills and the freedom that lies beyond them.

Had he noticed my naked act from below? The guard stands beside me. I feel his warmth and startle some when he reaches an arm around my waist. His breaths seem loud. I become afraid.

“I’ve heard that you’re an orphan,” begins Mr. Brennan. “I’ll bet that you get very lonely here at the fort.” (The man’s hand roams down to the youth’s backside and squeezes it.) “I saw your beckoning just now.” My feet become glued to this spot. The man’s hand rubs over my butt through my tight pants. It feels good. I’m startled when his other hand grips the front of me. His fingers trace over my straining erection.

“You’re an attractive boy,” the soldier whispers. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you this? Perhaps one of the other men.” Mr. Brennan moves behind me. His hand rubs over my hard dick through my pants while I feel his erection against my backside. He grinds it suggestively between my cheeks.

“I like you Chris,” he says. “Come back with me to my room and we’ll do more.” This man only lusts for me! His words, his excited body around mine and his naughty hands are proof of it. I tear away from his hold and escape down the steps. I make it back to my room and jump into bed without pausing to remove my pants. I throw the covers over my head and tremble in fear.

Why does this young soldier frighten me? I should be afraid of that half-naked savage! Yet my heart assures me that he’s a good man.

Sleep is kept from me while I lay thinking about my handsome brave. What would it have been like to embrace him in my arms while knowing that he cares for me? And how would he have joined our bodies to make Indian love? Tears come to my eyes from my deep longing. This strange pain keeps me up for a long while before my eyes close to sleep.


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