College Tour

One of the activities I enjoyed in college was being in clubs. I was in one club that helped recruit new students. Our jobs were to give tours, explain about the school and if a person was spending the night or the weekend I was to provide a place to stay for them. I found out that my first student was coming in around election-day when secondary schools were closed. I also found out that I had to find him a place to stay for the whole weekend. I was thinking maybe he is cute looking and I could have sex with him.

Well the Friday he was to come finally arrived. I was told that I had to meet him at Pennsylvania Station (Train Station). I was running a little late as I usually do. I pulled up in front of the train station in my Audi 5000 and saw this real cute looking guy standing out front with bags. I parked my car in the passenger pickup zone. I went over to the guy and said, “Are you Paul?” He answered, “Yes, I am.” We shook hands as I thought of how I would like to shake his cock empty of his juices. I helped him put his bags in my car and we drove off to my school. I gave him a small tour of the city. I was in a hurry to get him back to school. We finally arrived at my school. I told Paul he could leave his stuff in my car and we could start the campus tour now. He did as I told him.

I showed him around the school. When I showed him our swimming pool I told him this was my favorite place to come and relax. The swimming team was in there at the time. I saw one of my intimate friends named Joe and waved to him. I watched as Joe swam for awhile and then Paul and I left to go eat something. I thought of how I would love to eat him. After we had finished eating I suggested that he rest because of his long trip and tour. He agreed. I stayed in the apartment complex at school. About four people shared each apartment. Each person had their own room. I showed Paul where my room was. I showed him where the bathroom was. I could not introduce him to any of my suitemates because they were all out somewhere.

Paul dropped his bags in my room and stretched his body. It looked so perfect. I suggested to Paul that he take a shower before his nap. He like the good little angel he is agreed. Before I knew it Paul had stripped naked with his back to me. I looked at his ass. It was so round and soft looking. I wanted to feel them. Just as my mind was wandering off again, Paul walked out of my room naked. I looked at my pants and saw that I was hard as hell. I wanted Paul so bad and I was determined to get him.

I remembered that Paul did not have a towel so that was my excuse to go to the bathroom. I stripped my clothes off of my body and grabbed the towel and headed for the bathroom. I walked thru the open door and then closed it. My cock was sticking straight out in front of bouncing up and down as I moved. I walked over to the sink and turned on the water and said, “I hope you don’t mind me being in here while you are showering.” Paul answered back, “No, I don’t mind.” I turned off the water in the sink and walked over to the shower and pulled open the curtains and said to him, “You forgot to get a towel.” “No I did not forget one. I knew you would bring me one.”, he said as he grabbed me by my cock and pulled me into the shower with him. His hands were all over my cock and I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his ass cheeks.

I pulled Paul tightly to me and placed my lips on his. My tongue parted his lips and his tongue emerged to work on me. We held each other for a long time that way. Then I started caressing his chest and pinching his nipples. Where my hands went my tongue followed. I licked and nibbled on his nipples. Paul was moaning. My hands roamed down further to his lower stomach. I moved my hands around his thighs and his ass. My tongue found his navel. At that moment I wanted Paul in my mouth before he shot all over me. I grabbed his cock in my hands and started jerking him off as the water ran down his cock to my hands and down my arm. I grabbed his balls in my hands and rolled them around in their sack. Then I opened my mouth and took his large cockhead into my mouth. I sucked on it. I licked the small slit on the top. Paul was going wild. I was going wild. I knew that he would be cumming soon. I took his entire length into my mouth. Running my tongue along it as it slid in. Soon I was working my tongue at the bottom when Paul let out a gasp and started shooting his cum down my throat. I sucked the remaining cum out of his now soft cock. I stood up and kissed him again and he started rubbing my cock. I said to him, “Don’t worry you will have some of this soon.”

We got out of the shower and dried off. We went back into my room. I told Paul to take a short nap because I knew he was totally drained of energy. As we laid naked side by side on my twin bed, I could not help watching his body as he slept. His cock was hard again and throbbing. I felt it and it twitched. I felt his thighs, chest, arms, and face. I wanted more of Paul.

I leaned over Paul and kissed him on the lips and said to him, “It is my turn now.” Paul smiled because he knew he was going to have me. I crawled down to the bottom of the bed between his legs. I took his swollen cock into my mouth again and he moaned. I let his cock slip from my lips and slid my tongue down to his hairy balls. I went further. My hands were holding his legs apart as I touched his asshole with the tip of my tongue. Paul shook. Then I started to lick his hole up and down. I pushed my tongue into his wet hole. He was enjoying it. I licked one of my fingers and slid it inside of him and then I placed his cock back inside my mouth while my finger worked inside of his body. I pulled my finger out of him and my head off of his cock.

I got up top of Paul and spread my ass cheeks. I took the head of his cock and directed it towards my now gaping asshole. I slid down on Paul’s thick pole. He moaned. I groaned. I dropped my ass down to his body. His entire cock was deep inside of me. I then started lifting and dropping myself on him. He was going wild. He was pushing his cock deep inside of me as I came down on it. Then Paul started to really go wild. The next thing I knew his cum was running out of my hole down the length of his cock.

I rested awhile and let his cock slide out of me. I climbed up his body further to straddle his face. I pulled his head up and slid my cock into his opened mouth. I slid in and out. Fucking his face. I slid my entire length between his hot lips. As he started to moan and move his head to meet my thrust I pulled out. I then laid on top of him and kissed him. I asked Paul, “Do you want me inside of your body?” He answered, “Yes.”

I spread his legs apart and placed my wet cock to the entrance of his still wet hole. I pushed and he opened up to me. It was wonderful. I soon had the entire length deep inside of him. He moaned. I stayed still for a couple of minutes so that he could adjust to me being inside of him. Then I started to fuck him slowly. Then I increased my assault on him. He moaned as I slid in and out of his tight and wet hole. All of a sudden I could feel it coming. I fell over top of his body as my cock spurted cum juices into his body. I pulled out of Paul and we both got the much need sleep we needed.

I woke up hearing someone knocking on the door. I got up and opened the door. My cock got instantly hard as Joe walked into the room. I told Joe to be quiet because Paul was still asleep. Joe grabbed my dick and we both kissed. I asked Joe if he would join us in bed. He also, like a good angel, agreed. I helped Joe to take off of his clothes. Then we both walked over to the bed. Paul was awake watching both of us smile. Paul smiled also. We all started caressing and feeling each other. In each hand I had a cock. We kissed and tongued.

I noticed that Joe was preparing Paul for another fuck in his hole. Joe was between Paul’s legs licking and sucking. I slid down Paul’s body and sucked his cock as Joe fucked his hole with his tongue. Paul shot a big load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it. Joe moved into position to fuck Paul. Joe was saying how tight and good Paul felt. I got up and straddled Paul’s face and his lips parted as my cock slid in. Paul’s body was being entered in two places. He was getting fucked in two places. His warm mouth soon had me shooting cum all in his face. Then Joe shot his load into Paul. We all got dressed and went out for dinner.

And to think that was only Friday. Paul had two more days with us. And to think that he was going to attend my college.

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    damn that was phat men i swear iam in a crowd right now but god i think i have cum on my self and it feels great.

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