Eddy and Me on Our Own in New York City

Eddy and I were driving home to Philly through Manhattan on a summer Saturday afternoon years ago. We were returning from a crew race at the New York Athletic Club, north of the city, and I had impulsively gotten off I95 before we went over the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. I explained to my friend that since we were in no hurry to get home, I was hoping we could find a bar to have a couple of beers. We had both turned 18 that year and New York allowed 18 year olds to drink back in the ’60’s. Besides, I had never been in the big city on my own before and the thought kind of excited me.
Although I barely had a clue about where I was going, a ramp led us onto the West Side Highway heading south and soon I was able to orient myself when I spotted the Empire State Building. We finally got off the highway at 14th Street and were soon driving through the quiet streets of Greenwich Village. There were stores and bars everywhere, so we took the first parking space we could find and wandered around on foot. We soon found ourselves on Christopher St. and entered the first bar we came upon. Now, at 3:00 pm on an August afternoon, the bar was pretty deserted. I saw a few guys scattered among the booths along the far wall and no one at the long bar.
Eddy and I approached the bar nervously, feeling like we shouldn’t be there. The bartender seemed to be making himself busy to keep us waiting but after a few minutes he approached.
“You boys have some ID? We don’t serve anyone under 21 here.”
“I…I… thought the age was 18 in New York,” I stammered.
“Yeah, but a lot of bars including this one require 21. Our customers don’t want to drink with a bunch of loud kids.”
“Can you point us to a place in the neighborhood that would serve us?” I asked.
Before he could answer, a guy from one of the booths had walked over and overheard our conversation. “Hey Stan, me and my friend want to buy these guys a round. We’ll make sure they behave themselves.”
Stan gave the guy a knowing smile and nodded. “What’ll you boys have?”
Eddy and I ordered a Bud and walked over to the booth with our new friend.
“This is Gene and I’m Tommy'” he said sitting down. They looked to late 20’s or so, both thin but fairly muscular, wearing sleeveless t-shirts which showed off nicely defined biceps and triceps.
‘And I’m Joe and this is my friend Eddy”.
We got through the small talk pretty fast. I explained about our trip and my impulse to have a grown-up visit to Manhattan. Tommy told us that this was their neighborhood bar that they had come to get out of the heat and get buzzed. In the next hour, Eddy and I went through about five beers each and got properly buzzed ourselves. As I looked around the bar, I noticed that there were no females at all, but decided that it must have been due to the early hour. Before I knew it, it was almost 5:00 pm and Gene said they were headed back to their apartment to smoke some dope. Did we want to come by?
I realized driving at this point was a bad idea. Two hours on the Jersey Turnpike intimidated me when I was sober. Now it was out of the question. Eddy and I could call our parents and say that the team had decided to stay over Saturday night and it would be no big deal. I looked at Eddy and he nodded eagerly. He smoked dope much more often than I did and loved getting stoned.
“Sure,” I said and we were off. Our new friends had treated us to every round and I felt like joining them was the right thing to do. We walked maybe a block, followed Gene and Tommy into an industrial looking building and onto a freight elevator. Tommy explained that they had converted an industrial loft to living space which people in the Village were just starting to do.
When we stopped at their floor, we immediately entered a huge space with high ceilings, enormous windows and pillars though out. I had never seen anything like it. There was very little furniture, a couple of sleek 50’s-style sofas near the center of the room with a big deep-pile throw rug between them, in one corner, a huge bed separated from the rest of the space with some bookcases and a kitchen area along the opposite wall. It didn’t occur to me at the time to wonder about a single bed in a place shared by two guys.
The four of us were soon sitting in a circle on the rug, drinking beer and passing a joint around. We had all taken our shoes and shirts off. The heat was bad without air conditioning that I understood why they fled to the bar. Four guys, all dressed in short cut-offs sitting crossed-legged passing a joint. That was a classic 60’s scene!
Our new friends’ marijuana was strong shit and Eddy and I were soon flying. It may well have been cut with something. Eddy told me later that he had never been so high. Of course, with what soon followed, we’d both be claiming we were out of our minds. I realized that Tommy had asked us a question. He saw the dazed expression of my face, smiled and repeated it.
“So do you guys ever jerk off together?”
I looked at Eddy and realized that he was so out of it that he may not have gotten the question. I was surprised to hear myself say; “Yeah we do sometimes over at Eddy’s house place after classes. His father has a big porn collection and we jerk off looking at the pictures.”
“Ever jerk each other off”
“N-no,” I replied softly.
“Well Gene and I think you two have really hot bodies, so we’re gonna take your shorts off and jerk you off. I know you’ll love it!”
Eddy and I looked at each other and I was surprised to see a dirty little smile form on his face. He told me later that in spite of the dope, he suddenly knew exactly where this was going. I have to say it took me a little longer. Tommy didn’t seem to be interested in my opinion of his proposal. Instead, he and Gene stood up and removed their shorts, then pulled Eddy and me to our feet and removed ours. Suddenly the four of us were standing naked, openly examining each other’s bodies. I was always proud to be naked. All my hard work in the gym the last few years and the hours practicing for crew had left me lean and cut. Eddy was the same way, just a bit shorter and thinner than I was, his muscles a bit sleeker and less defined, almost feminine.
Our new friends clearly spent time in the gym and were each at least 25 lbs. heavier that we were. Their bodies were tanned all over and completely smooth Even their pubic hair was shaved and I realized that I found them sexy looking. Their cocks were impressive too, looking even more prominent without pubic hair and both of them were getting erect. Gene led me to one sofa and had me lie on my back. Eddy was on the other. Gene knelt on the floor beside me and took my cock in his hand. I felt a thrill of excitement and moaned.
“Oh, Joey likes it!” he announced. I was hard in seconds as Gene pulled expertly on my penis. I had been jerked off by a few girls and had even gotten some head, but Gene was better at handling a cock than any of the girls I had been with. The idea that I was engaging in a forbidden sex act, letting a MAN play with my cock, added to the thrill.
I looked over and saw that Eddy was into it too. Tommy’s hand was pumping fast and Eddy was raising his ass off the sofa and saying, “Yes, yes YES!” Tommy stopped, leaned forward and my eyes widened as he took Eddy’s cock in his mouth. He started pumping his head up and down and Eddy’s penis disappeared completely every stroke. Gene was watching too and gave me a dirty smile.
“I think Joey wants his cock sucked too!” My cock was immediately buried in his wet, warm mouth. Gene and Tommy sucked on our cocks, ran their hands over our bodies, played with our nipples, and started to explore our assholes with their fingers. They did everything but let us come. Then they put elastic bands tightly around our cock and balls, telling us it would keep us from losing our erections. We took a break, smoked another joint and all took a tab which they told us was something called a “Quaalude”.
“We have something called poppers, too. Between the Quaaludes and the poppers, your sphincter muscle will be nice and relaxed when it’s time for us to fuck you.”
THAT’s what had put the smile on Eddy’s face, he saw from the start that we were being seduced, just like we would try to seduce a cunt and that these guys were looking to fuck a couple of virgin anuses. Now that we were too doped to even think of resisting, things started moving fast. No more attention to our pleasure; Gene and Tommy were going to get theirs. They put us on our knees on the rug, stood over us and made us start sucking their cocks. Tommy had switched to me and he had his fingers intertwined behind my head and was fucking my mouth hard. After a lot of gagging I finally was able to get the head of his big veiny cock down my throat. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Eddy was getting a face fucking too.
When they decided they had enough of our mouths, they had us kneel side by side on one of the sofas with our forearms resting on the back and our asses sticking out. Tommy produced a big jar of Vaseline and they started applying it to our assholes. The fingers up my ass felt really strange, but every time they went in I could feel my hard dick jump. The cock rings really worked. I felt like my penis was bigger than it had ever been. I looked over and saw an expression of bliss on Eddy’s face. He was really enjoying Gene’s fingers penetrating deep up his ass. When they thought they had us lubed enough, Tommy had us inhale the poppers from a little brown bottle and my high took on a whole new dimension. Time seemed to move very slowly and I was very aware of every little sensation. I felt Tommy’s hands on my hips, positioning my ass the way he wanted it. I could feel him spreading my ass cheeks and then the head of his penis against my sensitive anus. I was out of my mind with excitement. I wanted nothing more in the world than to have that big cock in my ass.
He guided his cock with one hand while he steadied my ass with the other. I’m sure he was happy when I started pushing back into his penetrating cock. I felt nothing but pleasure. Maybe it was the drugs, or maybe I was just meant to take cock up my ass. By the time he was buried all the way inside me, my ass was dancing around on his cock and my sphincter was squeezing hard on him almost completely involuntarily. He told me later that he’d never fucked a virgin guy before who took to anal sex so eagerly.
Tommy settled into a rhythm pleasing to both of us. I got more and more into the pleasure I felt from a big cock sliding in and out of my anus. Sometimes he’s tease me by pulling so far out, only the tip remained buried, then he’d ram into me so hard my chest bumped the back of the sofa. Beside me Eddy was moaning with pleasure and I could look back and see his ass dancing onGene’s dick. I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and gave it a tug. He liked that a lot and gave me a dirty grin. He reached for mine then and we started pulling each other’s cocks. I loved feeling my friend’s big hard cock in my hand.
“Yeah, that’s it guys!” Gene said, happy to see us getting into sex with each other. I loved the thought of Eddy and me, side by side on our knees naked, taking cocks up our asses. I loved the feel of Eddy’s stiff dick in my hand and I loved feeling his hand on mine. It’s one thing to be fucked by a stranger, but another to be jerking off a good friend and having him jerk you off. The sex got wilder as both Tommy and Gene started slapping out asses hard which really made us twitch them around. They loved the sensation on their cocks and whacked us harder and harder. I could see that Eddy’s ass was flaming red and I’m sure that mine was too.
Soon Gene and Tommy started fucking us both furiously and I sensed that they were getting close to coming. Gene came first with a yell and a series of groans, putting his arms around Eddy’s chest and hugging him tightly, his cock buried deeply inside him. Tommy suddenly withdrew his penis from my ass, walked around the sofa and made me take his cock in my mouth. He grabbed the shaft, jerked himself off for a few seconds and shot stream after stream of warm semen into my mouth. I choked and coughed but managed to swallow some of it. A lot more was streaming down my chin. Tommy told me to keep sucking and I got even more semen out of his dick and swallowed it eagerly. He ran his hands under my chin and tenderly up to my cheeks, spreading semen over my face.
‘What a good little cocksucker you are,” he said softly, “taking my cock straight from your ass and sucking so nicely.”
The four of us lay on the rug for a while recovering. Tommy and Gene started snuggling and kissing, which shocked me at first. I guess cock sucking and ass fucking was one thing, but I still wasn’t quite ready for guys to be kissing. Eddy and I lay side by side on our backs and after he reached over and started feeling my cock, I did the same. Soon we were jerking each other off. We both still had raging hard-ons and were dying to come.
Our friends had other plans for how Eddy and I were going to have sex. After they let us play with each other for a while longer, they told me to get over Eddy in 69 position and take his cock in my mouth. I felt a hand on my ass pushing it down so that my penis slipped into Eddy’s open mouth. I was dizzy with excitement. Here I was, sucking my buddy’s cock! Things would never be the same between us! I loved the feel of his cock and his warm wet mouth on my penis was thrilling. After a few minutes of this, we were again interrupted.
“OK, who wants to be top?”
Lifting my head from Eddy’s penis I turned to Tommy and said, “I really want to fuck Eddy bad!” Eddy didn’t say anything but from the way his mouth was moving on my cock, I think the thought of being fucked by his best friend turned him on.
“OK, Joey’s on top, not that you can’t switch later if you want to.”
I knew I’d enjoy having Eddy fuck my ass, but right now I was overcome with a desire to possess his slim, smooth sexy body and stick my aching boner in his round smooth ass. Gene had me take Eddy’s ankles and push his legs up in the air and apart. I moved towards him on my knees and positioned my cock against his anus which still gleamed with Vaseline and Gene’s semen.
Tommy reached down and took my cock in his hand. “You just push your hips forward and keep pushing his ankles back. I’ll make sure you don’t go in too fast. We want this to feel good.”
Little by little, I saw the head of my penis stretch Eddy’s rose- colored anus and push inside. Soon after the head was completely buried I felt it pop past the tight ring of his sphincter muscle into the wet warmth of his rectum. He shuddered with pleasure and I continued entering slowly urged now by Tommy’s hand on my ass. Once I was almost all the way in his ass, I hooked Eddy’s legs over my shoulders and put my hands on the rug on either side of his head. I lowered myself further, completing my penetration. I suddenly felt an overwhelming tenderness and passion for my boyfriend and surprised myself by lowering my face to his and kissing him on the lips. He responded open mouthed and soon we were exploring each other’s tongues. I started moving my hips rhythmically and as we kissed I could feel Eddy’s breathing quicken.
‘Oh Joey, I’ve jerked off to fantasies of you fucking me for so long!’ he sighed. This really turned me on and I started fucking him harder. I wanted this to go on forever, but our friends were looking for entertainment, not lovemaking. Gene stuck his cock, stiff once again, between our faces and into my mouth as he knelt over Eddy’s head. At the same time I felt Tommy stick first one, then two and three fingers up my ass. This sensation made me start thrusting violently into Eddy’s rectum and then back onto Tommy’s fingers. All of these sexual sensations at once and the idea of fucking Eddy while sucking a cock and having my ass penetrated were too much to contain. Eddy sensed I was close and started squeezing his sphincter hard and repeatedly every time I thrust.
I exploded with the most violent orgasm imaginable. My spasms were so strong they almost hurt and I could feel semen spurting again and again into Eddy’s rectum for what seemed like minutes. I let out a sob and collapsed in his arms. His legs were now wrapped around my back just above my ass and squeezing me sweetly. I gasped now and then when Eddy would tighten his asshole around my slowly deflating penis.
Gene and Tommy were very satisfied with our initiation. By the time Eddy and I left the next afternoon, we had been shaved all over (which made me feel so sexy!), I had been fucked by Eddy and both of us had been fucked so many times by Tommy and Gene that we lost count. Our assholes were sore, but in a way that felt sexy, and, best of all, Eddy and I knew that from now on we could have as much hot sex as we wanted – with each other! We soon started when Eddy gave me a blowjob while I was driving us home on the Turnpike. I worried a little bit about what the truck drivers could see, but as I looked down at Eddy’s head bobbing in my lap, I realized that his hair was long enough to pass for a girl. I relaxed and quickly came in his mouth.

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  1. stevywonder

    Nice story; revives the first time sucking a cock

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    Well Nice Story Jay>>>>>>>>
    You really made fun and for more fun you can join me at Theboyzone

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  3. masterhank

    Good story! I would have loved to be in Gene or Tommy’s place. Be sure to write more of you and Eddy’s adventures.

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