Fantasy Party

I was invited to a costume party. I was asked to dress up as my alter ego, Richelle. A little weird I thought , but why not. I arrived a little early so I could get ready. THe drinks were already flowing. My fav of vodka and cranberry. I got dressed and made my way downstairs. “Gorgeous” the hostess exclaimed. “I can’t wait.” She said with a smile. I was a little confused but my third drink was telling me not to worry.
The guests started to arrive. The dance music was pumping. I could barely here myself think. The dinks were going down so smooth I forgot I was even dreesed as a woman.
I was dancing with a few guys whenb one of them grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. Surprised. but amazed at what I felt. I smiled and rubbed his crotch. He pulled himself close to me and we kissed. Soon I was surrounded by five guys. All of them carressing me.
Soon I was on my knees. A cock in each hand and one in my mouth. It felt so liberating. All five guys had there cocks out and I was going back and forth. Working each one until the moment of truth. Waves of cum sprayed me in the face and mouth. I swallowed every drop I could.
After they were through the hostess came up to me and asked, “Are you ready for more?” I looked at her with a grin and said “Bring it on.” “Follow me”. She said. I followed her to her bedroom where her husband lay naked on the bed. “I want you to be our little slut.” she said. I jumped on the bed and started to kiss and carress her husband….. The rest will be told at another time.

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