Having fun with the jock

I’m a varsity football player. I was in the locker room after practice. I was changing and getting dressed. I put on my varsity jacket and was about to leave when these two dudes came in. I knew them from school, they didn’t like me and i didn’t like them. One was wearing this cycle leather jacket and the other one was wearing this pimp leather bomber with a fur shearling collar. They walked over to me, “oh, look a dumb jock.” i wonder if his dick is any big than his brain.” they started to call me names and i try to shrug it off but i was getting really pissed. i told them to fuck themselves and tried to walk away. they grabbed me by the arm and slammed me against the locker. “oh, we won’t fuck ourselves but we’ll fuck you instead.” the dude in the cycle jacket said. he started to beat the fuck out of me by punching me and kicking my balls. He grabbed my balls and squeezed as i tried to fight back.

I slummed to the ground and then the other one with the bomber jacket forced me up on the bench. i was lying down and the one with the pimp leather coat was holding me down. and the one with the cycle jacket said, “let’s see,” while he was starting to unbuckle my jeans. “if i can make you cum then i can shove my cock inside your ass hole. but if you don’t we’ll let you go.” he started to rub my cock. i wanted him to stop but it felt so good. i started to moan but i felt my pre-cum coming so i just let it happen. He pulled down my underwear and took out a leather racing glove and put it on. he started to jerk off my cock with it. It felt so good as he went up and down. the fabric of the leather made me shiver as i could only moan softly. The other dude was holding my arms down but he already had his hard-on dick out of his jeans… so close to my mouth.

The dude kept going up and down and i knew soon i was gonna explode. I held it in as much as i could but all of a sudden a jist of cum exploded onto the guy glove and jacket. he let out a yell. “hey bitch, you got it on my jacket. He said “I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, you’re going to really feel it. I started to yell “no” but my jeans were fully off and my legs were up and i could feel his cock entering my hole slowly. it wouldn’t fit at first but he jammed it in real nicely. he started to fuck me faster and faster while i felt the other guy got on top of me still holding my arms and shoving his 14 inch cock into my mouth. His cock was warm and firm. He went up and down as all i could do is enjoy the thick meat that was rubbing against my tongue. They fucked me double penetration style. The dude with the cycle jacket exploded in me as he yell: AGHHHH, UGHHHH!!!! The other one exploded in my mouth and he ordered me to swallow. I first gagged but then swallowed the warm jist that entered my mouth. The guy then told me to lick the cum off his jacket. I licked the cum off the leather of his jacket. He then told me to give my varsity jacket to him. I obeyed and he took the leather collar that said my last name on it and wiped the remaining cum off his cock.

he then took the sleeve of his jacket and told me to turn around and bend over. i obeyed and he whipped/spanked me with the leather sleeve until i yelped and my ass cheek turned beet red. He said that’s for cummin on my jacket. He then forced his still growing cock into my mouth as he fucked my mouth, he was about to explode as he gave a few jolts but instead of making me swallow, he cummed all over my jacket, the collar, the sleeves, the back, and the inside. the other one gave me a nice slap on the face with his still hard dick. He zipped up his bomber jacket with the bulge showing right through the brown leather of the jacket. They told me that the cum stains better be on the jacket tomorrow. they left and i smiled out of pleasure. I got up and got dressed. I put on the cum-stained varsity jacket, still dripping from the collar. I buttoned up my jacket and left.

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    that was fuckin hot. you need to write another

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