My First Time and I Got Two Loads

Well, let me start off by saying thanks for reading and to let you know that all my stories are real. I am an open-minded male from the city and I gotta tell someone. I would be black balled and would lose everything I have…Please excuse any spelling or punctuation-I fuck up.

When I was younger I used to swap blowjobs with a few of my friends. Not the story I’m gonna get into now, but this is just to set the story. Anyway, ever since then, I jack off thinking about sucking and getting sucked by older guys. I never went all the way with a guy anally, but love to suck cock and get sucked…

So I was fresh out of a relationship and super horny, but the girl I usually get together with was busy with her kids and could not “hook up” so I looked up Craigslist and said fuck it…I came across an ad that was a older guy hosting a dark room swap. His pics were of a nice, thick cock with a fat head on it. Long story short, I emailed him and set plans to hook up. It took a while to get the mails, but I finally got the address so I drove up to his neighborhood parked a block away and walked up he said he would leave the porch light on and the door cracked.

When I walked in he stood there with his hand in his gym shorts tugging on his giant cock we sat down he asked if I would like to suck or be sucked. I said if I cum first like most guys I am not horny anymore so he then asked how would I like to do this and I replied I am submissive and I like to be told what to do. I told him I love to roleplay real dark side of roleplay so he went upstairs. After turning on some gay porn-it was a guy stroking a huge-and when I say huge I mean huge-cock, he came downstairs and caught me stroking. He said nothing as I sat up. He walked up and slapped me in the face with his cock. I sat back as he grabbed me and pulled me and told me I need to listen close. He grabbed both of my ears and said open your mouth and I did. He slid his thick eight and a half inch cock into my mouth and made me deep throat it as far as possible. He fucked my throat for a while, and then he said his knees were getting weak and he needed to sit down. He made me get on my knees and got my face right in between his legs and pushed my mouth back on to his cock as I was sucking and slurping all over giving the most sloppy head I have ever given. As I was sucking on him, I was squeezing and tugging on his balls and they were just as big as his cock. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good his dick felt in my mouth and I was so hard I couldn’t wait for him to suck on me…I felt his balls tighten, and then a hot stream of cum shot into my mouth. I kept on sucking and slurping up all of his cum and he told me to let him watch me swallow. He grabbed my head told me to open my mouth and show him his load which was spilling out and dripping down my chin…

He stood up and pulled me up and said so think u can handle my mouth??? I said, yes please. I couldn’t wait to feel him take my 8 incher into his mouth…He grabbed it at the base of it and he let a big gob of spit out of his mouth to coat my awaiting cock. He started to stroke and make it sloppy and suck on the tip as I lay back and watched my dick disappear in and out of his mouth. I was so turned on, I could not hold back. I told him I was gonna cum and he stopped right away and said not yet…He said how would u like to cum in my mouth I said I would and he slapped me across my mouth with his cock and told me I had to beg for it…I started to get on my knees and beg when he started to jack off and told me that it turned him on to see a guy beg so I started to really beg and he said he wanted to cum again so I opens my mouth to let him jack off in my mouth again I felt his balls tighten and yet another big hot load. While I was swallowing it, he got right back to sucking my cock. It only took a couple of strokes to get me to let off my 4 day load into his mouth. He played with it and let me watch him swallow I got dressed and left but not before we exchanged numbers….

There’s more to come I plan on playing with his cock a lot this summer comment what u thought please and thank u.

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My First Time and I Got Two Loads , 7.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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