My Uncle Joe.

My uncle came to see us two weeks ago and now I have paid the complement by going to stay with him of the next few week, my uncle, or Joe as he liked to be called, is not much older than me, just 5 years so we have the same sort of tastes, we are both into keep fit and do a lot of running, swimming and cycling, so we get along just fine, Joe, who married some years ago but is now divorced is living by himself and didn’t have any hang ups me having two weeks holiday with him.

Only a day into my holiday I saw him naked, not that he seemed to care and it didn’t bother me, I saw a naked man every day when I looked into a mirror, none the less he looked rather fit and his body was hairless, and dare I say it, sexy at the same time, “how about going swimming tomorrow” he asked, “yes, why not, I have not been for a little while, and so long as you let me borrow a pair of trunks” “no problem” he returned. The next morning he came into  my bedroom with a towel and some trunks, “here you are” he put them down on the side, “thanks” “we need to get going shortly before there is to many people there” he remarked, I climbed out of bed and made my way towards the bathroom, not even caring that I was totally naked, 30 minutes later we was at the baths, we undressed, got our trunks on and swam about for a least an hour, “I think we need to get  out now” Joe suggested, “ok, whatever” we went to the lockers, took the shower gel and then returned to the showers, I took the occasional glance at Joe’s cock and kept thinking that it looked nice and smooth, “here” Joe passed the soap to me, “wash my back” nobody was about because it was rather early in the morning so I obliged, I soaped up his back and gently moved my hands over his soft and smooth back, “that feels nice” he remarked, and for me it was the first time that I had done this for another man, it felt a little exciting and my cock started to slowly grow, I knew I had to keep a control on it or he will see that I was getting horny, “how is that” I asked and he turned around, “we both looked at each other’s cocks, “he had gone somewhat hard, he smiled at me “now it is your turn” he started to laver my back and the soap suds cascaded over my shoulders, a sudden rush of excitement ran through my body as he caressed my back, then his hand touched my bottom but I didn’t disapprove of him doing so, then both hands were on my bum and I could see myself getting harder, then his hands came up my torso and onto my chest, he massaged my nipples for a while and I felt his cock pressing against my bum, his hand started down to my cock, then I realised where I was and I stopped him, “no, no, not here, let’s go home where it would be more private” I turned and we were face to face, hard cock to cock, “yes, let’s”, Joe replied.

We could not get home fast enough, “are you ok with us” he asked, “us, I guess you mean two men having sex, then yes” “good” he said turning the key in the door, once in he pinned me to the wall and pulled off my shorts and tee shirt, I stood there naked as he feasted his eyes over my naked body, “you are lovely” he said quickly getting out of his clothes, he lent forward and kissed me long and passionately, his hand were all over me and I let him touch me just where he wanted, once he clasped his hand about my very hard cock my knees turned to jelly, “you have a gorgeous cock” he said softly, then he dropped to his knees and started to kiss his way up my shaft and onto my helmet, I looked down at him as my cock was swallowed by his mouth, whatever he was doing to me it a totally un-believable exciting, now and again he would take the whole of my cock into his mouth, then he would greedily suck at me fast and furiously, it didn’t take long before the most incredible feeling a man could have started to rise inside my cock, “I am coming” I cried out to him, just In case he didn’t want to take my love juice, but he didn’t stop so I left it he was happy for me to fill his mouth with my cum, I stroked his hair as I unloaded my love juice into his waiting mouth, he sucked harder as I felt the sperm pumping from the end of my cock, if was as he didn’t want to waste any of me and kept on sucking till the ultimate feeling started to subside, “ho, Joe, that was so incredible” he looked up at me from between my legs, “so it was for me” getting up and taking my hand, “come, we will go into the sitting room” he lead me into the room and he sat down and opened his legs, I didn’t need any more invite than seeing his hard cock pointing toward the ceiling, I was quickly down between his legs, his 7”cock standing to attention just in front of my face, licking up his shaft he moan his delight, then I took hold of his cock and licked it like it was an ice lolly, it tasted so nice as I kept squeezing the shaft to let the pre cum out of the end of his cock, I licked it away and it was evident that he liked this, but I could not do this from much longer as he kept thrusting his cock up to my mouth, eventually I took his hot, throbbing cock into my open mouth and started to suck greedily, his head went back and soft little whimpers of pleasure kept coming from him, it was the first time I had tasted cock and I loved it, it certainly filled your mouth but I loved it none the same, he didn’t take long before he started to moan and shake with excitement, “omg” he cried out, as his load shot into my mouth, I swallowed the metallic tasting juice down my throat, the next ejaculation I took his cock out of my mouth and let it spray over my face and chest, I started to wank him hard and fast to get the last drops from him, then I took his 7” cock back into my mouth and sucked greedily till he went limp, “that was some cock suck” he said a little breathlessly, “you enjoyed it” I asked, “yes, where have you sucked cock before” he asked, “never, first time” “well, I can tell you, that was so nice and enjoyable” he said, wiping the sperm from my face, I got up and we cuddled each other, then we kissed once more, “have you ever had a man make love to you” he asked, “no, never, but I want to try” he smiled and took my hand, we went into the kitchen and he produced a little round tin, opening it I found several blue tablets marked Viagra, “is this the real thing” I asked, “yes, and it will let you keep going till the cows come home” he said passing me a glass of water, I took the table and he done the same, “are you ready” he took my hand once more, the two of us naked boys went up to his bedroom, “just to let you know, I practice clean sex, so I would ask you to do this for me” he passed me a pipe with a tap connection on one end, “I understand” I went to the bathroom and performed the action, as I was there he went to the shower to do the same, when I went back to the bedroom he was laying on the bed with a very large juicy cock waiting for me, “come” I laid down with him and we kissed for a while then he maneuvered me onto all fours, “this is going to feel a little un-comfortable for a while but as time goes on you will enjoy it” he said, I felt the cool KY jelly being applied to my bum hole, then I felt his cock pushing on me a little at a time, “how does that feel” he asked, “ok” he adjusted himself a little and then more thrusting, as he said it was a little uncomfortable as he worked his cock in my ass hole, I could feel him getting deeper and deeper as he pushed harder, he stroked my back just to reassure me, soon he was fucking slowly, gently swaying in and out of me, it did feel so strange I could not put anything against it as an experience, all I did know was I was being fucked by this beautiful man and I was enjoying it, his hand came about my body and clasped my cock, gently wanking me as he pumped my ass, once he had found his rhythm and he knew I could take it he got faster, pumping me as fast as he could go, as before he softly moaned his pleasure, “you are a lovely fuck” he said taking hold of my hips and pulling me on to his cock as far as it could go up inside me, “Ah” he cried out, “ah, ah” he thrust very hard then he held me tight on his cock as he unloaded his sperm up inside me, he pumped away again in quick succession, making sure he had filled me with all his love juice, he was gently stroking my naked body before talking, “that my lover was the best fuck I have ever had, I must of really wanted you” he slipped his cock from my bum and laid back on the bed, “you really did enjoy me didn’t you” I said as he passed me some tissue, “yes I did” I wiped myself clean as he watched me, “do you want to return the compliment” he asked me, “yes, would love it” he got up on all fours and presented his bum to me, I put some KY on to my cock then slipped some onto his waiting ass hole, “Ooooo” he let out as the cool jelly was applied, I slid my cock up and down his bum checks to get us both lubricated then pressed my cock against his hole, he opened himself to me by pulling at one check, gently I pushed a little bit harder and I could see that I was penetrating him, once passed his rim my cock easily slipped into his hole, I let my cock go all the way in, right up to my balls, I looked down at this naked man on the end of my cock and it turned me on even more, I started to pump away, my thighs slapping against him bottom as I pushed my cock as deep inside him as he had done to me, I thought that fucking a man bum was going to be totally different than fucking a woman hole, it was in one way but the feeling was just the same apart from the tits and pussy, I was touching him all over and stroking his cock which made him more excitable, which in turn made me fuck him even harder, when after 15 minutes or so banging his hole I could feel the sperm coming but I didn’t stop, I went and unloaded my stunk into him, making sure that I got maximum penetration I kept my cock deep inside him, for some time he held my bum so I could not get out of him, “fuck me again lover, I needed to be fucked again” I stroked his naked body all over, “love to” and after my erection came back I fucked his ass once more with my sperm oozing out of the side of his bum hole, Joe didn’t mind, nor did I, sex with a man, love it to bits.

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  1. masterhank

    Good story, give us more of you and Uncle Joe’s adventures.

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