Office Politics 2

I came out of Mr. Sloat’s office somewhat confused and bewildered. I had just done something that I had never thought I would do and I was somewhat disconcerted at how easy it had been for the old man to bend me to his will.

I went back to my cube and started in on some of the work I had been given but the truth was I found it difficult to concentrate on what I needed to do. Finally, I got up and went to the break room to get myself some coffee.

“Well, hello,” said a female voice. “Are you new here?”

I turned around and looked at the woman. “Yes, ma’am. I just started today.”

The woman smiled at me. “I know,” she said. “I was just making conversation. So how do you like the job so far?”

Penelope Evans had enjoyed a rather spectacular rise as a legal eagle. At age thirty, she was already firmly established as a partner and she had already had a couple of legal ground breaking cases. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at me and I wondered if maybe I should tell her what had happened to me but at the last minute, I chickened out. “It’s going fine,” I told her.

Ms. Evans poured herself a cup of coffee. “That’s good. I’m glad to hear it.” She smiled at me. “Why don’t you come back to my office and tell me more about what you want to accomplish here.”

I nodded as I followed the woman back to her office, and I couldn’t help thinking that I wouldn’t mind having a go at her. Just thinking about the partner’s swaying butt was already making my earlier humiliation start to fade.

She told me to close the door behind me as she carried her coffee to her desk. She looked up at me and she smiled. “All right, then, let’s see it.”


“Take your clothes off. I want to see your body.”

I was kind of thinking this couldn’t possibly be happening to me again and at the same time, I was thinking that Penelope Evans was pretty hot, and you know, if a hot woman asks you to take off your clothes, well, I don’t know about you, but I do it.

She was obviously unimpressed. “Oh,” she exclaimed. “Oh, oh, that just will not do.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Your body. It’s hairy. That just will not do.”

I looked down at my body. It wasn’t all that hairy, I thought. In fact, I didn’t think it was hairy at all, but apparently she did. She pressed a button on her desk and moments later, there was a male voice at the other end of the intercom. “Yes, Miss Evans. Get in here Dirk, and bring your clippers.”

“Right away, Miss Evans.”

Moments later, a young man entered the room. “This is my personal secretary,” Miss Evans told me and then she turned her attention to the man who had entered. “Do you see what I see?” she asked.

“Indeed I do, Miss Evans,” the man replied. “It’s shameful.”

Penelope Evans turned her attention back towards me. “You need to be clean-shaven if you’re going to work here but don’t you worry, Dirk will take care of you. In the future though, I expect you to keep yourself clean shaven and you will be checked often. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Miss Evans.”

The young man moved forward and then he started to use the clippers on me, shaving the hair from my arms and legs until he had shaved my skin smooth. He moved to my back and the hairs at my feet continued to grow and then he moved around to my front and went to work on my chest.

I have to tell you that I thought it was erotic to have that man doing what he was doing to me and already my cock was at a semi-hard state of arousal, but what he did next brought it to full erection. He seized my cock and went after my pubes with that clipper.

That clipper surged as it chopped away at more and more of my curly hairs and slowly, he trimmed away more and more of my hairs. He was very thorough about it and in a very short amount of time, he had my body bald from the neck down.

“There, that’s better,” Miss Evans told me, and noting the hardness between my legs, she smiled. “And I can see you liked it, too.”

I murmured my agreement. As turned on as I was, it was hard to argue with her assessment.

“From now on, I don’t want to see any more hair on your body, and I want to see you start wearing a bra.”

“A bra,” I stammered. “But I’m not a girl.”

She smiled at me. “What’s that got to do with it. From now on, you’re going to wear a bra.”

I nodded in humility.

“And I want to see it,” she told me. “I want it to be black and I want you to always wear light-colored shirts so everyone else can see it, too. Do you understand me?”

I nodded again. I knew I would do what she said.

“Good. Now, all we have to do is figure out what size we’re going to make you.”

“What s-s-size?” I stammered.

She looked at me as if I were a complete idiot. “Why, of course you have to have a size,” she said. “I mean, if you’re going to wear a bra, then you’re going to have to have tits.”

“But I’m a guy,” I said.

“I know that,” she said disparagingly. “It’s not like we are asking you to have a sex change. We just want to give you a nice pair of titties.”

Dirk was looking at me as if he were sizing me up. “I think a C-cup would be about right,” he said.

Miss Evans looked at her secretary. “That’s exactly what I was thinking, too. Will you give Dr. Wandstadt a call, and let’s see if we can’t set this up right away. I can’t wait to see what he looks like with his new tits.”

“Right away, Miss Evans,” the man said, “but, of course, until then, we can have him wear the padded bra.”

“Now wait a minute,” I protested.

“You want to be a D-cup?” Miss Evans asked.

“No, but–”

“Good. Then it’s settled. Set it up, Dirk.”

I couldn’t believe it. These people were talking about giving me tits. I knew I should object.I knew I should say something, and I also knew I wouldn’t.

“Let’s see what he’s been wearing,” the woman said.

Dirk seemed to know what she wanted. He went over to my clothes and he quickly fished out my underwear.

“But these are men’s clothes,” Miss Evans said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Dirk agreed.

She wheeled on me. “From now on,” she said, “I don’t want you to see anymore of these things. From now on, you are only to wear women’s underthings. Panties and bras. That’s it. Do you understand me, mister?”

I ducked my head as I nodded my assent. I would do as she said. Only panties and bras.

“And none of this pedestrian crap,” she said. “I want it to be sexy underwear. I want you to show off that cute, little butt of yours. Do you understand me?”

Again, I nodded. Only sexy underwear.

“Dirk, do we have something for this little bitch of ours to wear?”

The man smiled and I just knew he had something wicked for me to wear.”How about a pair of crotchless, see-through panties,” he offered.

“Excellent,” Miss Evans purred. “There’s no time like the present to make sure our little intern understands that his crotch is always open to anyone.”

I didn’t really need to be told that. I had already figured that out for myself.

“Dirk will take you shopping after work,” Miss Evans told me. “Don’t you worry. We’ll get you fitted out with some cute, little sexy underwear.”

That’s just what I was afraid of.

“I’ve got something for you,” Miss Evans said. “It’s just a little token, but I always want to make our new interns feel right at home.”

I looked at what she was holding in her hand and with a start, I realized it was a dog collar. It had a tag shaped like a fire hydrant that hung from the front of it, and engraved on the tag was my name and one simple phrase: I’m a bit
ch in heat.

She knew I had seen the tag and yet I did nothing as she locked the collar around my neck. Little did I realize at the time that once it was in place, the only way to get the thing off was to cut it off.

She took
a step back and she looked at me. “Well, don’t you look cute,” she commented.

I held my tongue, figuring that was the best way not to get into any more trouble.

“Well, you know,” she went on, “really, the only way to handle a bitch in heat is to give her what she wants, and right now, it looks like Dirk is waiting for you.”

I turned and looked at Dirk and sure enough, the man had removed all his clothes.

“Go on,” Miss Evans told me, “get down there and suck on his cock.”

What could I do? I got down on my knees and I slid between the other man’s legs and I slipped Dirk’s dick into my mouth.

There was a flash and when I looked up, I saw Miss Evans holding a camera. I was so humiliated.

She grinned at me. “Just a few keepsakes,” she told me, “but don’t stop now. Keep on going.”

Well, what’s a cock sucking intern supposed to do? I kept sucking on Dirk’s cock and Miss Evans kept taking her pictures.

From the way he was moaning, I could tell Dirk was getting close, and that just made me suck him harder. The harder I sucked, the deeper he moaned, and instinctively, I knew what was about to happen, and sure enough, moments later, Dirk filled my mouth with his come, and there was Miss Evans to record the whole thing with her camera.

My dick was long and hard and straight as I sucked on that cock and I just couldn’t help myself. I sucked down every last drop of cum from Dirk’s dick.

Finally though, his limp member slipped from my mouth and I thought I was done, but I was only half right.

Miss Evans told me it was my turn to get my cock sucked and for a moment there, I thought she was going to do me. I should have known better.

Instead, it was Dirk who took up residence between my legs, but man, did he ever know how to suck a cock. I just kept moaning and groaning, and Miss Evans was there to record it all for posterity. I was so embarrassed to have someone taking pictures of a guy sucking my cock, but all I really knew was that I was going to cum and when I did, I was going to fill Dirk’s mouth with a generous helping of sperm.

It didn’t take all that long and then I was cumming hard, and I was filling Dirk’s mouth with my spunk, and he seemed to inhale every last bit of the stuff, and there was Miss Evans shooting away at us with her camera. I was so embarrassed.

By the time I left Miss Evans office, Dirk had sucked me off again and he and Miss Evans were busy talking about how pretty I would look with my new tits. To tell the truth, I didn’t know if I should be scared … or excited … but all I knew was that there was more to come.

… to be continued

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