Pet of a vampire day 3

I had a bloody headache as I awoke the next morning, again all the chains were gone again, but this time I didn’t feel like standing up.
I had a sour taste in my mouth, I was thirsty, but even more, hungry.
I hadn’t had anything to eat for at least… I couldn’t even remember.
I thought of the fridge, but had to fight myself to gt me to actually crawl out of bed.
There was no way of trying to run away now, the pain in my stomach and the empty feeling in my legs.
The fridge acting as some kind of goal, knowing it, seemed to move further away from me, the more steps I mad towards it.
It seemed ages till I reached it, and the moment I felt the wave of cool air falling out of the opened door of the fridge, I already knew without looking, what I would find.
Another bottle of water.
I sat down beside the fridge, close to sobbing.
But in the end my thirst won, and I managed to open that bottle and drink about half of it.
The emptiness ceased a bit, and after a while I felt a bit better, then worse.
I hadn’t changed my clothes the past days, I was sticky all over, and having lain under that thick blanket till well after noon (It had too, I saw the shadows through the windows), I was smelly all over.
I didn’t want to think about the mess that freak had left in my pants.
With other words, I made for the bathroom.
Yesterday I hadn’t even switched on the light in the bathroom, but now I had a close look at it.
It seemed the most modern part of the house, here was the only tap it seemed.
Again, nothing belonged together, a white, king size bath tub, with some sort of metal …
It dawned me that this bathtub wasn’t brought here for me alone, that thing has some sort of Jacuzzi.
A cream coloured sink and a faint pink toilet, and as I turned around, I turned to the right, I jumped back, seeing someone standing there.
A wardrobe stood left of that wall, which was covered entirely by a mirror.
The person I saw there was myself, and I looked so awful, that I turned right around, not knowing how I would be able to shower like this.
This was truly sick.
A stool beside the bathtub caught my attention, on it were a pile of clothes, a wide long armed shirt without buttons and white pants, held up by a string sewn into it.
A toothbrush, soap, a towel, underwear and some antiseptic spray, shower gel and, how ironic, sun cream.
That pile was clearly for me, and I knew for certain that yesterday this hadn’t lain here.
Showering, drying and dressing up I did facing the wall, I couldn’t stand looking at the mirror.
I felt much better now, even though the steady growing shadows were the sign for the end of the day, and a sure sign that my captivator would return, or whatever.
I began to search the house, in- and outside, not knowing what to look for, maybe for the hideout of this so called vampire, or maybe for a weapon.
In the end, I sat down on one of these sofas in what I started to call the living room, tired and exhausted, I must have dozed off.
I didn’t really stir, as I felt somebody pick me up and carry back into bed, I dared not open my eyes to see this white faced grinning creature again, seeing IT stare at ME.
I heard him go out, and tried hard to really fall asleep, hoping he would leave me in peace, as he returned, placed something on the table and began to stroke my eyelids, forcing me to open my eyes.
“Now my little man, given up walking around, have you? I’ve seen you found everything that was thought for you.”
I tried speaking, couldn’t ask him, and then did even though, “I’m, …I mean…” “You’re what my little cherub, hmm?” “I’m,.. I’m hungry….” He grinned as I said it, then suddenly seemed to be more enthralled with my hair, wanted to wrap it around his finger, left that, then lied down beside me and tried to gently push my arms away from my chest, which were trying to hold the buttonless shirt together.
He was simply ignoring the fact that I was hungry.
I tried to sit up, “Please, I’m hungry, I, I mean,…” he pushed me back into the cushions, he must have made the bed before he had brought me here, this morning the cloth had partly been torn, and I don’t want to mention what sort of stuff was smothered between the sheets.
“I know you are. But just think of it, couldn’t it be, that I made that on purpose?”
Only with the last word did he look straight into my face, and I completely leant back into the cushions, forced to wait for that what he had in mind.
This was even more frustrating, as he simply caressed me, stroking my body, my nipples as he managed to open the shirt, my neck and throat, the inside of my legs.
I held still, hoping he would stop or at least show what he was up to.
He seemed pleased after some time that I didn’t struggle, and really stopped touching me, but then reached out for something on the table, some long pieces of cloth, and I merely struggled as he blindfolded me, sat himself on the bed, lifted me onto his lap and tied my wrists loosely to the bed posts.
I was now lying fully on him, I had to lean my head on his chest while he leaned on the wall behind the bed.
“You behaved very well boy, if you behave the next half an hour as well, you might get something to eat.” As I moved, to answer, to ask, he held loosely a hand over my mouth
“Sht! don’t say anything now! I want you to concentrate and listen! You will hopefully learn something today, something to please me and I want you to learn it the right way, right from the beginning.”
With that the torture began.
I only felt him reach out for something, then a noise that sounded like a jar on wood.
Was it the few drops of liquid that pattered on my naked chest and then rolled in little cold runlets down to my belly, or was it the smell of something eatable, I don’t know, I only felt hungrier than before, knowing that he must be holding something to eat right before my nose.
I wanted to move towards it as I recognised the smell, hot dogs, but he held me back by wrapping his arm around my chest.
And he pinched my nipple pretty hard as I tried to bite, as the cold, oily sausage was brushed against my lips and left a salty tasting fluid on them.
He stroked my lips a few more times, when I tried to bite again, he pinched the same nipple even harder, “No! Not yet young man, not yet…”
He let the sausage pass a few times more my lips, letting me quickly lick away the salty, oily sausage taste without saying anything. I almost drooled, having to smell and taste this thing, but not being able to fill my stomach with it.
“Ok, now open your mouth a little bit, just enough that it fit’s in.”
An inch or less was in my mouth, I couldn’t stand it, but before I could actually move my jaw, he had pulled the sausage back out again.
The flavour, the juices that the sausage left back in my mouth turned me nearly crazy, I wanted to beg, to cry, to curse him, letting me hunger like this, but again the hand closed over my mouth.
“I said no… ” His voice was gentle, a little bit mocking.
“No biting off. Listen young one, open your mouth again, but don’t try to eat it, ok.
If you do, you wont get anything to eat till tomorrow evening, do you understand?”
I nodded, not knowing if I could really trust myself to let that piece of cooked meat enter my mouth again, without harm.
He took away his hand, and again I felt the sausage pass my lips, slowlier this time, but as I had to cramp the muscles of my jaws as not to bite, my lips were almost scraping the outside of the sausage off, my tongue tried to get itself covered in that wonderful taste, I had never liked hot dogs, but the salty, fat and meaty taste of it NOW, was more than I could endure.
But he noticed before I could actually even move my mouth, pulled the sausage out.
He waited a short moment, before he held the sausage again to my lips, this time I tried to move my head gently forward to take it in,used my lip
s and tongue to pull it into my mouth, and he let me have it.
I was hungrier than ever, till I had swallowed down all
the juices from that stick of meat in my mouth, left with something cold and flabby between my lips.
Only then did I realise WHAT and FOR what I was learning, only now I remembered that the under me could actually SEE what I had been doing, the the lump in my back was the best proof for it.
Right now he was rubbing my chest with his free hand, and I thought I could here him moaning gently.
I stopped licking the instrument of schooling, tried to back away.
He chuckeled, “Finished already, or did you actually step behind my little teaching method?”
I could almost FEEL him grinning behind me, as he slowly pulled out the sausage half way, slid it in again, I did the mistake of trying to shove it out again with my tongue, but only pushing it into my cheek, which seemed to amuse him very much.
“Do you know, where you could find a little bit more flavour?” I couldn’t help but suddenly freeze and wait for his answer.
“Right at the tip of the hot dog, there is this tiny little opening where they cut the the sausages apart from one another, you might just find a little bit of juice left in there, when you use the tip of your little tongue.
I knew what this meant, this easy enough to figure out, but I was too hungry, and it seemed so simple, if I did my work good, he might let me have it, and all I had to do was…
There was really a tiny opening, and I drained it with my tongue, dug in it, deepened it a bit, rubbed the whole top of my tongue against it, hoping it wouldn’t break through and hoping it all the same…
He pulled it out again, I wouldn’t let my lips let it go, but… hunger… please… I please…
I felt the the tiny threads of spit that had clung to the end of the sausage fall back on my chin, heard him do something, felt him moving under me, moving away, I felt the warm space where he had sat in the sheets and the cold ones, very cold, as my shoulders had cuddled into his arms , his warm arms, and he was going, no please….don’t leave me alone, don’t….
He hadn’t gone. I felt him sit down on the edge of the bed again, smelt the scent of meat and salt again, lifted my head, and he said ” You can get the most out of it if you suck now my little man, you forgot that…”
The sausage was held to my lips again, I pulled it in with my tongue, and tasted the juices all around it, felt the small hole in the skin of it, where he must have cut it, licked it, sucked the flavour out of it greedily, trying to press out all the liquid with my lips and the tongue wrapping around it.
I was drinking it almost, at least drinking my own spit, which was running as is´f I had a fountain in my mouth…
A hand reached behind my head and held it, as the snake of salt was pushed further in, until I almost choked on it, choked on the spit that ran into my throat, and still he pushed it further in, and I heard somewhere beside me “Be a good boy, take it all in… come on, as if you want to swallow it whole… that’s a good boy, just a little bit more”
My one hand was freed from the bounds and he let go of the hot dog, letting me hold it, letting me plunge it in and out of my mouth, we both knew that the taste was gone, we both knew that I didn’t do it for pleasure, but that it was that what he wanted to see, he knew it.
He couldn’t see my tears that escaped my eyes as I heard the rustling of clothes, falling to the ground, my sobbing couldn’t be told apart from my gasps for breath after that choking with the sausage.
I was afraid, sick and hungry, knowing and not wanting to know, tried to be and stay blind on all of my five senses, tried not to feel him enter the bed again, tried not to smell his presence directly in front of me, but I couldn’t deny it.
He took hold of my hand, threw away the hot dog, wiped my cheek, the tears must have soaked the blindfold already, kissed me deep with his tongue seeming to search for the last bit of salt left behind in my mouth, then he laid his hand on my neck and gently pushed it downward.
He led my hand to his thick cock, this white stiff cold thing, it was the first time I noticed it had a slightly split uneven head, I couldn’t even grasp around the shaft with one hand, it was so thick, …
He stroked my hair as he left me time to find out about this knew thing to fill my hungry mouth.
I started stroking it, up and down, up and down, but gently, I didn’t know how to begin, until he gently took hold of my chin and led me to the tip.
He was kneeling in front of me, as I gently started to let the tip brush over my lips, like I had learned to, then gently led and sucked it into my mouth, tasting the salt, I started caressing it like before the hot dog, drinking from it, searching the saltiness, when indeed I found a tiny hole which I tried to intrude with my tongue.
At this point, he gently toppled over, groaning with what seemed pleasure, fighting with the remnant tie of my other hand.
I lied down beside him, fondeling this cock with both my hands, using lips, tongue, throat, sucking, drinking,, as a completely suffering bulk of man lay nearly under me, running his hands through my hair.
I focused completely on my job there, tried not to think of anything else, shutting everything else out, as a gush of cold sticky liquid gushed from the mountain I had in my mouth, he was so deep inside my throat, it simply shot straight down, I could do nothing to stop it.
His hips bucked up to my face, his hands held my head down that I nearly choked as his bulk was forced further into me.
As he let go of me, he kept on moaning, and muttering words at me, which I didn’t really understand, I didn’t care, I was sick, I was hungry and I was tired, this man had brought me to do one of the things I had thought utterly disgusting, he had raped me in every form I (!) could think of…
All I did was rest my head on his chest, till he would come round again, I didn’t dare take of the blindfold to go on search of food myself, I wanted him to clear up the mess before I did so.
I didn’t want to see him or me in this untidy bed, on top of one another, nude.
I heard his breathing coming back to normal, his hand rested on the back of my head, as he started to ask “Do you want too, I mean…” “No”… I paused, and then very quiet “Please, can I now?”
He sighed softly, but what I wanted to hear most was his reaching out for the jar, cold droplets landed on my face, one near my mouth which I licked up quickly, I think he did that on purpose.
I had to lick the whole skin of the sausage, before I was allowed to eat it, same with the second, but as I opened the mouth again, still hungry enough to beg, he sat up, got out of bed, and before I could at least move my hand to the blindfold, he had me in his arms.
We went to the bathroom, where he let me glide into the hot tub (when did he let the water in?) in my clothes, stroked me between the legs only that much that it felt comfortable, stripped me and went away.
I felt very sleepy, I drifted off, and only waked up, some time short after dawn, noticing I was again in my bed.

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