A Cold Winter Weekend Part1

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Part 1
The cold harsh weather outside had trapped Cassandra and I in this moutain cabin for days now. Even though we were just friends I soon developed a passionate thing for her. I was unsure if she noticed it or not but I had been fantasizing about her all weekend long.
“Hey Trish what are you thinking about?”, she asked me. I popped out of my daydream. “Oh uh nothing just lost my track of thought, that’s all. I am just so tired of being indoors that’s all”, i said to her with a grin. She suggested we play some board games we had brought along for our trip. “Well let’s make the best of this and play some Twister. Whadda ya say Trish you game?”. “Sure why not anything is better than this shit!”, I said with my hopes set on getting close her to her sexy body. We layed out the plastic board and took off our shoes. We had on our cami’s and shorts and socks. I saw her nipples hard with the air that had obviously carressed her warm breasts. It sent a tingle to my pussy and I liked it. We spun the board a few times and got into some twisted positions. I had my arm over hers and her legs were under me now. I felt my legs and arms started to shake a bit. Partially because of her closeness to me and partially from the strange position. I knew I would fall any moment now…and sure enough I did. I felt right on top of Cassandra and we laughed so hard I thought we’d cause an avalanche. We stared at eachother for a moment and there it was. The chemistry had started to bubble. I knew that moment that I wasn’t the only one who was fantasizing this weekend. The game was obviously over so I sugessted we take a dip in the hot tub. We went to our rooms to get ready and I got a nice long glance at her beautiful nude body. I traced her form with my eyes and I saw the most sexy set of breasts known to man. 38DD’s and they were real. Her ass was round and stuck out far more than I had noticed through her jeans. My panties were damp when I took them off and I just shoved them into the hamper. “Hey Trish can you hand me that towel over there?”. I handed her the towel and just stared up close at her breasts that were still exposed. “Trish are you ok?” “Huh? Oh umm yea sure why?” “I dunno it seems like you are just not yourself today. Is there something wrong? Should I cover up? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?” “Oh no sweetie not at all. It’s just that you have such a great body. I guess I’m a little amazed that’s all”. “Oh thank you, I’m so embarrased. But you know Trish I think your body is sexy and very smooth”, she said as she brushed my arm. My pussy was throbbing now at the touch of her hand. I was in total shock as she grabbed me in her arms and kissed me. We just pecked on the lips and giggled. “What was that for? Have I been a good girl?”, I said with a smile. “Oh yes in fact I want you to do me a favor dear. Would you model your bikini for me?”. I agreed and did a little show for her. I walked with grace and poise, it was a little odd but it was a turn on to see her staring at my body. “Let’s go to the hot tub Trish. Come on”. We made our way out to the little glassed in from that held the huge hot tub.

We slipped in and sat back as the gentle jets massaged our bodies. “Mmmm..this feels so good”, she said closing her eyes. “Yea it does. I could use treatment like this more often. Cassandra come here lemme give you a back rub”. She came over to me and turned around. I massaged her shoulders and ran my hands on her neck. Her skin was smooth and wet and my pussy was starting to be the same way. I leaned her back and soon her head was resting right on my chest. I looked down at her and leaned her head back. She looked into my eyes and the leaned upward and kissed me again, but this time she slid her tongue into my lips. My lips parted and I met her tongue with mine. She released from the kiss and turned her body to face me. I looked at her face as she slowly reached out to grab my breasts. I wanted her to just graze my pussy with her hand, but i held back and just sat there staring into her eyes. We kissed again and she put her arms around my neck and started to untie my bikini top. My breasts became fully exposed and the feel of the warm water bubbles sent chills down my spine. She cupped one of my breasts into her hand and took it into her mouth. She flickered her tongue and sucked it in whole. I thought I would burst right there. I couldn’t hold back from touching her and I pulled her bikini top up and over her head. We now sat there with breasts fully exposed and kissing like passionate lovers. Her big breasts were pressed against mine and it felt like I was floaing into a sea of ecstacy. She went under the water for a moment and later surfaced to reveal her naked body once again. Her pussy was completely bare and was small and plump. I reached under the water and took off my bikini bottom and flung it onto the floor. Cassandra sat back in the water and asked me to stand. I was a bit shy, but stood anyway. “Come her Trish, I wanna see that wet pussy close up”. I walked over to the other side of the hot tub and stood before her. She reached up and parted my pussy lips and the touch of her hand on my aching cunt made me shiver. “Mmmm, you like that don’t you? Well maybe you could come sit on my face and I could show you something more”. I straddled her face and placed my legs spread eagle on the edge of the hot tub. Her tongue slowly parted my swollen lips and licked my center. I felt her fingers playing once again with my throbbing clit. I moaned and groaned as she tongue fucked me. It was something new and exciting and i didn’t want it to ever end. “How does that feel baby?”, she asked me. “Mmm it feels so good. Fuck my pussy ma, mmmm…damn that feels so fucking good!”, was all I could get out before she started sucking on my hard pearl. My clit was now starting to throb harder than I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. The sensations were running wild through my whole body. I was almost near orgasm when suddenly she stopped. “Oh why did you stop? Oh my god I was gonna cum so hard.” “I wanna show you some more before you cum baby”, was all that she said with a huge grin on her face. She sat me back down in the hot tub and spread my legs apart. Then she sat in between my legs and raised my hips in the air so that they were poking out of the water. My pussy was in her face and then she jammed her face right into it. I moaned and bucked my hips up and down as she kept in tune with my motions. My clit was ready to explode when all of a sudden my legs went limp and I let loose the hardest orgasm ever. It felt like the cum came flooding out. She sucked up every last drop of my juices. She smiled at me and then kissed me long and hard.
“So how was that? I bet you liked that one huh?” “Mmmm..it was the best. I didn’t know I could cum that hard or even feel that good.” We sat there for a few minutes just smiling at eachother while I recouperated. I went to fetch us some champagne to celebrate our night. I returned shortly in nothing but my birthday suit carrying two glasses and a bottle of some cheap champagne. It wasn’t the greatest, but hey we just wanted to get drunk. It was getting to hot sitting in the hot tub after our drinks so we went into the house and got some scoops of mango sherbert. We then fixed ourselves on the couch. We still walked around the house in no clothing and it was a very erotic and liberating feeling. “Cass I didn’t know you were bi.” “Neither did I until I got into college and this girl I know got real drunk one night and told me she was bi. Then she wanted to eat me out and I let her. Man it was such a wild night that I knew I had to keep doing it.” “Wow! Sounds like you to had one wild night.” “Yea it was great, and I want tonight to be the same for you.” I blushed and just giggled at the thoughts of all the possibilities for tonight. After an hour or so of talking on the couch we decided to go take a bubble bath and just have fun.

I prepared the water and put in some strawberry scented bubble bath. It smelled great in the bathroom! I called in Cass an
d we just got ri
ght in. I sat near her and kissed her neck softly and ran my hands through her hair. She moaned and played wiht her clit. Then I turned her around to face me. I kissed her lips and felt on her enormous breasts. I thought of a scene I’d seen a few back with these two girls and I knew I had to try it. I asked her if she knew what I was talking about and sure enough to my excitement she did. So we sat with our legs intwined and pressed our pussies together. I leaned back on the back of the tub and our hips were completely out of the water. We grinded our pussies and clits together and moaned. Her bare cunt was all over mine and it was a thrill. “Oh Trish…mmm…oh god…mmm…fuck me baby..ohh uhh..mmm”. “Cass this feels so good..mmmm…don’t stop..ohhh..uhh..oh baby gimme that pussy…uhh harder. harder…” We fucked eachothers pussies and soon we started cumming. Our juices mixed together and I let go of her legs and began to go down on her. I wanted her to cum on my face. So I sucked on her clit making her cum again all over my face as I lapped at her sweet juices. I had never tasted another woman’s juices but my own, and they tasted sweet. We got out and dried off.

I procceded to the bedroom and got under the sheets. I wanted to just fall out, but there was alot more sex to be had……………

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  1. lil_southern_gurl

    OMG! This story was AMAZING! I didn’t want it to end! This is definately one of my top favs I’ve read on this site! I get the feeling I’ll be reading it more in the future!

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