A Good Morning

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I opened my eyes seeing that the sun was beginning to come out. I glanced at the clock, realizing I only had an hour until my alarm would buzz. I let out a sigh.

Last night had been a long night. Kailee, a girl from my class who I barely knew, had come over after dinner to work on our group project we were assigned to. It ended up taking way longer than we thought it would and finally finishing it at 3 am, I let Kailee sleep on my couch in the living room. Even though I was a little hesitant, not knowing anything about this girl except that she was in my English class, I felt bad having her leave and drive all the way home so late.

Running on only three hours of sleep, I was too stressed to try to fall back asleep for another hour. I opened the drawer on my night stand to get some tylenol and seeing my hot pink vibrator laying right in the middle of the drawer, I couldn’t help but pick it up. I pressed the button ready to feel the vibrations that would soon make my stress go away but nothing happened. I started at it, pressing the button again, and realizing that my batteries must be dead made me even more frustrated. I wanted to go out to the living room to get some new ones, but remembering Kailee was out there I decided my hand would just have to do.

My fingers slid into my panties, feeling that I was already wet, I ran my fingers around my clit beginning to get lost in the feeling. My bedroom door closed and I opened my eyes seeing Kailee walking into the room.

I sat straight up, feeling my face turn red.

“Good-morning,” she said, climbing on to my bed, “how did you sleep?”

“Alright,” I said, so embarrassed at what Kailee had just seen me doing, but confused why she was in my room.

“So what were you doing when I walked in here?” She asked, seeming sarcastic. She waited a moment, but I was too stunned to say anything. “Lets continue where you left off.”

Before I knew it she pulled the covers off of me and slid my thong off. Lifting my white tank top up a little to expose my breasts, she licked each nipple with the tip of her tongue and I felt her hang touch my clit. She began to flick her fingers just as I had been doing, but this felt way better. Warmth ran over my body as she led her tongue down my stomach until she reached my pussy. I was already dripping wet when she licked it once, looked up at me and said “mmmm.” My pussy ached for her to explore it with her tongue and she did just that. I felt her warm tongue slide up and down my clit then her fingers enter my wet pussy, moving in and out making me moan.

Suddenly she stopped all together and got up from the bed. “Stay there,” she said, “I’ll be right back.” She left the room as I lay there, my pussy throbbing.

She came back into the room holding something in her hand. When she got closer I realized it was a purple vibrator. It was a lot thicker and longer than mine and looked like it had soft grooves all over. As she climbed back onto the bed, she put the vibrator into her mouth, sucking on it for a moment, getting it wet with her saliva. Clicking the button at the bottom it instantly came to life vibrating like crazy. This made my pussy ache even more for it to be inside me.

She laid it on my clit and the vibrations sent a shock through my body, then she slid it into my pussy. It was big and it filled my pussy feeling so real, just like a dick. Moving it in and out slowly, each time pulling it all the way out then thrusting it all the way back in.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

“Yes,” I moaned. Desperately wanting her to go faster.

“Do you want me to fuck you faster?” she asked and I shook my head wanting to scream out yes. Instantly she began to pump it faster, hitting my G spot right on each time.

“Oh god!” I yelled out, moaning like crazy as she continued to thrust it deep and deep, faster and faster. Her tongue returned to my nipples along with her free hand as she grasped my breast.

I closed my eyes, arching my back as I orgasmed, feeling her pull the vibrator out and rub it onto my clit making the orgasm even greater. I felt her tongue return to my pussy as I watched her lick up my juices.

She stood up on my bed on top of me, sliding her panties off, followed by her shirt. Bending down so that her pussy was hovering over my face she said, “my turn.”

I touched her pussy, feeling that it was definitely wet. I had never done this before, but I felt like a pro. I lifted my mouth up so I could lick her clit. It tasted good, I was surprised, and I let my tongue explore her warmth.

“That feels so fucking good!” She said, and I stuck a finger into her pussy while she moaned. I grabbed the vibrator next me and she saw, positioning herself on her hands and knees. “Fuck me please.” I switched on the purple vibrator that was still wet from me and slid it into her pussy. It went right in as I pushed it as deep as it could go. She began to moan loudly and screamed out “faster!” I moved my hand in and out faster and faster loving that I could make her feel so good. “I’m cumming!” She screamed as I pulled out the vibrator and placed it on her clit as she did for me.

Once she finished she collapsed on the bed onto her back, pulling me with her so that I was naked on top of her. Our pussy’s touched, both so warm and wet and it felt so good. She pulled my face to hers, kissing me while squeezing my ass.

The alarm clock next to my bed began to beep as we both stared at it realizing we had an hour to till our class started and we had to present our project. I climbed off of Kailee and we both got out of bed and put our clothes back on.

“See you in an hour,” she winked and slapped my ass. I watched as she left my room, hearing the door close behind her shortly. My room smelled liked sex and it smelt so good.

When I got in the shower all I could think about was Kailee and how I couldn’t wait to do this again.

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