A Night In

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Standing in the doorway her eyes scan the room, flicking over the objects she had set out earlier, a small smile lifting her lips as her eyes rest on one object in particular, a soft laughfilling the silence. Nodding her head in satisfaction she turns to leave just as the doorbell sounds, racing towards the front she quickly pulls open the door, her grin growing wider as she spies her lover standing on the other side.

Her gaze lifts to the eyes of the one before her, her hand rises, the backs of her fingers brushing lightly against her lovers cheek, gently caressing the flesh she knows so well. Quickly dropping her hand she curls her fingers around one hand and tugs, leading them both inside, her other hand lifting to push the door closed behind them.

Leaning close against her lover she whispers softly… “ready for your birthday surprise baby? ” A finger lifts quickly to press against lips about to speak .. “shhhh no words, just nod” Her grin spreads wider as lips brush against her finger, the nod from her lover sending her anticipation for the nights events soaring higher.

Walking backwards, hands linked, eyes locked, she leads her lover down the hall, stopping just before the door to her bedroom. Her hand reaches out to lift the silk blindfold dangling from the handle, a grin, purely wicked, dances across her features as she lifts it higher to twirl between their faces.

A slight frown creases her lovers face, lips part in query, quickly stifled as a finger presses once more against the soft flesh, her head shaking slightly, eyes twinkling as she gently reminds …. “shhhh, surprise remember” Still laughing softly to herself she quickly lifts the blindfold and slips it over enquiring eyes, smoothing errant curls beneath the elastic.

Taking one hand in hers she turns and opens her bedroom door, leading her blindfolded lover into the darkened room, candles flickering gently on the dresser casting soft shadows against the far wall. Slowly walking backwards she carefully guides the way to the bed, gently pressing against silk covered shoulders as she turns and eases her lover back onto the satin sheets.

Bending she swiftly dispenses with shoes and socks, hands running lightly against bare soles before carefully placing her lovers legs onto the bed, her hands sliding higher along denim clad calves. Drifting hands linger against thighs, slip higher and rest against narrow hips, fingers curling into the waistband, a soft sigh escaping her lips as the backs of her fingers brush against her lovers flesh.

Slipping around her fingers press the button through its tight enclosure, gripping the tiny clasp, silently sliding the zipper to the base, a soft moan sounding above her head drawing her gaze. A soft shake of her head and her hand reaches up to gently tap her lovers wandering hand before it reaches the blindfold and exposes the surprise.

Hands leaving their task she turns and opens a drawer, a hand reaching inside and wrapping around the silky smooth scarves she slipped in there earlier. Gaze dropping to the body laid out on her bed, giggles slipping past soft full lips, she slides her free hand down the sun kissed arm before her. Lifting an arm to her lips, pressing a lingering kiss against the flesh before sliding it high on the bed, fingers deftly securing a wrist against the headboard before reaching for its twin and subjecting it to the same treatment.

Dropping her gaze to her lovers face she sees a tongue snaking out against a full lower lip, her own tongue flicking against her lip in response before she bends to drop a light kiss against the pouting lip. Quickly lifting, a giggle suppressed as a moan trembles past her lovers lips, she turns her gaze back to the unfinished task, hand dropping to peel the fabric back.

Her own moan sounds low in her throat as she glimpses the tanned flesh beneath the fabric, a nail reaching out to trail against the flesh, pressing deeper as the soft moan from above deepens into a low groan. Body writhing beneath her touch she slides her hand higher, ducking beneath the silken material of a shirt, nails teasing against quivering flesh.

Slipping her hand back out, fingers reach to grip small buttons, sliding them easily through their holes, her lips dropping to press kisses against the flesh as it is exposed inch by inch. Parting the material as the last button slips from its hole, her eyes drift over the sight before her, a low moan passing her lips as one hand drifts toward an erect nipple, finger slowly circling the hard bud.

Teeth sinking to her lower lip, her fingers move to grip the nipple, twisting gently before tugging harder against the tiny nub, lifting it high, her lovers body jerking from the bed in response. Releasing the tiny bud, her mouth drops against the flesh surrounding it, tongue trailing slowly, drawing closer to the tasty morsel.

Lips move to cover the bud, tongue flicking against the sensitive flesh, her lovers body tensing beneath her lips, lifting higher, pressing closer, soft whimpers, sounding faintly, float over her bent head. Groaning low in her throat, her lips close over the tight bud, drawing it deeper into her mouth, warm moist tongue wrapping around it lovingly.

Moving onto the bed, leg lifting over the writhing body beneath her, knees gripping tight against the narrow hips of her lover, her other hand moves to tease the lonely nipple, tip jutting high, eager for her touch. Hips press down against the hips beneath her, groins rubbing together slowly, hands sliding against the bare flesh below her, nails raking lightly as they drift lower.

Lifting her head, tongue darting out for one last teasing flick against the moist nipple, her mouth moves higher, lips slipping easily against the slick flesh beneath her. Sighing softly, warm breath washing over her lovers neck as she slowly eases her way higher, lips brushing lightly against the tender flesh beneath an ear.

Teeth nip lightly at the small lobe, tugging gently, the soft moans so close to her own ear urging her on. Growling lightly, one last tug before she releases the swollen flesh, she slips her tongue lower, the tip trailing down an arched throat, dipping into the hollow at the base.

Shifting lower on the bed, her tongue trailing in her wake, pausing to tease each nipple in turn before continuing on its journey. Pausing briefly, her tongue suddenly dips, slipping easily into the navel that blocks its path, circling slowly inside before lifting and trailing around the edges of the tiny hole.

Hands slide down to grip the edges of the denims, fingers curling against the material as she pushes it back and down, slowly tugging it lower, revealing more bare flesh to her touch. Tongue slipping to lick at a jutting hipbone, tracing along the sharp edge, dipping back down into the hollow before trailing back to the other side to treat its twin to the same loving touch.

Shifting lower still, her hands tug the denims as she progresses, lips continuing to press against the smooth flesh as she moves. Crouching at the base of the bed, her hands tug the denims over her lovers feet, mouth continuing to trail after the material, pressing lingering kisses against the newly exposed flesh.

Tossing the jeans onto the floor she turns back to survey the body before her, shadows from the candlelight flickering over glistening flesh, dancing slowly against the golden skin. Hands drop to cover taut thighs, fingers curling against the muscles, pressing lightly as she slides them higher, fingertips brushing against the soft material of underwear.

Lifting her eyes, her gaze drifts slowly up the writhing body before her, back arched up from the bed, hips moving side to side, body responding eagerly to her touch. Glancing higher her eyes take in hands clenched tight against their restraints, knuckles white with strain as they try to tug themselves free of their bonds.

Low groans fill the silent room as she slides her hands against the body trapped
beneath her, nails rake lightly against the tender flesh as she slips her hands lower. Fingers curl against bent knees, gently pressing down as she pushes them further apart, her own body moving to slip between them.

Settling her ass against her feet, her hands continue their journey, trailing higher, head dipping low as her tongue follows in their wake, pausing to dip teasingly into the junction of thigh and groin, laughing softly to herself as she quickly jerks back when a low growl sounds above her head.

Leaning close to the body beneath her, yet not touching, her breasts a whispers breath away from the eager flesh below her, nipples lightly graze against a taut stomach as she slips higher. Her hands moving onto the bed as she crawls further along, her head lowering to rest next to the tousled curls of her lover, voice a husky whisper as she asks “ready lover?”

Voice low with need, her lover moans “ohh god yes”, body writhing beneath hers, arching up, making contact, skin pressing against skin. Grinning to herself, one hand reaches out to the bedside table, fingers sliding easily into the bowl she had placed their earlier.

Shivering as her fingers come in contact with the ice cubes within the bowl she slides them deeper, gripping one large cube she brings it back to her mouth, tongue flicking out against the square, catching a drop of icy water before it falls upon her lovers hot flesh.

Grinning wickedly to herself she slowly lowers her hand, the icy cube hovering above one hard nipple, a small drop of liquid forming against the tip, hovering momentarily before dropping against the hot bud. A hiss of breath escaping taut lips as a body jerks up against the coolness, pressing against the cold square. A low growl sounds within the room as her lover pushes higher, pressing an anxious body against the coolness, soft laughter floating past her lips as she snatches the cube away from the eager body, her teasing touch far from finished.

Eyes drifting over the writhing body beneath her, laughter dancing within their depths as she holds the cube just out of reach. A muffled moan as teeth sink into a swollen lip, head thrown back against the pillows as her lover struggles against silken restraints.

Sinking her own teeth into her lower lip, she lowers the cube once more, letting the frozen object make contact with the heated flesh, pressing down against the hard bud, flattening it against the burning flesh. Grinning at the soft purr passing through lips above her she moves her hand slightly, the cube sliding easily against the smooth flesh below it.

Slowly circling the jutting bud, tracing around, spreading further with each circle she leans closer, tongue trailing in the cubes wake, licking the moisture from her lovers body. Her own moans lifting to blend with her lovers, her hand slides across bronzed flesh, pausing at a darkened peak, moving to circle around the tight bud.

Mouth lifting to close over the cool bud her hand continues its path, tracing circles around the remaining nub. Tongue working against the hard bud, sucking it deeper into her mouth, hot tongue wrapping around, warming the skin within her mouth. Fingers stretching to cover a cooled nipple, ice fading into a puddle beneath warm fingertips, thumb and finger moving to grip the cool bud, twisting it slightly, tugging it up away from its haven.

Drawing up from the now warm bud, her tongue snakes out, trailing across to the lonesome bud beneath her teasing fingers, her other hand lifting, palm moving to cover the now bereft nub, circling slowly against the hard flesh, palm tingling from the soft friction.

Quickly licking the trailing moisture from her lovers flesh she raises her head, eyes lifting to flick over a partially covered face, lingering on a swollen lip, jutting above a dimpled chin. Flicking her eyes to the bowl, her hand reaches for another cube, a wicked grin flitting across her features as she lowers the cube against the pouty lip.

Slowly trailing the cube against the jutting flesh, sighing softly as it leaves behind a glistening trail, her head lowers, tongue tracing against the cool flesh following behind the square. Continuing to trail the cube down over the chin beneath her hands, the small cube dipping into the dimple and lifting once more to slip down a long tanned neck.

Pausing at the base of an arched neck, small puddle of liquid forming in the hollow, her head dipping low, tongue darting out against the flesh, licking the moisture that has collected. Low moans sound as the body she is slowly tormenting protests at the slowness of her touch.

Hand moving against skin once more, trailing lower still, the cube shrinking with each inch it travels, small sliver of ice fading to nothing just as it reaches a deep navel. A drop of liquid racing into the hollow, pooling in the depths, waiting for a seeking tongue to discover its hiding place. Laughing softly to herself, her head lowers, tongue darting out to lap at the small pool buried deep within her lovers navel. Her own low moans sound deep in her throat, vibrations coursing through her lips, passing onto her lovers sensitive flesh.

Lifting her head, tongue slipping easily against the moist flesh, trailing lower, stopping as a soft barrier bumps against the tip. A small frown presses against her forehead as her eyes drop, a small sigh of frustration passing her lips as she spies the forgotten underwear.

Shifting against the sheet, her body lifts as her fingers quickly remove the fabric from the body it was moments ago so eagerly clinging to. Hips lift anxiously, helping her progress as she slides the soft material lower, her eyes flicking over the treasure she has uncovered. A deep growl sounds low in her throat as her eyes hungrily devour the sight before her, her hands clench tightly as she restrains herself from rushing and ruining the surprise she’d worked so hard to create.

One hand lifts, fingers reaching out to trace along a supple thigh, teasingly sliding closer to her lovers exposed sex, before swiftly darting away without connecting. A groan of frustration passes through clenched teeth, legs shifting restlessly against the sheet, body pressing closer to her touch, eager to feel her hands upon their sex.

Palm pressing flat against the rising body, pressing it back down against the bed as her leg lifts once more, up and over her lover to settle against the narrow hips that thrash upon the sheets. Knees digging in against the body beneath her, holding it captive for her touch, hands dropping, curling against the soft flesh of a narrow waist.

Her head turns, eyes flicking towards the bowl still sitting on the side table, wicked grin lighting up her face as she spies the surprise buried deep within the frozen cubes. A soft whimper coming from beneath her quickly brings her eyes back to the prize she has trapped within her legs, her hands clenching gently against the waist she holds captive.

Leaning down, pressing her body against the heated one below her, softly murmured words of love passing her lips as she slides higher, pressing close against her lovers cheek, her words low as she whispers “the time has come” A sharp gasp parts her lovers lips, head turning on the pillow, vainly trying to see what is planned, hands tugging at every tightening restraints. A hand lifts, finger pressing lightly against swollen lips “shhh my love, trust me”

Grinning to herself, her body leans closer to the table, hand reaching out, fingers wrapping around the protruding stick of a raspberry popsicle. Lifting the long thick object high, her eyes dance with merriment as she watches a large red drop dangle from the tip, her hand moving as she aims it directly above a heaving chest.

Tongue flicking out against her lip she watches as the drop slowly falls, her eyes tracing its path as it drops just above a hardened nipple. A soft gasp of surprise escapes her lovers lip
s, body jerking up involuntarily at the icy touch. Hand lowering, resting the tip of the
popsicle over the dark stain, spreading it further, tracing around the jutting nipple, turning the dark skin a deep crimson. Flicking her wrist slightly, the popsicle traces up over the tip, coating the tiny nub in the thick sticky juice.

Keeping her hand steady against the writhing body beneath her, she slowly traces the tip of the ice block across a heaving chest, wrist twisting lightly as she traces deep red patterns across the golden skin. Sighing softly to herself at the sight before her, her hand draws closer to the lonesome nub awaiting her attentions.

Slowly tracing across the waiting bud, she covers it in the sticky juices to match its twin, the thick red liquid dripping off the tips to run down her lovers chest, drops falling onto the sheet below. Drifting back to the centre of the chest before her, her hand slides lower, carefully tracing more intricate patterns against the rocking flesh.

Her brows draw together slightly as she concentrates on the task before her, her lovers body becoming her canvas as she slowly transforms it from the bare flesh it was into the elaborate artwork before her. Knees grip harder as the jerking body beneath her threatens to send the popsicle sliding erratically, pressing tight, holding her lover immobile to do her bidding. Lifting her hand to her mouth, her tongue flicks out against the sticky ice, quickly catching a drop as it hangs perilously on the tip.

Moaning softly as the sweetness coats her tongue, her body reacting as her mind envisions how the combined flavours of her lover and the raspberry treat will taste. Quickly lifting and moving her body back between her lovers restless legs, her lips eager to feast upon the banquet laid out before her, one hand dropping to run along the bare flesh of a thigh.

Nudging her lovers legs apart with her knees, she scoots down further on the bed, her face hovering above her lovers unadorned sex, her warm breath wafting against the heated skin. Hips jerk up as they feel the warm breeze blow against them, eager, yearning for her touch, body on fire with desire.

Lifting the melting popsicle to rest against her lovers body, slowly circling a navel, careful not to let any juice trickle into the dark hole, circles growing wider as her hand moves. Hand stills as she glances down, her lovers whimpers reaching her ears, soft pleading noises of need, hips lifting off the bed in eagerness for her touch.

Moving one hand against a slim hip, fingers digging in gently as she pushes her lover back against the bed. Eyes lift to her lovers face, drifting over eyes hidden from her gaze, her lovers body telling her what the eyes cannot. Hand gripping the popsicle begins to move again, slowly tracing lower, growing closer to the nest of curls below. Tip of the popsicle brushes teasingly against the curls, before slipping sideways to trail across to a narrow hip.

Tracing spirals along the jutting hipbone, fingers of her hand digging into the hip she holds as her own body reacts to the sight before her, growing more eager to taste her lover. A low groan of frustration sounds above her, her own low growl echoing that of her lover, the popsicle sliding back to press against the curls once more, her own body crouching low over her lover as she watches its progress across the golden skin.

Small blunt teeth sink deep into her lower lip as she slowly inches the popsicle lower, watching the red trail disappear beneath the curls. Pressing the frozen stick harder against her lovers flesh, she floods the curls in the crimson juice, letting them trickle lower between parted legs, slipping down to sink onto the sheet beneath.

Moist tongue flicks out against her swollen lip as she stares down at the rich red juice, soft moans passing her lips, the anticipation of the taste filling her senses. Continuing her journey, her hand dips lower, tip of the ice block pressing harder against the hidden flesh, sinking lower, teasing and tantalising her lover.

Lifting the ice confection to her mouth, tongue flicking out against the glistening stick, lips part as she slowly slides it into her mouth, tongue moving to wrap around it, licking the excess juice from its length. Her moans grow louder as she slips the treat deeper into her mouth, a soft whimper alerts her to her lovers distress at her removal of the sweet torture.

Laughing softly to herself she lowers the popsicle once more, her other hand sliding lower against a restless thigh, pressing down and outwards as she spreads her lovers legs further apart, fully exposing their sex to her eyes. Dipping her head, tongue flicking out against the junction of thigh and groin, moaning softly as a drop of sticky fluid coats her tongue, the temptation to slide her tongue higher almost overcoming her.

Controlling herself her head lifts once more as the popsicle slides lower, pressing down on the tight bud nestled below the curls, her lovers hips jerking up as a sharp gasp escapes parted lips. Teeth worrying at her already swollen lip she slides the popsicle down over smooth lips, teasing along the outer edges.

Grinning wickedly her hand slowly circles the frozen treat against her lovers swollen clit, covering it thoroughly in the dark juices. Eyes closing momentarily as the sight of her lovers glistening sex overwhelms her, her hand stills, popsicle resting between swollen lips.

Eyes open and glance down, the popsicle slides slightly deeper, her hand moving of its own will, pressing past slick lips, searching for hidden depths. Fingers dig harder into her lovers slim hip as her hand slips the frozen block deeper, pushing beyond the swollen lips and finding its home within the moist warmth of her lovers body.

Her body lowers as her warm breath rushes over her lovers heated sex, low moans, whimpers of need, wash over her bent head as she leans closer, tongue darting out against the sticky juices coating her lovers swollen clit. Hips jerk against her touch, the frozen popsicle sliding deeper at the sudden movement, her lovers groans growing deeper as the treat fills and stretches the narrow opening. Feet dig into the bed beneath as her lovers body presses up against her mouth, hips moving slightly against her extended tongue.

Moaning against the tiny bud, her tongue laps at the sticky red fluid, licking thoroughly, removing all traces of the juice, exposing the pink flesh to her gaze. Hand moving in unison with her tongue, sliding the popsicle deep within her lover, knuckles of her hand pressing tight against enlarged lips.

Pressing her face hard against her lovers sex, tongue moving to wrap around the tight bud, drawing it deep within her mouth, hand slowly pumping the frozen treat in and out of her lovers thrusting body.Free hand slides higher, hand lifting to cover a small breast, fingers slipping easily to grip a tight bud, jerking it in rhythm with the thrusts of the ice block. Her tongue flicking against her lovers clit, speed increasing as the tiny bud grows, pressing up against her.

Fingers dig hard into a soft breast as her lips wrap around a throbbing clit, sucking hard against the sensitive flesh, hand pumping faster against her lovers grasping sex, the combined juices of her lover and the frozen treat leaking out to trail down golden flesh, final destination the crumpled sheets below.

Hips thrash against her face, mouth locked against the moving flesh, tongue darting along her lovers engorged clit, sucking harder as her lovers whimpers of need grow louder, urging her on. Her hand flies as she pounds the hard block deep within her lover, fingers slippery, coated in her lovers juices as well as the bright red of the treat buried deep within her lovers eager body.

Hand against the softness of a pert breast, moving restlessly as her lover thrusts against her eager mouth, fingers moving against the sticky flesh, kneading gently as she brings her lover closer to climax. Grip tightens as she feels her love
rs body tense beneath her touch, hips jerking up hard against her face as wave after
wave pulse through the body beneath her, the intense orgasm racing through her lovers trembling flesh.

Her tongue continues to lap at her lovers sex, hand slowly pumping the rapidly decreasing popsicle within her lovers slick lips, continuing to stroke the cool stick against the grasping walls. Thrusting hips gradually slow, dropping to the bed away from her dripping face, her tongue snaking out against her lips, moaning softly at the slight essence of her lover she finds there, leaving her wanting more.

Eyes drop to gaze at the sight of her lovers body laid out before her, legs stretched wide, chest heaving as the intensity of the orgasm it just experienced lessens. Drifting lower her eyes find her hand still buried within her lovers folds, sticky red juice flowing easily past her hand.

Slowly slipping the now slim popsicle from her lovers body, she lifts it to her lips, tongue darting out against the cool length of it, low moan passing her lips as her tongue becomes coated in the combined flavours of her lover and the raspberry treat. Lips part eagerly as she slides the stick deep within her waiting mouth, tongue slipping easily along its length as she cleans all traces of her lovers cum from its surface.

Eyes close in ecstasy as her senses reel from the sensation of tasting her lover this way, hand covering her lovers small breast slips lower, trailing through the soaked curls, trailing lower as two fingers press forward, dipping into her lovers body, twisting and turning as she coats them thoroughly in the juices within.

Hand lifts from its warm enclosure, her body lifts and presses higher, fingers moving to slide against her lovers lips, inviting her lover to partake of a taste of this unusual combination. Tentative tongue flicks out against a swollen lip, moan grows louder as the flavour bursts over her lovers tongue, eagerly it darts out once more, a soft moan of frustration replacing the moan as it encounters a dry lip.

Laughing softly she lifts her sticky hand once more, fingers pressing against slightly parted lips, pressing deeper as her lover quickly sucks them into a waiting mouth. Leaning over she slips the melting stick back into the bowl of ice water, her hand lifting back to her mouth as she licks the juices clean.

Hand remains buried deep within her lovers mouth as she drops her head between parted thighs once more, her tongue darting out against the slick lips as she slowly laps up the remaining raspberry flavoured cum. Face buried tight against the sticky sex of her lover, she probes between swollen lips, catching all traces of cum and juice.

Lifting slightly she trails her tongue lower, catching a few stray drops that cling lovingly to her lovers flesh. Tongue flicking against her lips she sighs happily, hand slides easily from her lovers lips as she moves higher on the bed.

A slim hand reaches for the blindfold covering her lovers deep chocolate coloured orbs, her own aquamarine gaze lifting to linger over her lovers face, a soft smile playing against her lips as she lifts a hand to stroke against her lovers long lustrous black curls.

Her grin grows wider as she lifts her gaze to clash with her lovers, her happiness reflected back at her within their depths. One dark shapely eyebrow arches in question, her laughter soft as a slim shoulder shrugs lightly “you know how much I love raspberry”

Her laughter is joined by that of her lover as she reaches forward to untie bound hands, her body moving to settle against the sticky flesh of her beloved, her hands drifting slowly against the stickiness as she softly whispers “aren’t you glad we had a night in for a change?”

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