A true lesbian

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It was a sticky tuesday afternoon, and i had just got in from work.
I like to pleasure myself a bit when i get home after a long day, so sat on the sofa naked from the waste down.
I put my finger in my mouth and sucked it a bit to get me warmed up, when i felt myself getting a bit wet i slid my finger into my moist vagina. It slid easily inside and moved in and out at a pace.
After i came, i stood up and decided to have a shower.

I was just rinsing my hair when i heard someone come throught the front door, and decided it must be my partner Lisa.
“Hunni are you home yet?”
“Yeah baby im in the shower, feel free to join me”

But after five minutes she hadnt come in, so i thought maybe she had better things to do.
As though she had read my mind, i felt Lisas hands slide up my wet legs, and turned round to see her kneeling outside the bath with a cheeky smile on her face.
“Hi my gourgeous whore” she said, before standing to step into the bath with me.

“Ive missed you” She told me… “And now im going to show you just how much”.
The forcefully puched her face into mine, sliding her toungue into my mouth and sucking mine vigourously.
She moved her head down towards my breasts and sucked each of my hard nipples in turn. I couldnt stop the small moans leacing my mouth, and evidently, this turned Lisa on.

It seemed you couldnt stop herself, she moved down onto her knees and pushed me against the bathroom wall easing my legs apart. She looked up at me with a cheeky look, water dripping down her face.
She placed her hands at the top of my thighs and used her thumbs to gently rub my wet vaginal lips, pulling them open and rubbing sensually. After a few minutes i felt my clit getting wet with more than water. Lisa must have sensed it to, as she pulled apart my lips, and slid her tongue inside me. My whole body rippled with pleasure. The feeling of her thrusting her tongue in and out of me was sensational, I coudlnt keep th extreme moans in, and the sound of me being tongue fucked by my sexy girlfriend filled our flat.

She stopped long enough for me to catch my breath, but she wasnt finished yet.
She stepped out of the bath, but was back within 2 minutes holding a doubled ended strap on dong, so we could both be pleasured at the same time.
She strapped it tightly around her waste, slidind the lubricated dick into her whole and lubricated my end. I couldnt hold in my need for her to fuck me and grabbed her by the arse and slid her inside me myself. And pulled her back and forth hard and fast. she was bucking furiously with the pleasure, trying to get the dick to deeper. She turned the vibrations up, so that we were being tickled inside. I have never felt such pleasure in my life. Whilst the dong was fucking both of us with extreme pleasure sliding in then out, in the out, faster and faster, harder and harder, Lisa and i were kissing furiously. And Lisa was using her soft fingers to rub me, directly stimulating my clit, bringing closer to an orgasm than before.
I couldnt hold it in for much longer, the need to explode and release my juices all over her were getting stronger.
Ooooh oh oh oh ohhhhhh yeah thats it, fuck me baby, im all yours!”
She took advantage of me, removing the strap on and vis=garously finger fucking me with three fingers, that was it, i couldnt hold it, i released every drop of cum inside me, all over her hand, which she then stuck in her mouth and licked clean, before kissing me so i could taste my own juices.

Nothing has turned me on so much since.
And i assure you that this happened, I obviously added a few bits here and there but the basic story line is completely true.

Happy fuckings xxx

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    damn u make me want to have some rite now

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