Abbey punishes Alicia for the facial

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Abbey looked at Alicia as she recovered from the face full of cum and that glorious orgasm. Alicia’s firm breasts were rising up and down as she panted from cumming so hard.
“That was good. Have you done this before?”
“No. Your My first, but I’ve practiced squirting. I don’t think i’ve ever squirted when i thought about a man, it only happens with women” Alicia answered.
“Get on all fours.” Abbey ordered.
“What?” Alicia questioned.
“You little tramp! How dare you cum in my beautiful face! This is punishment.” Abbey yelled, uncaring for the party goers just a wall away. “You deserve a railing.”
A WHAT!? Alicia thought in her head as she soon realized what Abbey was doing. She was going to experience 2 firsts in one night: pussy eating and anal.
Abbey was taller and a little more muscular then her, what else could she do?
Abbey took another sex tool out of her purse, lube. She rubbed it all over the fake cock she was wearing from before and then messaged Alicia’s ass as she raised it up. Alicia had her arms crossed on the bed as she felt the cock slowly penetrating her.
“Oooooooh..” Alicia moaned with pleasure as it filled her hole.
“You like that, slut? You like it don’t you?”
“Yeeeeessss” Alicia whispered almost to herself as she felt how big the dildo was and the twinge of pein she was feeling from her ass. “Aaaaaaahhhh” Alicia whispered loudly as a more pain set in. It hurt but Abbey had put the vibrating part upside down. Each thrust of pain was met with a small wave of pleasure from the vibrations on her clit.
“Oooooohh god. Faster! Deeper!” Alicia half yelled. Abbey obliged as she pumped faster and deeper, so much so that a faint thought in Abbey’s head said she should stop. But she didn’t.
“Oh God! I’m gonna cum, oh god! you like it when i cum?” Alicia said loudly as the dick rubbed the back of her g-spot and the small vibrator tickled her clitoris. Abbey pulled out just as Alicia was about to cum.
“What are you doing?” Alicia asked.
“I said it was punishment.” Was all Abbey said as she began to pump the cock into herself hard. “Get the other cock out of my purse, now!”
Alicia got the strap on out.
“Now put it on.” Abbey commanded as she stopped fucking herself.”Fuck me Alicia.”
Alicia practically jumped on top of Abbey as the big black dick plunged into Abbey’s soaking wet twat.
“OOOOOOOOHHH! Spank me, spank me Alicia!”
Alicia pumped as hard as she could, this dildo too was 2 sided. Alicia had bin hungry for Abbey since she first laid eyes on her.
“Oh shit, oh shit I’m cummmmiiinng!! Oooohhh!” Abbey yelled as Alicia pulled off. Abbey forced Alicia’s head down in one swift motion, making her get a huge face full of cum.
Thank god these weren’t my sheets, Abbey thought.

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