adventures with tia part 3

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adventures with tia
wedding and beyond
part 3

i was numb, no getting around that, but there was nothing more i could do, so it seemed best to just ignore the wedding announcement and the slime that was going to be taking my nikki’s virginity, something i was suppose to do. i began moving, so we could finish with the cleaning.

“well, should we finish up so we can start driving home?” i asked.
“no, we’ve got a wedding to go to in the morning,” jasmine announced.
“i don’t wanna go,” i spouted.
“i don’t care, i’m your boss and i say we’re going, so let’s finish this up and see if there’s a room at the inn.”
“you’re killing me here, you know that right?”
“you’ve been dead for a long time, so just keep quiet and do what i tell you.”
“fine,” i pouted.

we checked into the hotel after leaving the shop; sharing a room with two queen beds, one of which i fell onto face-first as soon as we entered. jasmine checked out the place before leaving me alone. she wouldn’t tell me where she was going and when she returned, i was being pulled off the bed.

“what’s going on?” i asked, whining.
“we’re going shopping.”
“the stores are all closed,” i explained.
“maybe for the normal human, but not for us,” she announced, dragging me out of the room.

there were exactly two clothing stores in my hometown. one was okay, but the other one carried nothing but designer clothes. i was never positive who could afford to shop there, but i had a feeling that the owner was going to make a lot of money that evening.

the owner of the store was waiting for us with a smile on her face as she unlocked the doors. i watched as jasmine slipped a wad of money into the lady’s hand and suddenly the lights were on as jasmine began picking out my wardrobe, which consisted of black stockings, black bra, black shoes and the slinkiest black dress she could find. it actually looked similar to a nightie, but the store owner assured me it was a dress.

jasmine’s own choice of attire was more conservative, which led me to wonder exactly what was going through her mind. nothing about jasmine was conservative and i knew she was planning something, even though she insisted i was paranoid.

before leaving she grabbed us a couple of nightgowns for sleeping; i told her not to worry about one for me, but yet again, she ignored me.

back at the hotel, we grabbed a bite to eat before going to our room, where i promptly took off my clothes before showering. i walked out of the bathroom after drying off. jasmine was actually blushing as she rapidly looked away.

“i bought you a nightgown.”
“i told you not to. i haven’t slept in one for so long, i don’t know if i even could anymore; besides, you’ve already seen it all,” i explained, crawling into bed.
“it seems different somehow, being right in front of me and all.”
“well, feel free to masturbate or whatever, i’m just too tired to care,” i explained, rolling over.

we drove to the church, waiting for everyone to get inside. the wedding would start at 10 a.m., so naturally, we arrived half an hour early.

when everyone had gone inside, jasmine took my hand, leading me towards the church. as we walked in the doors, i saw nikki standing at the doorway with her oldest brother, bill; i froze as jasmine clomped on ahead a few steps before turning.

“are you coming sweetness?” jasmine asked as nikki turned, staring at us.
“why would you do that? don’t do that!” i rasped loudly at her as nikki noticed me.

thankfully, bill hadn’t turned around at all. my guess was that if he didn’t acknowledge me, then it must mean i wasn’t really there. that or he was so old that his hearing was going. i wasn’t positive which.

nikki looked so happy and sad, all at the same time; then she caught a glimpse of my wardrobe and smiled a soft, genuine smile. she actually enjoyed seeing me in black at her wedding; all too quickly she was moving away as bill tugged her by the arm, but she continued staring at me until he whispered in her ear, causing her to look down. i liked him less than ever at that moment.

i had turned to leave, but jasmine pulled me through the entryway, where i plastered myself against the back wall, fighting my tears. she made me watch the entire ceremony and as the priest was asking for objections, jasmine pulled some tissue out of her handbag before running up the aisle.

“john, honey, don’t marry her! how can you just forget about our love child?! what kind of a man are you? you told me you loved me!” jasmine was crying hysterically, as everyone stared.

john was by nikki, stammering a major denial, making him look guilty as sin.

nikki looked directly at me right then with a huge smile on her face as i twirled my finger alongside my head. she continued glancing between jasmine and me before she smiled at me again with tears in her eyes; i mouthed, ‘still waiting’ to her, before walking out of the church.

on my way out the door, i could hear jasmine going on and cursing john for denying their child and his previous confessions of love for her.

i waited in the car, still too stunned to cry. it was only a few minutes before jasmine was running out of the church and across the street towards me. as she jumped into the driver’s seat, she smiled.

“i really like her.”
“i wish it would’ve worked though,” i said.
“i think it did sweetie. nikki ran out of the church. they still might make her go through with it, but i really think we should leave before anyone sees us sitting here,” jasmine suggested as she started the car, aiming us towards the cities.

we were almost 10 minutes out of town when my phone began to ring. i said hello before hearing nikki on the other end.

“thank your friend for doing that.”
“nikki! how’re you calling me?! what’s going on baby? did you marry him?” i rambled on.
“i’m hiding in the bathroom right now. i don’t think i’ll have to marry him now, but that means it’s gonna be harder for me to talk to you,” nikki warned.
“you still love me?”
“always. you still love me?”
“only ever you.”
“you still a virgin?”
“yes. you?”
“then don’t marry him. you know my number and you can call me whenever you get a chance. it’ll automatically go to my bill so your mom won’t find out. i’ll take what i can get at this point nikki, as long as you still love me,” i informed her.
“in that case, i’ll be staying at home and taking care of my mother. she’s not doing very well.”
“i’m sorry baby. if she just wasn’t so stubborn, i could be helping you both through this,” i added.
“just dealing with it as it comes, right?”
“by the way, who was your friend?”
“that was my boss. she helps me a lot.”
“i see that. i saw your ad in the paper and i heard that yesterday was a success. i’m glad you got to do what you always wanted tia. i’m so proud of you.”
“i only need one more thing and my life will be perfect.”
“me too… shit! i love you, gotta go.”
“i love…”
“that was so fucking sweet,” jasmine cried, wiping her eyes.
“she loves me,” i smiled.
“i think you can take that mesh off your face now,” i suggested.
“i don’t think so, i kinda like it. it makes me feel sexy.”
“you are sexy,” i assured her. “jasmine?”
“yeah sweetie?”
“thanks. i’m really glad you did that and thank you.”
“you’re welcome love. you really owe me now you know.”
“i’ve really owed you for a long time, but you never tell me what you want.”
“what if i told you that i just wanted a friend?”
“i’d say i thought we already were friends.”
“then we’re okay.”

i really thought jasmine was going to cry after i said that, but she managed to fight off the tears as she began singing to some punk rock song on the disc player. i laughed since i couldn’t understand a word she sang and it only made her sing louder as she drove along.

over the following months, jasmine was having some construction done in her basement, but she refused to tell me what she was having done. she was actually irritating me slightly with how secretive she was being.

nikki was averaging a call every other week, although it was never very long. she always called me collect and at night so her mother and brother wouldn’t find out.

her family was still trying to push her to marry the dweeb, but she insisted on taking care of her mother, so at least she had some say about what she did, limited as it was.

during our talks, i had explained the things i was doing for jasmine, not forgetting to mention all she had done for me. nikki stopped talking for a while, but once i made it understood that no sex was involved, she eventually approved of the arrangement, as long as i was still hers, but there was also the understanding that it would stop as soon as we were together again. i assured her that i would give up everything just to be with her.

nikki always seemed to be running to hang up the phone before we could ever finish a conversation. she always called back a short time later to assure me she hadn’t been caught, so i wouldn’t worry; no wonder i loved her.

it seemed her brother would wander downstairs every single time we spoke. why he was still there, she wasn’t positive, unless it was just to watch her.

bill was a family man who had been married for 30 years and had grandchildren, so why he would leave his family, for months by then was curious.

i hated that they were keeping such a close watch over everything nikki did. she was already 19 by then, but they were watching pretty much every move she made. they had canceled her phone, internet and she wasn’t allowed to leave the house unless one of her brothers or sisters was with her. it was totally ridiculous, but she was doing it all at the request of her mother.

i don’t know if they all believed she should be treated that way, but they were definitely coming close to being a perfect example of anti-gay america. nikki would never be the ideal catholic daughter they wanted her to be. i was positive it would all end once her mother passed away.

the remainder of that year was typical, yet odd, all at the same time.

nikki’s mother was holding her own, so we were no closer to being together, but i still hoped she’d recover.

jasmine and i were still going to my hometown, working in the beauty shop at least twice a month to cut hair and keep an eye on her investment.

the first day we had gone back to town, after the wedding, my parents met us as we were leaving the salon, insisting we go out to dinner with them, my brother and my sister. jasmine was so impressed with my parents that night, she insisted on taking them out to dinner every time we were in town after that. she was beginning to feel just like family, so when the holidays came around, i invited her home with me and eric; she accepted, showering my family with gifts after forcing me to go on a shopping spree with her.

the previous year, i had no clue that jasmine had spent the holidays alone until she explained that her entire family had shunned her until she had money, so she wasn’t forgiving them or their treatment of her. i apologized and hugged her before we went to the topless bar she enjoyed so much… i still hadn’t touched alcohol by then and wasn’t really sure i ever would, especially after practically carrying jasmine out after she had a few too many.

it was the middle of february when i received a phone call from my past. christy shaver was in town; only her name wasn’t christy shaver anymore. she had changed it after moving to california and getting that modeling career she had always wanted. now she was mauve crystal… typical. she hadn’t tried to talk to me since our camping trip, but now because of some 36 hour layover on her trip to new york, she was suddenly interested in, reconnecting with me.

i almost hung up on her when she first introduced herself as mauve crystal. after informing her that i didn’t know anyone by that name, she whispered her real name to me and i was shocked, to say the least, until i was panicked after she announced that she would be at my front door in 20 minutes. i agreed to be waiting out front for her before hanging up and racing around like a mad person, collecting nikki’s pictures off the walls. as i ran up the spirals, i stubbed my toe at the top, almost tossing all of the pictures against the wall; fortunately, i managed to catch them and myself at the last second.

collecting the photos upstairs i stashed them inside one of my drawers.

i was still slinging out swearwords as i ran to put my clothes on, explaining to jasmine just exactly what was happening. i didn’t know for sure if she had microphones around the place, but i assumed she might since i could sense the cameras.

as i was pulling on my last sock, i almost lost my balance again, smashing into the clothing rack before pushing it into my bedroom.

on my way out to the driveway, i ran through jasmine’s house. she was almost hysterical with laughter, watching me panic. she insisted i bring this ‘mauve’ in to meet her before going back to the cottage; i agreed before running out the front door, expecting to freeze my ass off waiting for her cab.

i had barely shut the door before i saw the headlights moving towards me. good thing i had just gotten off the phone with nikki or i might have been asleep, then there would have been a whole lot of explaining to do about nikki’s pictures plastered all over my walls.

i was a nervous wreck as i walked up to the taxi. it had been almost two years since i had spoken to this woman and i wasn’t sure what we would even talk about, but i was willing to try.

i opened the cab door as it stopped in front of me and she stepped out in all her glory. i had to admit that she looked as good as she ever had, maybe even a little better. more elegant anyway in her long fur coat and high-heeled boots. crazy woman was going to break her neck if she wasn’t careful on the ice. i reached out to hug her, getting a one-handed back pat and an almost kiss to the cheek. immediately i was curious as to why in the hell she was coming to see me, since she obviously hadn’t gotten over the camping trip incident. oh well, no sense worrying about it all right then.

i went to help the taxi driver with her luggage. she had two huge cases and one small one. i wondered if she was moving to new york or if she actually needed that many clothes for a short trip, as she had indicated.

she obviously had no intention of assisting, so i helped the cabbie move her bags to the house. i couldn’t keep from noticing, when she tipped the guy, she was very careful not to touch him as she dropped the cash into his hand. i stayed by the door with him, slipping an extra $20 into his hand, after noticing the skimpy tip christy had given the guy.

he gave me a smile and a wink before quietly wishing me luck. i shut the door, still feeling apprehensive about spending time alone with my old school friend.

at least she and jasmine seemed to be doing well as they were discussing fashion and the new styles. i never paid attention to fashion, mostly buying the clothes jasmine picked out so i would look good at work. i would’ve been happier in shorts and a t-shirt, which i did manage to get away with on occasion.

before going to my little cottage, i introduced the two women, using both of christy’s names, not sure which way to go with it. i hadn’t forgotten my manners at any rate.

as we were ready to move on, it became obvious that christy had absolutely no intention of carrying her own bags, so i wound up with the two big bags, while she carried the small one after giving me a sigh. thank goodness they had wheels.

i looked back at jasmine, who was working very hard at hiding her laughter. i was determined not to carry her luggage any further than the living room. if she needed anything, she could carry them upstairs under her own power.

inside the cottage, christy took her coat off before handing it to me, like she couldn’t hang it up herself. she began walking into the place until i asked her if she would please take off her boots first. she didn’t appear to appreciate the way i was treating her.

“so what’s up christy?”
“my name is mauve,” she stated, sitting on the couch.
“maybe out there you’re mauve, but in here you’re christy, one of my four best friends in high school. don’t forget, i know all of your little secrets,” i reminded her. “so anytime you’re ready to lose the attitude, let me know.”

i walked into the kitchen, grabbing a soda before sitting at the table to look through a supply catalog jasmine wanted me to check out. i looked up as christy walked out to the kitchen table, sitting in the chair next to me.

“mind if i have one of those?”
“they’re in the fridge,” i pointed.
“you’ve changed a lot tia,” she stated, getting herself a soda.
“so have you.”
“i guess. whatever happened with us anyway?”
“the camping trip,” i reminded her as she sat down.
“i guess we were pretty unfair, expecting you two to take care of us.”
“i’ve always thought so. you were all 18; i had no clue you wouldn’t remember anything. you didn’t seem that wasted when you called those guys to shore.”
“i remembered that part. i just didn’t remember much after that. i didn’t even remember it later, when i had the abortion,” she informed me as i stared at her.
“wow… i’m sorry christy, i didn’t know.”
“how would you? the three of us agreed never to talk about it and since you and nikki were sober, we especially didn’t want you both reminding us of it all the time,” she explained.
“i thought you guys knew us better than that. we never would’ve done that.”
“just by seeing you would’ve reminded us. i haven’t even talked to jan or dawn since then. we just decided to not see each other either after that. dawn went to north dakota and jan stayed home and we were just all done after that trip.”
“i thought that trip would make us all closer… guess we were all pretty stupid then,” i admitted.
“you still see nikki, don’t you?”
“no. i haven’t seen her in almost a year now.”
“we still talk on the phone, but her family doesn’t want her associating with the likes of me anymore,” i confessed.
“i thought her family loved you?!” she asked, genuinely shocked.
“they did, until they found out i was gay,” i announced, looking for her reaction.
“well how slow were they? we all knew you were gay.”
“you did?!” i asked, shocked. “why didn’t anyone ever tell me?! my mom and dad and eric all told me the same thing when i finally told them… that’s just wrong! i was fighting with all of these feelings and i had no idea why.”
“we just always thought you knew and just didn’t wanna talk about it.”
“you talked about it?”
“just once, in ninth grade.”
“all four of you?”
“crazy. i didn’t even know about lesbians until we were in 11th grade. if people were more open about shit, i wouldn’t have felt so confused most of my life. oh well, what’ch’ya gonna do? i guess nobody ever said life was easy, but it sure would be nice if it wasn’t so damned bumpy all the time.”
“definitely… i’ve missed you tia,” christy admitted, looking almost sincere.
“i’ve missed you too christy… so you’re a big shot model now, hey?”
“not yet, but i’m working on it. i was so shocked when i got to the airport and saw your picture plastered all over. i almost didn’t recognize you at first, but then i looked at your eyes and it was almost like high school, remember when we use to make you sit with your eyes open so we could watch them change color?” she asked as we laughed.
“they use to get so dried out when you guys made me to do that.”
“scary when you remember what use to entertain us, isn’t it?”
“not really; i kinda miss those days… you must be tired. want me to show you the guest room?”
“i just thought we’d sleep in the same room and talk until we fell asleep, like we use to,” she said, almost disappointed.
“but i don’t sleep with anything on chrys.”
“that’s okay, neither do i. we always use to do it.”
“i guess if you don’t mind, i don’t either. you don’t need your bags then, right?”
“fuck no! they’re too heavy to have to lug up those steps.”
“thank goodness.”

i was so exhausted that night, i barely remembered getting into bed and then suddenly the alarm began blaring. sitting on the edge of the bed, i could feel how wet i was. it was slightly embarrassing to think that i may have been dreaming about nikki while in bed with another woman. i remembered that i needed to call and cancel my appointments, so after stopping in the bathroom, i went down to call jasmine before starting coffee.

jasmine had been awake all night watching us sleep. i laughed as i told her she was a sick, sick woman. she already knew it though. i asked her if she wanted me to call and cancel her appointments for the day, but she informed me that she had called the night before, leaving a message to cancel both of our day’s appointments. i invited her to spend the day with us and she happily accepted.

as i hung up, christy came walking down the spirals, still in the nude. she definitely had an elegant style about her, even with her tiny breasts. i had never noticed it before that morning. i smiled as she walked into the kitchen, looking for coffee.

“so, did they teach you to walk that way in school?”
“you’d be surprised what they taught me in school,” christy laughed.
“they teach you to shave around your coochie?”
“actually, you taught me that. i always thought it looked cool on you, so as soon as we all stopped hanging out, i started cleaning mine up,” she admitted.
“guess i’m a trendsetter.”
“guess you are. you work today?”
“actually i’m taking the day off.”
“ah, too bad, i wanted to see you in action.”
“well maybe i’ll see what i can do later, but until then, anything special you wanna do while you’re in town?” i asked.
“the only thing i really wanna do while i’m here is visit your brother,” she admitted, blushing.
“christy… eric’s gay.”
“no! that bastard! he never said anything in his letters.”
“excuse me? you and eric write letters?”
“we kinda met up one night that last summer, right after the camping trip. he sure didn’t seem gay then.”
“you and eric?!” i still couldn’t believe it. “holy shit! so does he know you’re here?”
“he knows. i think i knew he could go either way. to be honest, i’ve actually seen him looking at guys.”
“so why… he wouldn’t see you unless you talked to me, would he?”
“he suggested that, but that’s not why i’m here tia, really, i wanted to see you, honest i did, it just got to be so long and the more time that went by, the harder it was to talk about things, you know?”
“i guess, i don’t know, but i feel very confused about the whole eric thing. he’s never said a word and i thought we talked about almost everything nowadays.”
“all i know is that in all the time i’ve been in california, i’ve never been able to stop thinking about him.”

i had to sit down before i fell down. i had no clue where to go with that information, but then that was mild compared to the information she was about to reveal.

“i’ve been with women too and i’ve liked it.”

i couldn’t help myself as i began laughing. the entire situation was just too crazy for me. i laughed until she punched me on the arm. i was finally able to calm down enough to tell her i was going to shower and maybe she should call him to see if he could get the day off work, or we could all go out to dinner, if he couldn’t.

i was still sniggering as i made my way upstairs.

by the time i walked out of the bathroom, christy was on her way in, telling me that eric was on his way over. when he arrived, jasmine followed him over to the cottage. eric pulled me out the front door as christy and jasmine were talking about some sort of stilettos, totally ignoring us for the moment.

“why didn’t you tell me about you and christy?” i whispered.
“because i didn’t want you making a big deal about it.”
“i thought you were gay?!”
“i am! i just like her is all,” he said, blushing.
“christy?!” i was shocked.
“wasn’t she one of your best friends?”
“use to be, but she’s not anymore.”
“i just wanna know if you two talked?” eric asked.
“she told you what she did on the camping trip?”
“christy told me they got drunk and behaved badly with some boys. is that what happened?”
“yeah, basically, i guess.”
“but you two are okay now?”
“i guess so, but don’t let that be your deciding factor.”
“cool, that’s all i wanted to know.”

after our short and strange discussion, eric whisked christy away while jasmine and i were left staring after them.

“what in the hell just happened?” i asked.
“well, if you had the chance to spend the night with a beautiful, up and coming model, what would you do?”
“nothing, like i did last night,” i explained.
“you may not have done anything, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t.”
“what’s that mean? what’d she do?”
“wanna see?”
“i don’t know, do i?”

at jasmine’s house, i was able to see her video setup for the first time. i couldn’t believe the monitors hidden behind a sliding wall in her bedroom. there were nine of them, all for the cottage and the controls for them were on her bedside table. i couldn’t make my mouth close, until jasmine closed it for me.

“you’re twisted, sister,” i stated calmly.
“you love me and you know it,” she insisted, patting the bed.
“i must or i’d be running away by now,” i agreed, sitting where she indicated.

jasmine smiled as she gave my back a quick rub before rewinding the tape she had in the machine. after finding the spot she wanted, she hit the play button and i couldn’t believe what i saw.

i was sleeping hard, but christy wasn’t sleeping at all and ever-so-slowly she slid the blankets down my body. she didn’t do anything immediately, mostly looking at my tits, but then her hand moved to roll my right nipple between her finger and thumb as a small moan escaped my lips; she repeated the move on my left nipple and another sound came out of me as my legs automatically opened slightly.

she actually freaked me out when she began whispering, as she called me a ‘slut,’ while going on about how she always wanted to fuck me. the entire scene unfolding in front of me, was unbelievable as she moved her mouth and hand down to begin sucking and fondling my nipples. i was moaning and squirming as she continued sucking and fondling me. christy stopped when i called out nikki’s name, giggling before moving back down to my nipples. a hand moved down my stomach, cupping my pussy and squeezing it before slipping three fingers into my vagina as she began swirling her thumb around my clit.

i never woke up, but i continued saying nikki’s name as an evil smile was appearing on her face. i watched myself orgasm, but never wake up.

i couldn’t believe the entire episode and jasmine needed to close my mouth for me again, but then i watched the film go on to show christy playing with herself while she was whispering to me as though i was the one talking to her. i smiled, pulling my phone out of my pocket.

jasmine listened as christy and i spoke. after explaining everything i had just seen, i warned her that if she did anything with the information she had, to possibly make it harder for nikki to stay in touch with me, i would make her life a living hell and could guarantee that not only would eric never speak to her again, but any thoughts of a modeling career would be out the window. i also made sure to let her know that she had never and would never have a chance with me when i was awake.

christy became extremely quiet before whispering an apology to me. i told her i didn’t really care that she had violated me, even though it was about as low as she could sink, but if she ever hurt nikki, that would be the one thing to push me beyond reason. i think she understood the threat, telling me she loved me before i hung up on her.

jasmine loved it and decided she wanted to bake a cake from scratch.

“where in the hell did that come from?” i asked.
“i have no idea, so d’you know how?”
“i only know how to make one out of the box, but they probably have recipes online someplace,” i suggested.
“cool! let’s go look.”

she was horribly excited about the whole idea; i’m not exactly sure why, but i gave it my best shot. my best shot failed horribly. the cake came out high on the outsides with a sunken middle. we must have stared at the damned thing for almost 15 minutes before jasmine threw the pan, upside down into the sink. i attempted to clean it up, but she insisted the girl who cleaned for her was being paid enough money to clean up after her occasional ventures.

we went out for cake.

that day we did some shopping and after seeing a certain ring set in the jewelry shop window, i walked out with a matching set of engagement and wedding rings. jasmine laughed at my one-track-mind, but i didn’t care. i had always known nikki was the only one for me and i had no intention of letting go of that notion anytime soon.

in afternoon, we went to see a movie and after that, jasmine dropped me at home so she could go to her favorite pickup bar, explaining that all the action she had seen the night before had made her extremely horny and she needed some release. i laughed while carrying my bag back to my place.

over the following few months, i had an idea to surprise nikki. i wouldn’t tell anyone what i was doing; just that it was a surprise for her. jasmine continued trying to get it out of me, but i didn’t think she would fully appreciate what i was doing.

i went through the classes and counseling; even though i told a lie here and there, i honestly believed my motives were filled with love and integrity. i was sure my belief wasn’t as intense as nikki’s, but by the end of april, i had changed my religion and was a catholic. i never even told eric or my parents.

four days before our 20th birthday in may, nikki called me at work. her voice was very shaky and she was on the verge of tears. she wouldn’t tell me what was going on, only that she wanted me to wait seven days and then pick her up at her house. i was excited, but i was worried. she answered none of my questions.

mom called me two days later, informing me that mrs. dawson had passed away quietly in her sleep. she was 72 years-old; i actually cried.

mrs. ellen dawson had actually been a sweet woman, before she wasn’t. she had always treated me as one of the family, including me in family birthdays and holidays, always giving me a christmas gift. they even took me on a family vacation with them one summer when they traveled out west to visit relatives and never had she made me feel as though i was ‘just her daughter’s friend’. i had always been included in family pictures and family life. over the past two years, i had truly wished we could have made things right, but that time was over and now it was time to take care of nikki. hopefully her brothers and sisters wouldn’t cause too much trouble.

jasmine had decided that i wouldn’t be able to do it alone, especially if nikki’s eight brothers and sisters had any control over the situation, so rather than argue with her, i called my parents, letting them know what was going on and that we would be spending the night with them before picking nikki up the next morning.

my good friend jasmine, deciding it would be a special day all around, hired us a stretch-limo for the trip. the limo driver spent the night at the hotel in town and was back to pick the two of us up by 6:30 the next morning. by 7 a.m. we were sitting in front of the dawson’s home. my parents had followed us, just in case there was trouble.

i waited until the limo driver opened the door before getting out, jasmine, directly behind me, was keeping one hand in her purse. i asked her what she was up to, but she told me to mind my own business and go get my girl.

mom and dad were beside me within seconds, all of us walking to the door together.

bill began getting physical with me as soon as we walked inside; grabbing me by the arm, he began squeezing rather tightly, while two of nikki’s sisters were holding her against her will in the kitchen. she struggled to get to me as her family began to get extremely verbal. nikki began looking as though she was about to panic at any moment. i managed to pull my arm away from bill and began moving towards nikki, when suddenly, i was being pulled backward by my hair. that was when i saw dad raise his fist and closed my eyes.
(to be continued…)

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