Alicia meets the girl of her dreams

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Alicia needed to let go. She was at Ronny’s party not because she liked him but because she knew everyone would be there. It had all the symptoms of a pretty good party: smoke in the air from who knows what, beer by the truck load, girls in practically nothing and men chasing after them like dogs after a bone. or dogs with a bone, Alicia mused to herself.
Alicia walked up the stairs to see if her friends were up there. Her friends weren’t sluts but after a few drinks who knows what could happen. Plus she could always see girls she didn’t like getting drunk and finding a room with an ugly guy, some sweet blackmail and gossip could always liven up her Senior Year.
Then she saw her: Abbey. Abbey was tall, blonde, she had DDs, and a GREAT ass. Alicia was about the same only with slightly smaller tits and she was a little shorter then Abbey. Also, even though they were both bi-sexual, Alicia had only bin with one other women. Abbey was slightly known for her lesbian promiscuity.
Alicia made her way over to Abbey.
“Hey.” She greeted.
“Hey.” Abbey replied.
“Can i get you a drink?” Alicia asked. Abbey raised an eyebrow.
“Really? Sure.” Abbey took a slight pause to inspect Alicia.
Alicia was over joyed! She tried to act cool but immediately after getting downstairs she ran to get a glass. As Alicia walked upstairs she saw Abbey getting in an empty room, a good sign.
Alicia closed the door and gave the drink to abbey.
“You know what, lets just cut to the chase. I think we both know what both of us want, so lets just do it. No consequences.” Abbey said bluntly.
“YES!” Alicia screamed in her head.
After about 5 minutes of making out they got naked. They Began to kiss again as Abbey rubbed Alicia’s clitoris.
Alicia was so wet right then she couldn’t stand it. Alica returned the favor to Abbey as she cooed with delight.

The Abbey reached into her purse and grabbed her special dildo with an attachment on the end that rubbed against the clitoris when deep enough. Alicia smiled.
“Get on your back and bend you knees.” Abbey said as she pulled out an attachment which made the dildo a strap on. Then abbey pulled out the crown jewel: another dildo that attached to the opposite side of the strap on. A double dong strap on.
The minute she put it on Abbey started moaning, and then she plunged herself into Alicia’s snatch. The feel of the dildo coupled with the thought of Abbey plunging into into her made her so wet. The little hook that rubbed against her clitoris made it even more pleasurable, the feeling of it washing over Alicia in waves. Abbey began humping harder and faster. Faster and faster until both of them were moaning very loudly.
“I’m gonna cum, oh GOD! I’m gonna cum so hard!” Abbey yelled. Alicia had always bin a squirter, and she wanted to show this skill off to Abbey.
“Oh, GOD! FUCKING SHIT! OOOOOOHHH!! pull out, PULL OUT!” And with that Alicia squirted her beautiful juices all over Abbey’s lovely face.
“I didn’t know you could do that!”
“The night ain’t over yet, Abbey.”

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