Best Friends

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Mandy and Michelle, or the “horny green M&M’s” as they were so lovingly called in school, have been best friends since Sophomore year in High School. They have gone through and done it all. They even got an apartment together right after graduation. They were an inseperable pair. Some people even thought they were sisters. Mandy and Michelle could never figure out how they came to that conclusion, they looked nothing alike. Mandy was tall and slender, with long brown hair and brown eyes. Michelle was shorter, with curly long auburn hair and blue eyes (thanks to her contacts).

Like best friends do, they shared everything from their hopes and dreams, to their deepest fantasies. And, of course, they always had something to say about the men in their lives, and whether the sex was good or not. Although, the other would already know if it was, since the walls were very thin, which is good cuz they kinda liked to listen anyway. They knew each other well enough to know when one was faking it. It was scary at times.

Of course, their favorite thing to do was to make comparisons from lover to lover. Men aren’t the only ones with a five star rating system in their little black books. Mandy and Michelle were notorious for that, except they had little purple books. As far as fantasies were concerned, they were always teasing about experimenting with women. Neither of them was bi-sexual, and had never been with a woman either, but they were both curious about it. The way they carried on with their teasing, they knew strangers must think they were a couple, but they were secure enough in their sexuality to know otherwise. Besides, who cares what total strangers think or say. Life is too short. They never took each other seriously anyway, and just laughed it off.

One day Michelle came home with a small bag from the sex shop downtown. Mandy looked at her and smiled, “you slut, what did you buy now? Wasn’t the nine inch dong enough for you?” She laughed hysterically at Michelle’s expense.

“Screw you, Mandy,” she laughed. She opened the bag and pulled out a package with two pink dice in it. She opened it and handed them to Mandy, and told her to read what they say on them.

Mandy took them and began reading the sides of the first die out loud, “kiss, lick, suck, eat, blow, and squeeze.” Mandy raised her eyebrows and read the other die, “lips, ear, breast, above the waist, below the waist, and your choice. Wow, now that should be fun.” Mandy sighed once she finished reading. She pretended to fan herself from the heat building with the thoughts she had running through her mind. She was already setting combinations she liked, and the thoughts were driving her nuts. Michelle could see that Mandy was having some thoughts, but so was she, how could she not. It was an interesting game of dice.

“Wanna play?” Michelle asked with a devilish look on her face.

“Are you serious?” Mandy laughed. She figured Michelle was up to her teasing again.

“Oh come on. We always say we want to experiment. Who better than each other, we’re best friends. Besides it could be fun.” Michelle was trying to be as convincing as she could without letting on that the idea was making her horny as hell.

Mandy laughed again, “Fuck it, you’re right. Let’s do it, but we gotta set a mood,” she giggled again, “I’ll get some wine out of the fridge, and we’ll clear the living room. You should light the fireplace.” So off they went to prepare for their evening of fun and games. Mandy was getting hotter by the minute. They were actually going to go through with one of their biggest fantasies. The excitment was overwhelming.

Michelle was in the living room moving the coffee table and setting out the goose down comforter. She had already lit the fireplace. Thoughts of touching and playing with Mandy were running through her mind. The look on her face, the feel of her skin, the taste of her body. It all sent a shiver of lust and thrill down her back. She nearly jumped from her thoughts when she saw Mandy walk in with the wine.

“We must be out of our damn minds,” Laughed Mandy as she placed the bottle of wine and glasses on the floor and sat down.

“You can back out,” said Michelle, trying to sound like she didn’t care, “or you can pour the wine.”

“Ok, ok,” Mandy laughed. She really didn’t want to back out, she was just nervous. All she could think about was how exciting this private game of dice could and would be. She opened the bottle and filled the two glasses with the red wine she had brought out. At least this would help calm their nerves a little.

Michelle sat on the floor in front of Mandy and started taking her pants and shirt off. Mandy was a bit shocked at the aggression, but then realized duh, how are we going to play if we’re dressed. So she followed along and did the same, “Hey is that new?” She said to Michelle pointing at her red lace bra and hip hugger panties set.

“Yup, do you like it,” she got up on her knees to show it off better. She was getting all warm again, but kept it to herself, for now.

“It’s beautiful,” commented Mandy. She couldn’t help but notice every curve in Michelle’s body. She had never really paid attention before, but Michelle was truly a stunning woman. Creamy white and silky looking skin. “Funny, I’m wearing a new set too.”

Michelle smiled, “lets take a look.” Mandy was wearing lace too, but hers was black lace with a thong. Mandy always was a little racier than Michelle, but she looked hot none-the-less. “It looks great on you.” Michelle took a big sip of her wine, “so are we ready?”

Mandy took a deep breath, took a sip of her wine, and answered, “as ready as I’ll ever be. You roll first.” She laughed, cuz she knew Michelle was going to hand off the dice first. Mandy had dimmed the lamp so that the fireplace could be the main source of light.

Michelle just smiled and rolled. She knew there was no point in arguing with Mandy. They didn’t share anymore conversation, they just wanted to play. Michelle tossed the dice on the blanket. The first said kiss, and the second said ear. Michelle smiled at Mandy who was biting her lower lip in anticipation for the roll. Michelle leaned closer to Mandy and moved her hair behind her ear. She brushed her nose along Mandy’s cheek before she gently kissed her earlobe. The chills Mandy was feeling were unreal. It was a pure rush.

Mandy picked up the dice next. She rolled while looking Michelle in the eyes. Her look was locked on her until she tossed the dice on the blanket. The dice read, suck and lips. Mandy licked her lips and leaned towards Michelle, who was anxiously awaiting her fate. Mandy came in close, her warm breath warming Michelle’s waiting lips. She wrapped her mouth around Michelle’s lower lip and gently sucked on it for a minute. She tasted so sweet. Mandy had no idea she would enjoy herself this much. She was getting more excited with the thought of what was going to be rolled next. It wasn’t just what Michelle would do to her, but what she would get to do to Michelle. It was killing her, and of course, making her wet at the same time.

Michelle was not far behind. She couldn’t wait for her turn. She could barely contain her excitment at the thought of what they could be doing next. Michelle picked up the dice and rolled, Squeeze Breast. The girls both let out a gasp, but neither stopped the game. Michelle crawled closer to Mandy. Now she was sitting right in front of her. Their breathing was gettng heavier as Michelle leaned in and reached behind Mandy to unfasten her bra. She slid the bra from Mandy’s arms and gently put it aside, letting her breats feel the warmth from the fireplace. Michelle brought her hands up to Mandy’s breasts and carfully cupped them, giving them a soft but firm squeeze. Mandy felt a sudden rush of heat as she closed her eyes and enjoyed Michelle’s touch. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. She was amazed at how relaxed she was about the whole thing. It was as though their friendship had reached a whole new level, and they were taking advantage of it.

Mandy took the dice quickly and rolled them. She couldn’t wait to make Michelle feel as hot as she had just felt. Her roll read, lick and below the waist. Mandy felt her nipples get harder at the thought of what she could do with that roll. Michelle anxiously awaited her fate as she bit her lower lip for a second. Mandy leaned close and pushed Michelle’s shoulders back, getting her to lay back on the blanket. She moved Michelle’s legs and pulled her panties down and off of her. Michelle let out a soft gasp, for she knew what was coming next. Mandy spread Michelle’s legs up and out, the knelt between her legs. She bent down and licked her womanhood from bottom to top, like it was an ice cream cone that was melting. Michelle groaned in pleasure, and she tasted so good that Mandy didn’t want to stop. Michelle was about to get up, but Mandy stopped her. She held her legs apart and went back in for another taste of Michelle’s nectar. She dove in and sucked all she could get. Michelle arched her back in pleasure and moaned with all she had. This just made Mandy want more. She sucked on her clit and gently slid her fingers into her soaking wet cave of desire. It was incredible. Mandy could feel Michelle’s excitment and vice versa. They were both enjoying every second of it.

Michelle couldn’t take anymore, it wasn’t fair. She wanted some too. She grabbed Mandy and pushed her away, much to Mandy’s disappointment. Michelle sat up and leaned close to Mandy. She wanted to taste herself on Mandy so desperately. She grabbed Mandy around the face and kissed her deeply, taking in every drop of nectar left on Mandy’s lips. They both could feel the heat rising. Michelle stopped devouring Mandy’s lips and began moving downward. She kissed her neck, then her throat, then each of her breasts. She lingered there for a few minutes, making Mandy ache with desire. She then moved down Mandy’s tummy, past her naval, to the top of her thong. Michelle slipped those off as quickly as she could and continued her kissing. She made it righ to where her perfectly shaved pleasure palace was hidden. Michelle spread Mandy’s legs as far as they would go and dove in for a taste. Neither of them had every experienced anything like this before. Sure they had been around the block, but this was different. It was more of a thrill, it was new and it was perfect. Mandy moaned with pleasure as Michelle cuntinued to invade her with her tongue and fingers. They had totally forgotten about the dice, and were playing a game of their own.

Michelle stop for a moment. A brilliant idea had popped into her head. “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” She ran to her room and came back with another new toy, a double sided dildo. Mandy smiled and nearly shrieked at the thought. Michelle took all the initiative. She mad Mandy comfortable on her back again. She carressed Mandy’s breast with one hand while she rubbed her clit with the dildo. It was making Mandy crazy. Michelle was getting so excited by all this that she wanted them both to feel this way together. She stopped squeezing Mandy’s breasts and grabbed the other end of the dildo. SHe maneuvered one side to keep rubbing Mandy’s clit, while she had the other side rubbing her own. Now this is what it was all about, the pleasure they both needed to feel. The girls were creating a chorus of moans and groans that could have awoken the neighbors. Michelle moved closer to Mandy. THey were both so hot and so wet. Michelle took the next step in their climaxing frenzy. She took the dildo and inserted it into herself and Mandy at the same time. Both girls screamed from the feel of this huge dong stretching their limits. They both moved in unison, thrusting towards each other so they could feel the full affect of the penetration. They kept moving closer together, with faster girations each time. They were both reaching the point of no return. Their screams became louder as they approached their end. And with one final thrust they screamed out a sigh of relief and release. Michelle pulled the dildo out as they collapsed on the comforter, trying to catch their breath.

“Dear God, that was freakin’ outstanding,” panted Mandy. Never in her wildest dream did she ever think it would be this fantastic. Michelle felt the same way.

“We can play whenever we want.” Said Michelle with an evil look on her face. Mandy just laughed in agreement.

Now they can truly say that they share everything.

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  1. lickalottapussy

    Wow! This sory made me soooo wet.

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  2. emmabaloncesto

    This was a great story, it left me wet and horny. Keep writing.

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  3. stephanies_bunny

    wow! you were so vivid, I felt like I was there in the room. I wish it went on. I wish it was me and my friend.

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