Celebrity Lesbian Dream Team, Part III

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Ryan was in a good mood that day–normally he was a happy, cheerful man who was always enthusiastic about his job, that of being an assistant to the world famous pop singer Rihanna.
But for three weeks now, he had become something else. The 5’11 ex-Marine had taken it upon himself to secretly film Rihanna and equally famous pop singer Katy Perry fucking one another in the recording studio, fifteen minutes before they were set to record together. The weeks had gone by; by now, the two were basically slaves to Ryan and the other assistants at the studio, who had decided to keep it a secret from the paparazzi, who would have a field day if they heard. But today, a swelteringly hot summer afternoon, Ryan had decided it was time to get someone else in on the action.
He was waiting anxiously in the studio room, his hands gripped together tightly. Exposing the secret would be a big risk; if she were to spill even one little word, the whole thing would collapse in on itself, and criminal charges would surely be turned against the studio and its employees. But Ryan, as head of the recording studio, had made it an official decision–he’d have to take risks.
Just then, a knock came on the door. One of the other studio assistant’s poked his head in, just barely.

“Ms. Fox is here,” he said briefly, and then shut the door behind him. The newbie, Megan Fox, had arrived for today’s session. Ryan breathed in deeply, praying that his plan would not collapse, and stepped out of the room.
Nothing could really prepare him for what he saw. He had seen Megan Fox many times before; being in Hollywood, he often rubbed elbows with the most famous of the famous. He’d seen her before, but not dressed in skimpy lingerie. Although she wore a robe, he could see her rock hard nipples poking out of the thin silk bra, and could see the outline of her labia behind her panties.
“Ms…Fox?” Ryan managed, trying to sound confident. He straightened his tie for some reason; he’d only be taking it off in a matter of minutes.
“You may call me…Megan, if you will,” she said politely, brushing past him. He felt her hips gliding past his, and resisted the many urges rising. Years as a Marine had forced him to control his emotions and desires, and it had paid off recently.

“So…let’s get started, shall we? My assistants told me all about your little sessions here,” Megan smirked, her voice soft and sexy. She turned back around towards Ryan, sliding her robe down her shoulders a little. They were alone in the room; the other assistants left to prepare everything.
“What’d they tell you? Everything?” Ryan said, remaining confident.
“Just about.”
She slid her robe all the way down, down to the floor, exposing her sexy body to Ryan, who was losing all control over himself.
“I can see you’ve already decided what you want to do first,” he smirked, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. They would be alone for a few minutes; might as well do whatever until time had come.
She laughed as well; as he was still unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants, she had already stripped completely naked, exposing her wet cunt to him. As soon as Ryan was nude, he approached her, rubbing his firm hand against her pussy, forcing her to moan in pleasure and fall to her knees.
“You know what to do,” he ordered, putting his massive dick in her face. Without question, Megan formed her lips around his head, and began sucking on his cock, savoring the precum that dribbled off the tip and down her lips. She began sucking harder, and then harder, and her muffled moans could be heard despite the cock jammed in her mouth. Ryan began thrusting violently, reaching the verge of orgasm, trying to deep throat Megan before he came.
Ryan came into her mouth; he pried her lips open just as his jizz blasted onto her tongue, coating it with a thick, pasty liquid. Like a pro, she swallowed it all, holding the tip over her mouth to savor every last drop until it was all gone. By the time they were pulling their clothes back on, it was time.

The two strode into the recording studio, acting as if nothing had happened back in the atrium. Both had put as much clothes as they had back on, which wasn’t much for Megan. Rihanna and Katy Perry were both chained to the wall on the far side of the studio, side by side, completely nude. Ryan felt an erection rising in his dress pants as he saw Katy’s massive jugs drooping over her stomach, her tits hard with fear. Glancing over at Rihanna, her hands bound high above her head, he saw her shaved, trimmed pussy spreading along her crotch, a brilliant pink contrasting with her smooth, brown thighs and ass.

“Do whatever,” Ryan motioned, giving Megan Fox free will over the two singers. Megan smiled devilishly, and disheveled herself before the two singers, kneeling down before them. A box sat in the corner, full of sex toys and what not that she was allowed to use. Ryan silently unzipped his pants, allowing his cock to droop out and harden as he watched Megan produce a strap-on from the box and climb beneath Rihanna.
“I’m gonna fuck your ass with this,” Megan sneered silently, positioning her body beneath Rihanna’s.
“You–lick her lips,” Megan ordered to Katy, who was able to reach over and begin performing cunnilingus on Rihanna, who began to moan in pleasure. Katy’s tongue flipped along the swollen, wet lips of her counterpart, slowly entering and exiting the opening and flipping up around the clitoris. Meanwhile, Megan rammed the strap-on hard into Rihanna’s tight asshole, making sure that the whole seven inches were full in before thrusting as hard as she could, bucking Rihanna’s hips up into Katy’s face. The minutes passed slowly; Ryan watched with sheer pleasure, rubbing his stiff cock, as Megan fucked Rihanna’s ass with the strap-on, and Katy lapped up the juices running from Rihanna’s wet pussy.
Ryan came first; he sighed deeply as he felt the cum dripping from the tip, pooling on the concrete floor of the studio. Then, Megan came, feeling an orgasm rush and shouting loudly.
“FUCK…oooh…fuck my pussy…”
The last one to orgasm was Rihanna, who sprayed a good fountain of juices into Katy’s face, letting her arms hang limply as she let the pleasure race through her body. After their string of orgasms, the group sat for a little while, letting themselves rest. It was not long, however, before Ryan felt the urge again, and he stood up. Megan, the strap-on still in Rihanna’s ass, pulled it out violently, causing a sudden shriek of pain from the singer, who hung limp again.
“Deep throat her first,” Ryan ordered, pointing to Rihanna. As Megan walked over to her target, Ryan approached Katy Perry, who stood up on her knees, knowing what she had to do. Ryan rammed his hard cock into her mouth, deep throating her. He leaned down closer:
“If your mouth lets go of my cock, your punishment’s going to be harsh,” he threatened, a demonic smile crossing his face. She was still chained to the wall; as she sucked his dick, he pulled away just slightly from her, forcing her to reach farther and farther away from her bonds to reach it. Just before climaxing, Ryan pulled away as far as possible, and his cock flopped out of her mouth to blow his powerful wad across her face, leaving semen dripping down her cheeks, nose and chin, falling down onto her tits and belly. Megan and Rihanna finished at that moment; the former pulled the strap-on out of Rihanna’s mouth, who had saliva dripping down her chin and down into her cleavage.
“You let go,” Ryan sneered, looking eye to eye at Katy Perry. She had not spoken for days; she said just one thing.
“Punishment?” she whispered, fear gleaming in her eyes. He nodded his response. He glanced over at Megan, who was taking the strap-on off.
“You drank that Pepsi I gave you, didn’t you?” Ryan asked. She nodded, unsure of the question’s reason.
“And now, you have to piss, don’t you?” he asked again, devilishly. The same evil smirk shone on her face; she knew where he was going. Without another word, she strode over to Katy Perry; as Ryan took a dildo from the box and shoved it into her pussy, Megan began to urinate all over Katy, pouring yellow piss over her long black hair and letting it run down her face and onto her tits. Just as Megan’s stream finished, Katy orgasmed as the dildo rocketed in and out of her cunt, spraying opaque juices over Ryan’s hand and the dildo.
As Ryan withdrew the black dildo, wiping his hand in Rihanna’s clean hair, he smiled to himself. Week three down, he thought. Week four ought to be a smash.

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