Celebrity Lesbian Dream Team

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Seriously, who wouldn’t want these two to get together? This is a fictional story about Rihanna’s soundboard editor, who prefers to be called Ryan, witnessing Katy Perry and Rihanna getting it on on the soundstage.
It was a warm, humid summer day. Ryan had finished compiling the latest song for ultrafamous popstar Rihanna, whose singing had carried her into world fame. Ryan had taken a walk outside to get fresh air, but soon regretted it: the stifling heat of the Californian summer forced him back into the air conditioned soundstage after less than five minutes. As he walked into the deep interior rooms of the stage, his Blackberry began to ring. Irritated, he wiped the sweat from his hand and reached deep into his pocket, withdrawing the mobile phone.
“This is Ryan. What is it?” he asked, attempting to be polite.
“You’re on in fifteen. Report to the soundstage at three.” It was the head of the studio, Austin. He was organized and calm, but could also be an asshole.

“We have an audition today?” Ryan asked, surprised.
“We do. Katy Perry’s coming today, but she needs to do some warming up she says. So head off to the soundstage in fifteen minutes,” Austin ordered. The phone went off then; Ryan muttered a curse under his breath. Fifteen minutes gave him little time to prepare. He was looking forward to a cool drink and a nice chat with the other studio assistants in the rec room, but that plan was cancelled. He might as well head into the mixing room now, and wait until they were ready.
As Ryan walked in, he almost stepped back out of the mixing board area. The mixing station overlooked the entire soundstage, and the windows were almost entirely one-way; it was almost impossible to see into them from the soundstage itself, but Ryan could see the stage perfectly. Katy Perry and Rihanna were definitely there; but they weren’t practicing or checking the mic.
They were undressing each other.
Ryan could only look on as they took off their panties and bras, standing there, stark naked, their beautiful breasts exposed. Rihanna wrapped her arms around Katy, and began to make out with her, pressing her lips firmly against Katy’s. Ryan could hear them down there; he started to get a hard-on, keeping his profile low as he watched the two make love.
Rihanna then got very violent; she pushed Katy up against the walls of the soundstage, straight erect, and knelt low, down to Katy’s crotch. Ryan could barely see Rihanna’s tongue flick out and begin to roll over Katy’s pussy, and the latter began to moan, bending down lower and grabbing her counterpart’s head. Rihanna’s tongue massaged Katy’s shaved pussy, rolling over the beautiful clit and finding its way inside. In a few minutes, Katy Perry climaxed; Rihanna pulled her tongue out, extracting clear pussy juice from Katy’s throbbing, wet cunt.
Ryan couldn’t stop watching. It was still ten minutes to rehearsal, and it was Katy’s turn to pleasure Rihanna. She extracted a sizeable glass dildo from her purse, and forced Rihanna to lay down on the cold concrete floor. Katy knelt down behind her counterpart, and inserted the clear dildo into Rihanna’s asshole, evoking high-pitched moans of pleasure. Katy moved the dildo in and out at various speeds, moving her fingers in and out of her pussy at the same time. As the two began to climax again, Ryan watched intently: Katy’s fingers withdrew more juice from her throbbing cunt, and Rihanna climaxed as the dildo rapidly withdrew from her asshole, leaving her moaning in pleasure on the floor, gasping.
The two put their clothes back on, and acted as if the incident had never happened. But Ryan was already on his Blackberry: his video camera had done its job well, and now Facebook was about to be witness to one of the greatest lesbian acts in history.

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