A Chance Encounter Timeless

The winter was upon us. Kim, my girlfriend, five years my elder came over. We are the perfect couple. I could feel the wind from outside blowing in. The breeze was a nice change.

Suddenly she turned, “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Let’s play,” she said and led me to the couch.

I had never wanted her more. I lifted my skirt playfully. She gently rubbed her vagina against mine.

“Oh honey,” she said. I knew she was rock hard. “I want you now,” she whispered.

As she undressed me, I looked at her with my beautiful blue eyes. She started playing with my vagina. Teasingly. I gently rub against her. As she grabbed my vagina. She got rock hard. I could feel her kissing my pussy, spreading my legs wide, sucking my vagina, blowing, nibbling and tasting me. Sipping me. She descended upon me, eating me out, blowing me repeatedly, her breath on my moist pussy. As she sucked harder I moaned. She turned her hips into mine and we were intertwined. She kissed me hard. She moved down my body, kissing my stomach, neck, landing on my pussy.

“Yeah baby,” she said as her lips devoured my wet vagina, sucking it dry. She climbed on top of me and I could feel her cunt tighten on me as she squeezed her hips around mine and orgasmed deep inside me. She was grinding her vagina on me rougher and rougher, harder and harder, fucking me. Her cunt was pulsing and throbbing throughout the night. As I kissed her breasts, nibbling caressing and blowing them, she climaxed and exploded inside me. The oral sex was magnificent. We were magic.

She screamed, “Oh yes! Oh my god!”

I french kissed her and gave her oral sex. She squeezed her hips tighter as I went deeper, softer, longer,  kissing her mouth. She grabbed my pussy, clenching it as she moaned deeply.

“You belong to me,” she moaned. “I love tasting you,” she said as she orgasmed inside me. She continued fucking my pussy rough and hard all night.

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