Crime Does Pay

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“Young lady, what did I tell you our rules were?” Mrs. Sheldon asked Katie as she stood in front of her trembling.

“No staying out beyond curfew. No smoking. No alcohol. No drugs.” Katie said with lowered eyes.

“That’s right! And according to your sheet, Maggie says you have broken all four.”

Maggie stood off to the side sneering.
She had no heart at least not in Katie’s eyes. She had sworn after that night that she would never betray Katie.

That night was like any other night, Katie had taken her shower and was drying off when she was startled to see Maggie staring at her, her pussy specifically. Katie had one of her slender, pretty legs bent up, her foot was on the bench and she was exposed like that. She quickly put her leg down and covered up. Maggie’s nipples were rock hard as she smiled at Katie and it was warm that night.

“Do you need help drying off?” Maggie said almost snorting.

“No I think I can handle that myself.”

“Well you know if you let me dry you off, I might be able to get you some special treatment.”

“What do you mean ‘special treatment’?” Katie asked.

“Oh just really soecial treatment.” Maggie sad and smiled pervertedly, “I can let you slide.” and when she said “slide” she breathed hard.

“All I have to do is let you dry me off?”

“Yes.” Maggie said.

So Katie dropped her towel. Maggie smiled at her gorgeous figure, her skin was soft and smooth looking, her legs were toned, her pussy barely visible through a bush of tiny brown curls of hair, her hips narrow, but feminine, her stomach flat, her waist small and trim, her breasts large and perfectly symmetrical, she just had a drop dead gorgeous figure.

Maggie walked over and picked up the towel and started patting Katie’s thighs and knees, then her shins, but the whole time her eyes were rivited to Katie’s pussy, she was drooling eyeing that pussy, she could see slightly in the slit, she saw redness and shininess. She took the towel and patted her hips and tummy, then up to her breasts, she moved the towel so that the skin on her hand rubbed the silky skin of the underside of Katie’s breast. She saw Katie’s nipples harden in response. Taking that a an invitation, Maggie dropped the towel completely and instead started feeling Katie’s firm sexy feminine body with her hungry hands. Her hands shook as she lightly brushed over Maggie’s nipples, they were so hard and almst rubbery, she ran her hands down onto her waist and held it marveling in its tininess. She shakily touched Katie’s pussy, seeing that Katie did not object she started rubbing her two fingers up and down the lips, then she wiggled her third finger in the slit. It was so wet and warm in there. It made Maggie’s head feel woozy. She pushed her finger into that tiny erotic hole and pulled it out feeling that incredibly soft, tight, wet flesh. Not being able to control herself she shoved her face into Katie’s pussy and started licking.

“Wait!” Katie said, “Not here, let’s go where it’s more comfortable, my bed or yours.” Maggie was so wet and horny that she quickly said,”My room! My room! It’s closer, let’s go, but be quiet!”

So Katie agreed she walked ahead of Maggie wiggling her perfect ass, what a soft skinned, perfect round ass, it was so perfect the way it was placed on top of her toned thighs and the way it curved into her narrow waist, that dark perfectly centered ass crack separating her two plump cheeks. That ass was teasing Maggie, telling her to look at it, desire it, to touch it, kiss it, that it was there just for her and her alone. Almost sensing Maggie’s lust filled eyes on her bare ass, Katie took her long fingers and ran them up and down both cheeks, nice and sensually slow she rubbed her perfect bare ass. Maggie smiled at that.

They got to her room and Maggie quickly unlocked the door and grabbed Katie around her hips and pulled her in. “Get on the bed, I need to get my tongue all over your pussy!” Maggie said.

Katie sensually climbed on the bed, one knee up, her ass and now part of her pussy exposed, she waited a second, giving Maggie an eyeful, then she got her other knee up, now Katie was bent over bare ass and pussy lips exposed, knees spread apart. Maggie rubbed her overheated horny pussy through her pants looking at that gorgeous ass and pussy. She got closer and ran her soft hand all around Katie’s ass cheeks and thighs, she did not touch her pussy. Just all on the ass and thighs, even the lower back, but no hand to pussy contact. So Katie reached underneath herself and took three fingers and just rubbed her pussy back and forth as Maggie stood back and watched those fingers moving over that exposed pussy, but still rubbed Katie’s silky ass with her hands though her eyes watched Katie rub herself.

“Nice and wet! Mmmm you got me soooo wet!” Katie said as she rubbed her pussy from underneath and behind more vigorously. Letting her fingers slide back in forth in her lust liquid.

Maggie couldn’t stand it any longer so he pushed Katie’s hand away from her pussy, by shoving them back under and to the front of her, getting her own fingers drenched in the process and she replaced Katie’s wet slick fingers with her very wet, velvety, hot tongue. “Lick, lick,lick, lick, lick,” Maggie’s tongue lapped at Katie’s pretty pussy, then “Slurpppp, slurrrpp, slurrrpp, slurrrppp, slurrrppp, sluuurrrppp.” her tongue did very long, splayed out, soft, fat, sloppy wet licks. Maggie’s nose was practically in Katie’s ass, it was just in the crack and it was making her more excited. She licked up and spread Katie’s cheeks with her opened fingers, she spotted her asshole, all tight and wrinkled and closed shut. That did not deter her she started prodding Katie’s asshole with her long tongue, she wiggled it in that hole and darted it in and out, she moved her right hand down, she made Katie bend over more and open her ass so she did not have to spread her cheeks with both of her hands and with the third finger of her right hand she played with Katie’s nubby, juicy clit by reaching under and in front of Katie. Katie was shaking and moaning feeling that tongue work her asshole over and that finger rub her sore, horny, perky clit. Within minutes, maybe seconds, Katie orgasmed, her pussy was pulsating more intensely than the time she got caught stealing in a store for the very first time. Katie opened her thighswide as ever, arched her back and pressed her ass tight againt Maggie and wiggled it, swirling her hips and ass, Maggie reacted by rubbing Katie’s whole pussy with her palm and just leaving her tongue deep in Katie’s asashole. She slowly removed her hand and even slower, removed her tongue. “Roll over!” Maggie said. So Katie did. She saw Maggie get up and remove her clothes, she was surprised at how nice Maggie’s body was, even though she was so tall, 5’10” and seemed plump in her clothes, she was actually just athletic looking, but still feminine. Maggie rubbed her almost hairless pussy, her pussy was so tiny compared to her body it shocked Katie. “Hump or fuck?” Maggie asked.

“Hunh?” Katie asked as she eyed Maggie’s sexy body up and down and unconsciously rubbed her pussy lips. “Hump..or…fuck…what do you mean?”

Maggie looked exasperated so she walked over to her dresser and took something out. “Fuck,” she said as she held up a dildo and showed Katie, “or hump, I lay on you and we hump.” she said

“Either is fine.” Katie said,

“Ok I think I want to fuck you.” so Maggie strapped on the dildo, she hit a button and Katie heard a buzzing. “What’s that noise?”

“A vibrator, a not too intense vibrating vibrator, but it vibrates my pussy while I fuck you with this dildo, that way we both get off.” Maggie smiled and said. “Ok open those legs you’re going get a good pussy fucking from a horny woman.”

Katie opened her thighs and Maggie steadied herself on her hands and pushed the dildo right into Katie’s teeny pus
sy. The dildo was cold at first and that made Katie’s nipples extend out even further.

Maggie fuc
ked Katie’s pussy with that dildo, her pussy was slurping on the dildo moevements, the vibrator was buzzing and pulsating on Maggie’s clit, the bed was shaking and they both were breathing harder and really getting off on each other.

Maggie orgasmed and screamed she fell onto Katie shoving the dildo in very deep and she sucked on Katie’s right hard nipple just sucking and sucking she did it so hard that Katie tit orgasmed her nipple released some sweet liquid into Maggie’s mouth and her clit orgasmed.

Maggie kissed Katie’s mouth and pulled away and looked at her and made promises of how much easier Katie’s life was going to be at the institution now.

Katie remembered all that as she stood before Mrs. Sheldon, who was tapping her foot angrily, her pinched angry face, belowe her pinched angry hair bun on top of her head. Katie felt scared and angry when she saw Maggie smiling.

“Ok young lady, shoes and socks off, then pants and panties.” Mrs. Sheldon ordered.

So Katie dejectedly removed them, She stood partially nude in front of the two women, she looked at Maggie who licked her lips and winked.

“Shaver please.” she said to Maggie with her hand palm up and outstretched. Maggie retrieved the shaver from the desk drawer and handed it to her. She turned it on and it made a loud buzzing noise, it reminded Katie of that vibrating dildo Maggie wore and her body reacted to the memory by her nipples pinching in and hardening and her pussy slit getting juicy.

“Ok now we remove the hair, all of it.” and Mts. Sheldon placed that shaver right on Katie’s pussy, she did not want to but she orgased two times part from pleasure, part from fright. Mrs. Sheldon made sure that the shaver stayed directly over Katie’s hidden in her pussy clit, Katie thought she had to know she was exciting her.

Her pussy had not one hair left on it, it was as smooth and hairless as the rest of her body.

Mrs. Sheldon sat on the leather couch, she lifted her plaid skirt up revealing both of her thighs, “Over here!” she pointed to her thighs, “Get right over my knees, if you act like a child, you get treated like a child!”

Katie walked over and draped herself over Mrs. Sheldon’s knees, she had to reposition a few times to be on her legs without falling off, so naturally her cleanly shaven, excited pussy was leaving wet streaks all over Mrs. Sheldon’s thighs.

“Ok young lady, I think you will soon learn that I am in charge here, not you. I make the rules and you follow them.” Mrs Sheldon said but the whole time shewas gently rubbing Katies completely exposed, silky soft skinned bare ass.

The first slap was gentle and it stopped, but soon Mrs. Sheldon was giving Katie’s bare ass cheeks a good old fashioned spanking. All three women were excited though they tried to act like this was merely punishment and nothing else.

Maggie stood behind Katie’s feet, legs and ass and watched Katie’s hairless pussy lips open wider and wider and turn redder and redder, the light from the lamp on the side table by the couch, was illuminating all thatshiny wetness that was in her pussy. Maggie said, “Mrs. Sheldon, her vagina is opened up and I don’t mean to be rude, but she looks excited.”

Mrs. Sheldon said, “Really now? Let me see.” so she grabbed Katie’s ass and pulled her further over her lap until Katie’s breasts were pushed on the floor and her legs were so high up she could not touch the floor and her pussy was directly under Mrs. Sheldon’s eyes.

“Ohh Maggie you are right!” Mrs. Sheldon said. “Looks wet and red. Look at that, her vaginal lips are wide open, I can see inside. Well look at that.” Maggie squirmed she was turned on and humiliated.

“Better get my punishment stick, the small pink one.” Mrs. Sheldon told Maggie.
Katie laid there unable to see what was going on, but hearing the desk drawer open and then seeing part of Maggie’s shoes wqhen she walked over.

She laid here and felt a thin, hard tubular object be placed into her pussy, her pussy rected by gripping it. Then Mrs. Sheldon started spanking her again, as she spanked her that thin dildo wiggled in Katie’s pussy her pussy was going crazy, before she knew it she orgasmed and shot that teeny dildo out of her super slick juicy hot pussy.

“Ok that is the end of your punishment. Get dressed and back to your room.” Mrs Sheldon said as she stood up once Katie stood up. She left the room.

Katiesw dressed and looked at Maggie, she hugged her and said, “Thank you for making my life easier, mmmm easier is good!”

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