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Allison just graduated from High school  and moved  to San Bernardino to be close to College. It was a small place but it suited her fine . Clean place , great neighborhood , and no roommates drama to deal with.  Only Thing she had to do now was find a job, the money her mom gave her to get by wouldn’t cover everything.  She woke up early for her  Morning walk and rushed out the door. Halfway through her walk she noticed a flier on the mailboxes down the street of  someone looking for a Night Nanny.  Where she used to live she babysat a lot and the hours would be good to do homework when the kid goes to bed , she Thought.

   After she got home from her walk she went to shower and change before  running errands. She stood in front of the mirror scowling at her image . Its not that she’s bad looking girl she just hates her long nipples that no matter how hard she tries they show through all her tops. She stepped out of her clothes , her satin ebony skin  glistening with sweat. At 5ft 8 Her body is Thick but toned  with  a small C nice perky  breast, ample hips and ass that wont quit. She got into the shower and began Lathering her body up . As she washed her breast her nipples began to harden which of course made her pussy all electrified .  Her nipples have always been hardwired to her pussy so even the slightest stimulation made her pussy tingle and throb . As she played with her nipples she couldn’t help but let her hand wander between her thick thighs to her freshly shaved pussy. Her fingers quickly finding her swollen button she began rolling and pinching till she had a lovely

   After her happy shower she dressed then decided to give the number on the flier a call. Maybe she could get an interview for the nanny job soon. When she called a familiar voice answered the phone …… “hello yes are you calling about the position”she  just couldn’t place it.. As soon as the woman said, “My name is Nina”.   she was in shock she would know that voice anywhere,Nina used to live next door to her for years but she moved away last year for New Job. Apparently she had a baby too! They talked caught up for a bit and made a time for that night to interview. 

   Allison got off the phone excited and nervous. This was the woman she dreamed of every night through high school She had  always knows she was a lesbian , had a few girlfriends in high school But this woman was different. Nina was a 35 yr old  short Latin Mamma with wavy chestnut hair small B perfect little titties  and a small delectable bubble butt. She always greeted Allison with a warm smile and a warn hug when she saw her it always made Allison warm and tingly. 

 She got to Nina’s house at 6pm  and rang the door bell , As  soon as the door opened she was greeted with that same  smile as always it made Allisons heart warm and  Nina’s plunging  top made her pussy wet.  Nina looked the same, a bit thicker and softer after having a baby but she likes meat on her woman. Getting a chance to spend time with this lovely woman would be heaven maybe even have a old fantasy come true……. (In my dreams) 

   As they sat down she noticed Nina glancing at her hard obvious nipples. Nina began to stutter as she talked and a drop of sweat went down her neck… Allison liked having this effect on her  so she smiled and crossed her legs showing off her long chocolate legs and lower ass. The more Nina responded to her the more she wanted this job just to get a chance to seduce her Fantasy woman(maybe not dreaming). The rest of the night went by fine Nina hired her right off the bat , showed her around the house and explaining her duties. She would be a Mothers helper since Nina worked from home. So she just cared for  baby Grace (3 months old)  and do some light house cleaning. This job will be perfect have days free in the summer and works great with her fall school schedule. If she plays her cards right might even fulfill a fantasy. 

   The next night She got  ready  in a thin white  tank and a pair of  comfy short shorts with  sandals. She walked to Nina’s house early just to settle in. Nina had a dinner meeting that night and was coming back to do some phone work.  Nina smiled that 50watt and gave her a big hug. “ Grace  already down for the night  she didnt nap well today. Feel free to take a swim just keep baby monitor with you “ She Said, and she was gone quick 

Allison took out her laptop, did a few things on line , shopping, ordered books, checked out the new adult toys on her fav site. Then she decided to try out the pool . She grabbed a towel and the baby monitor stripped down to her panties and sports bra she figured it wasnt any different than a swim suite …. She slowly slipped her chocolate body into the pool and sliced through the water with ease. The water felt so cool on her skin if it wasn’t her first day she prob would be nekid but she didn’t want to push her luck. About 30 min into her swim Nina came home. 

Nina got to the Slider door and saw Allison cutting through the water  like knife with grace and purpose . Something stirred in her she hadn’t felt in a long time. “get a hold of yourself Nina! “ she told herself  “ this girls almost young enough to be your daughter”. She went outside to tell Allison she was home. She stared in awe at the beautiful  dark skin princess  gliding  through the water like a dolphin. She popped up with a smile and a wave to join. Nina said” Not tonight I have work to do ,but enjoy yourself”

   She went quickly to the safety of her office and tried to let her work distract her . Not long after Allison came into the office in her shorts and thin white tank, no bra since it was wet from swimming showing off her fabulous breasts. “Would you like anything coffee, juice I can get it for you” her breast grazed the side of her arm  as she moved past her..Nina stuttered “c-c-coffee would be nice”  Allison came back with coffee  and a smile she knew exactly the effect she was having on her distracted boss and she loved it! “you know in high school I worked part time in an office I could help u organize, file ,…….. Whatever you desire” she said

   Nina gave her some file work  and Allison took every opportunity to touch or rub against Nina  she was making her boss crazy . 

Boss  told her she was done for the night . “you could go home Now I cant seem to c-c-c-concentrate” Nina said.  Allison  flippantly said “sure see you tomorrow” and grabbed her stuff .  Nina walked her to the door Allison turned quickly gave her a long lingering hug and kissed her softly just grazing her lips , walking quickly out leaving  Nina  shocked ..touching her lips thoughtfully. 

The rest of the night Nina couldn’t sleep she kept envisioning  Allison  laying in her bed with nothing but a white tank and panties legs spread wide inviting her to take a taste…..Allison went home horny but very pleased with herself. She showered then crawled in her bed with her fav toy and fucked herself good  fantasizing about Nina before falling into a deep sleep.

   The next night Nina  was tempted to tell Allison she didn’t need her, she couldn’t get this girl off her mind. She didn’t think the young girl intended to entice her but nevertheless she did. She had so much work to do canceling wasn’t an option.      Allison got there at 6pm and  Nina told her “Grace needs her dinner, bath and put to bed” I’ll be in my office if you need anything”.   Allison was wearing a thin t shirt no bra and jean short shorts….. showing off her beautiful  voluptuous body. She concentrated on Grace,  getting  her settled into bed at 8 . She went to the door of Nina’s Office  and called out “Gonna take a dip if thats OK?” Nina called out “Sure make yourself at  home”. Allison decided to pick up her game she knew she was getting to Nina  so this time she slipped off her top and did a cannon ball into the pool with a shout. Nina heard her outside she eventually decided to check on Allison she looked out the window to see   nanny sitting topless on the pool steps  running her hands over her body, fingers traveling down under her panties to her hot honey pot….as  Nina watched her ,she slipped her hand in her panties  as she watched this young girl masturbate so sensually.  She was so horny she slipped out of her office went to her bedroom to finish the job on her own wet cunt.   Allison saw the blinds move and as she had hoped Nina saw her  fingering her cunt .She decided to dry off and pay her Latim Mamma a lil visit. She peeled out of her wet panties and She walked  straight to the office nekid as the day she was born, But she found it empty. So she went up stairs were she heard a familiar noise coming from  Ninas room she slowly opened the door to see her boss with three finger in her cunt furiously  finger fucking herself, while thumb rubbing her clit .  

She walked in with a naughty look on her face . Nina looked up & froze but  Allison just smirked and said”I would love to help u with that” she lowered herself between her legs  with a Cheshire smile she breathed in her sweet tangy intoxicating aroma.”mm-mm smells tasty…….May I?”,She whispered .All she heard was a low “Mew” in response she
 kissed Nina’s thighs and teased her with her tongue making her way to the prize. She flattened her tongue to lick up the juices that dripped down ninas legs.  Allison loved the taste of her Latin Mamma she grabbed her thighs spreading them wider and dove in sticking her long tongue in her sweet pussy rolling it around getting every drop she could. Nina moans” Fuck me with your tongue baby” which of course  Allison needed no encouragement she ate up her pussy licking and sucking like a pro. She lightly nibbled  and sucked on Nina’s clit making her thighs quiver.  Allison had never tasted such a tangy juicy  pussy before she finally had her fantasy woman and she wasn’t gonna let
her go till she had completely ravaged her body.

Nina couldn’t believe how good this felt . She  had only been with a woman once in college and she enjoyed it but no where near as much as this. She felt  Allison slip two then three fingers in her throbbing cunt , she sucking on her hard swollen clit. Speeding up then slowing down building her so high till she wanted to scream On the slow down she was humming into her pussy it was driving her mad she couldn’t help  saying, “ damn it fuck me bitch make me cum all over your tongue.  Allison  obliged and brought Nina to her first big Orgasm  squirting her love juice all over her face. Then she slowly kissed up Nina’s body  lingering  at her nipple sucking and biting. Kissing  and licking till she kissed her full on the mouth giving Nina a taste of her own juice on her tongue. The taste brought back all the memories Nina had  of her first and only time tasting  a woman, it made her want to taste  Allison.

Nina began  fondling  Allison long hard nipples as the kissed  making her moan in delight she lifted her lips to enjoy  Ninas  touch. She felt her breasts being lifted into Ninas mouth  her lover sucking on her prominent  nips which was making Allison pussy dripping wet , all she could do is moan in delight.  “My body is yours Mammie do whatever you desire” Nina turned her lover over and began exploring her beautiful  body  kissing licking touching very quickly she couldn’t wait to taste Allisons pussy. As she got to her goal she spread Allisons legs lewdly and just gazed at her wet dripping cunt so dark but her bright pink lips spilling out so engorged with excitement. She dipped her finger into her pussy and put it in her mouth to take a taste .Allison had a spicy /musky aroma  but a spicy sweet  
taste. “the perfect late night treat” she said as she dove in  exploring her lovers pussy with her tongue  lapping up all her juices  not wanting to miss a drop. Damn this girl was so wet and she hasnt even cum yet! 

Allison could feel her Mammies tongue probing every inch of her throbbing cunt she tried to relax and let her take her time. She just wanted to grab her hair, grinding  her cunt into her face. Nina  started to step up the pace munching on her glistening pussy like a hungry animal   fingering her 2,3, then four fingers while  sucking hard on her clit  making Allison  finally grab her hair and fuck her face , her lover Driving her finger deeper bringing Allison to a growling ,  toe curling pussy squirting orgasm   She was probably  making a mess on the sheets but she was to enthralled in the heart racing orgasm to care. She felt her pussy  being pulled and licked  pushing her past the point of no return her body spasming into another hard orgasm she almost fell off the bed. They both  layed out on the bed panting in sweaty satisfaction and fell asleep 

This is going to be the best Job Allison ever had…………………

Chapter 2 

The next morning the ladies woke up to a crying Grace. Nina got up to get the baby while Allison got dressed…. As Nina fed the baby a bottle she couldn’t help but think ” what the hell did I do ?”  she knew Allison was an adult technically and its not like she took advantage of the young girl but what a cliche the NANNY . 

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