Elevator goddess

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I went to the mall one day, oh great my favorite store was on the third floor and I didn’t feel like going up the stairs so I decided to try the elevator instead. I didn’t like elevators much for the fear that they might get stuck, I went into one and there was a hot blonde high school girl it looked as if she was ditching school she looked up and smiled at my 5’1 image , I had short brown hair and a petite perky body but the kind that would still grab attention, I remember my old high school days; wild I messed around with every guy and girl in school and out of school this mall brought me chills once in a while because i always fucked someone different in each dressing room in every store I sometimes went back for more. I was a 27 year old woman not so old you could say but I would give anything to fuck a hot young blonde like this one. I smiled back flirtatiously I asked her ” are you skipping school?” she nervously replied “yea it’s something me and my friends do all the time” “nice where are your friends?” “they are waiting for me it’s because I came to the restroom” she seemed comfortable around. ” why aren’t we moving?” I said “huh?” she replied ” oh no the elevator is stuck” I said. This was what I feared but being there with this hot young girl I thought why not use my charm to take advantage of her? I asked ” so what is your name?” “Alyssa, yours?” ” Cassie” I replied ” you have a good looking body” I said “thanks you’re not bad yourself” ” so since we might be here stuck for a while why don’t we play truth or dare?, I mean if you want” she said, I replied ” sure” this was my time to shine ” so Cassie truth or dare?””truth” ” did you ever skip school?” “good question in fact I did many times and I came here all the time, did many wild stuff back in high school” “so Alyssa truth or dare?””truth” “have you ever made out with a girl” she looked surprised and replied “no, actually I haven’t even made out with a guy before” ” truth or dare?” “truth” I said “have you ever made out with another girl?””yes many times and I’ve done more than just that” I said “truth or dare?” I asked “dare” I smiled ” make out with me Alyssa” she looked confused and scared but reached over and began kissing me her mouth the taste of citrus and her body such a faboulous scent of vanilla I put my tongue in her mouth and gently massaged her tongue with a rhythm i was getting aroused but tried not to show it she moved away my eyes still closed from the pleasure of that kiss ” your turn truth or dare” “truth” “did you like my kiss?” “yes a lot” I replied she smiled ” truth or dare” “dare” she said ” take off your shirt” she unbuttoned her blouse feeling a bit embarrassed. Her tits were so big and looked delicious, too bad her pink bra was covering most part ” your turn” “dare” I said “finally, strip naked” I was surprised she said that but glad she was falling into my charm I gently pulled off my dress revealing my hard nipples and hot pink thong I then pulled off the thong and sat back down, she looked excited. ” truth or dare” “dare” she said her voice was shaky ” take off your bra and skirt” she did as she was told damn her titis were so big and her nipples looked so hard they jumped up as if being free that the bra was gone I felt a chill run down my spine as I looked at her almost drooling, now we were both here naked in an elevator much more can happen. Without hesitation I lend over and shoved my tongue into her mouth I wanted her so bad. Our tits were rubbing each other and I could feel her hard nipples pressing down on my breast. I took off her underwear and began rubbing her clit as I grasped on to her tit she moaned aloud enjoying the pleasure I then started rubbing my wet pussy against her shaved pussy it felt so good we both moaned and breathed heavily I lowered myself and started licking her clit as I fingered her already wet pussy her juice tasted so good I shoved three fingers into her tight hole and I began fucking her so fast she moaned pleasured ” ahhhhhh don’t stop please ooooooooohhh keep going Cassie” her voice was loud but her body was shivering with an orgasm I sucked on her wet pussy as she came into my mouth then I made my way up and nibbled on her hard nipples I started making out with her hard core then she flipped me over and shoved her fist in my pussy moving it in and out she spread her fingers inside of me hitting my g spot I screamed with pain but yet pleasure I could feel myself cumming. Alyssa took out her fist and began sucking and licking my throbbing pussy she rubbed my clit then began tongue fucking me it felt so good that I grabbed her blonde goddess hair and began pushing her head deep into my thighs she moved up and kissed me gently then started getting dressed “I gotta go” she said ” the elevator is trapped” I said still moaning” I made it that way” she then pressed a red button ” you see not anymore” I never understood this girl because I think instead of her playing my game I played hers. She walked out and left me there with my wet throbbing pussy. I got dressed rushed to my house and fucked myself with my dildo. I will never forget the elevator girl; Alyssa. 

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