Erica and Kacie “the meeting”

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It all started when I was vacationing in New York for my spring break from university. I was really excited to see the big city and sleep in a nice luxurious bed after sleeping in dorms for the last seven months. The Hotel was called the ______ and I had a two room suite with a large bathroom that had a shower the doubled as a Jacuzzi and had a fluffy queen sized bed. I was hoping to not have to sleep in that bed alone if you know what I mean. I figured I would check in and do myself up, short blond hair spiked in a long faux hawk, topped with my usual flat brimmed hat, a brightly coloured polo and a pair of loosely tight skinnies, and head out to the local gay scene and see if I could find a one night stand. I mean what else are our college years for right?

As it happened I never made it to the room before meeting someone. I had just checked in and was going to check out the room before lugging my bag all the way to the room. I was on the 10th floor which happened to be the top floor. As I was walking to the elevator I noticed a girl, about my age dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a black “artfully ripped” tee-shirt. I was immediately attracted to this girl and walked a little faster to ensure I would be on the same elevator as this beautiful young woman. I knew she was beautiful even without seeing her face yet, it was obvious from the smooth sensual way she walked, they way her hips swayed and her skin moved with the motion of her walk. I wanted her and I was going to get her.

She arrived at the elevator ahead of me and I quickly stepped into the elevator with her with an uncontrollable smile that it was empty except for her. I leaned closer to her to press the button for my floor and could smell her skin and hair. She smelled better than anything I had ever encountered. I was also right about her being beautiful. She had almond shaped eyes that were the perfect mixture of brown, gold and green, and naturally pouted lips that just begged to be bitten. I had to control myself; I would never get anywhere jumping this girl I didn’t even know.

“Hey I’m Erica” I said slightly smiling looking into her eyes (It was hard NOT to look into her beautiful eyes).

She seemed surprised at my speaking almost like she was as entranced by me as I was by her. “Hi, I’m Kacie” she replied shyly.

“Your floor?” I asked when I noticed that the only button that had been pressed was for the 10th floor. I secretly was hopping she was on my floor so maybe I could “accidentally” forget my key at midnight and need to sleep somewhere for the night.

Startled again Kacie replied “No I’m on the 10th floor too” I smiled to myself at this as the elevator doors closed. I immediately felt the electric charge in the air as I was left alone in a small elevator with the most attractive person I had ever seen. I looked out of the corner of my eye at her, looking at the curves of her body that her jeans and ripped shirt showed off. The shirt also showed several patches of bare skin that was driving me crazy. All I wanted was to kiss and bite at that skin claiming every inch of it as mine. Then I noticed it, she was wearing a rainbow bracelet. That was all the invitation I needed.
“So what are you doing in New York?” I asked
“Just on vacation for the break”
“alone?” I asked trying not to let the hopeful tone betray me too much but still showing her I was definitely interested.
She looked down and smiled replying with “yes….”
“me too” I replied coolly “I was thinking about hitting up the gay scene tonight do you know anything about it here?” I asked slightly leaning toward her.
“I actually don’t, I was thinking of checking it out too” she replied.
I took a step closer to her examining her shirt “this is really cool, where did you get it?” I asked lightly touching the material where it covered her sides. She seemed to shiver slightly under my touch and it made me want her even more.
She closer her eyes for a moment after the shudder passed and finally replied “I actually made it”
I acted surprised and examined the shirt closer boldly running my hands over the shirt and consequently her body lightly. “really this is great” I exclaimed but she didn’t hear me. She was staring into my eyes, leaning into me. I looked into her eyes, my hands still resting on her amazing body. Just with that look I fell in love, I felt the need to show her how I felt, not just in a lusting way but also love. I saw the need in her eyes too as she lightly bit her lip looking up at me.

I pulled her in to my gently and lifted her chin to kiss her. She didn’t refuse so I began to kiss her. Soon both of us wanted each other badly. There were still 6 floors left until ours. I pushed her roughly against the elevator wall and pinned her hands above her head. She grinned at me and playfully snapped her teeth close to my nose.

“uh uh uhh none of that missy I’LL be the one in control here” I said with a slight growl in my voice. The wanting in her eyes grew with every word from me and I knew this was going to be amazing.

I started to kiss her again slightly roughly nibbling at her bottom lip. She struggled slightly against my hands but I held them still above her head. Making her in my control, claiming her as mine to take. I started to kiss and nibble down her jaw, to behind her ear. A slight sigh escaped her lips that could have been my name. This sent me into frenzy as I started biting down her neck leaving red bite marks all over it.

The elevator suddenly stopped and the lights went out. The elevator had gotten stuck. I grinned at Kacie as she grinned back at me and I continued to feverishly bite and kiss her neck as her breath began to come heavier. I suddenly stripped off her black shirt and placer her hands behind her head to pin them without having to use my hands. She complied grinning lustily. I continued kissing her lips and neck as my hands started to roam her newly exposed chest torso that were only hinted at under that shirt. She was absolutely beautiful. Her breasts were the perfect size and made me even hotter for her than I was already. My hands lightly trialed down her neck, down her chest lightly to the side of one breast and down her side while the other trailed in between her breasts. A quiet moan escaped Kacie’s lips and I pushed even more into her wanting to touch her with every part of my body. One hand trailed down her stomach and into the front of her pants.

She gasped and finally took her hands from behind her head and pulled off my shirt. She placed her hands on my shoulders and lightly scratched at them as my hand moved closer to her wanting pussy. I growled lowly with need and she scratched harder. I pushed my hand farther into her pants and undid her jeans with the other hand. I could feel her now; I traced circles around her pussy staying away from her clit. Teasing her. I could see that she wanted me badly. Her hands began to move over my body. Caressing my bare skin in the way only a woman can. I finally ran a finger over the length of her pussy ending at her clit and slightly leaning into my hand putting more pressure on it. She gasped and arched her back.

I smiled and began to focus on pleasuring her clit as I went back to kissing and biting at her neck and mouth. Small whimpers escaped her lips as I gently began to put more pressure on her clit my leaning into my hand or off of my hand. I could feel how turned on she was. I gently entered her with a finger and began to work it in and out of her slightly roughly enjoying knowing that I was inside of her in such an intimate way. She moaned lowly and I growled at the sound. I needed her NOW. I pulled her jeans off her quickly and she stripped mine off. We fell around the elevator clumsily laughing breathlessly needing each other as soon as possible. I pinned her against a wall again and caressed her now bare chest. Her breast felt amazing the perfect size and she seemed to love the way I touched them and gently bit and kissed them. My other hand went back to alternating between caressing her clit and entering a finger into her.

She started to breathe even heavier and scratched down my back producing blood in some places. I growled and started to kiss down her body, from her breast to her stomach that had an adorable belly button piercing and to just over her pussy. I kissed he gently and moved down further breathing through my mouth so she could feel my warm breath on her most sensitive area. I moved to lick her clit but instead teased her by licking up her right thigh. She groaned slightly and I grinned finally liking and kissing her pussy. Gently biting and pulling at her pussy lips swollen with need. The rested her hands on the back of my head tangling her fingers in my short hair. I flicked her clit with my tongue lightly and her hips thrust involuntarily towards me pushing my tongue inside of her. I started to insert a finger into her as I licked circles around her needing clit. Her breathing grew heavier and heaven eventually she was moaning breathlessly. She was almost over the edge I could tell. I stopped suddenly and asked her “are you mine?”

“yes” she moaned “I’m all yours Erica, take me, send me over the edge make me cum in this elevator”

I liked her one last time slowly and roughly and she dropped into my arms breathlessly moaning my name over and over s the climax over took her and her back arched and muscles tensed then relaxed into a blissful state.

We just sat there mostly naked on the floor of the elevator for a few hours, cuddled up to each other, enjoying just being close to the one we loved. We did love each other and we both knew that.

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  1. Diamond Girl

    I had to comment cause sex in an elavator is such a hot fantacy for meand you nailed it gurl! I love that you did two stories form the perspective of each girl


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