Erica's second time with a woman

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Even though sex is over-rated and shameful at times the way that it is portrayed on the news, Erica had just read a fantasy story about two girls getting fucked by each other, and she was totally impressed by how well the sophisticated author wrote it. She was reading alone and managed to maintain her composure only her heart was pulsating. She was smiling. There are so many intelligent, creative writers out there, she thought. Thank God some of them can tastefully write a sex story for women who are not lesbians but desire the juices of a woman. Erica was not a lesbian. Erica started reading fantasy sex stories three years ago when she realized that she had a fantasy of her own and wanted to share it. Her fantasies never came true, but they were all sparked by real experiences. Words are so powerful, she thought. Words can make you cry, think, laugh, aroused, inspired, and much more.

Erica read that story, which is about two gorgeous females who are as beautiful and imaginable as two flirty sophisticated models can get. It was so cute, yet it was grown-up. Describing a moment about a massage, a party, drinking, a hot tub, and of course lots of sexual content would get anyone stirred up. Letting your emotions run wild is as pleasurable as a heart to heart talk. It’s unrehearsed. It’s unforgettable. She contemplated and had an idea.

She closed her laptop computer. It was two hours later than she had planned to stay at work. She never leaves at 3:00pm as the others do. She is one of those employees who is determined to never take her work home, so she gets it finished before she leaves. Thinking about work at home is not sexy or relaxing, she believes.

She drives home and pops in one of her laid back cd’s. She has a sun bright smile when a song from her childhood comes on. We use to superstitiously sing this song on the soccer bus before each game, she recalled.

Erica wondered what ever happened to Emily. Emily was goalie, and the rumor was that Emily dated Rose after graduation. Erica envied Em because she had the guts to come out of the closest. No one was gay in their school or they hid it anyway.

Ten years ago, Erica was a straight hot popular teenager, who got best buns as a notable, and should have dated more guys, but she was wrapped up in the flirting game – maybe she was prude, selfish, or just traditional. She wanted her first time to be special and the time just wasn’t right.

The girls on the soccer team all loved to be aggressive; it helped to relieve the stress from dating, studies, and everything. Erica was the captain during her senior year, and Em was a sophomore. Hearing the song only brought back crazy memories.

Erica pulled into her driveway. No calls on her cell phone. Rats.
She hoped she would have a date tonight. Even her friend postponed movie plans for Saturday night. Erica got into her panties and t-shirt and slipped into bed. Thoughts of Emily flooded her mind. It got erotic. Erica slowly fell asleep softly.

One year later, Erica was playing pool at the local pool hall with a large crowd of people from work. Everyone was getting along fine, making new friends, and relaxing. Some things were the same at work as they were outside in a bar when they went out together but some things were different. One thing different was that it was less formal. Erica had on a tight classic v neck white t shirt and blue jeans. Her brunette hair hung long and waving below her shoulders. Like at work, her warm brown eyes were approachable. She was playing pool with three other guys. She never bragged about how well she could play sports. She only admitted that she was not good at pool, but she managed to beat some of the guys. She admits it is luck.

Meanwhile, Emily walked in the pool hall through the glass doors and over to the counter. Erica noticed and looked to see who she was with. It didn’t look like Rose, but it was definitely another girl who Erica didn’t recognize from ten years ago. It looked like Emily was with a couple of teenage boys, too. Maybe they were her relatives or the other girl’s relatives. Erica smiled. She thought that it was amusing that someone she new outside of work was here. Maybe her presence would make things even more exciting tonight.

Erica’s partner nudged her and told her it was her turn. He winked and smiled.

She beamed and asked, “Okay, what ball can I hit? Don’t answer that Chris, you know what I meant” they laughed.

She aims for the solid 4 and plans to hit it into the right corner pocket. It doesn’t go in.

She flirts with her opponent and says, “We were robbed. You guys are robbing us of our wins. That should have gone in.”

Emily checks out the tables and notices a table by Erica and the good looking men around her. Emily knew that Erica was hot, popular, and respected, and she looked up to her as do most teenage girl-athletes once looked up to their eye-catching captain. Emily kept her eyes on Erica for a moment wondering weather or not to say hi now or wait until it was natural.

Emily was pleasing to the eye. Her full-grown hips, long legs, black hair gave her a style to die for. It was obvious that she was very comfortable with her way of life.

Erica looked great for 30 years old. She would still get carded if it wasn’t for her urbane and elegant demeanor. She carried herself young at heart and appeared to be single and loving it.

The two girls preformed for each other. It would seem foolish, but it was a cleaver way to draw attention.

Erica has only had one experience with a girl, Holly, in college a few years ago, and she never satisfied her desire to touch or make love to a striking woman again. Frankly, Erica contemplated who would NOT want to make love to an attractive woman?

On the other hand, Emily knew she was a lesbian since high school, but she didn’t come out. Since then, she has had numerous wonderful experiences in hotel rooms, swimming pools and hot tubs, at cottages, in the studio, and more. She has even treated Rosie right and taken care of her.

Emily actually did not play pool. She and her friend sat on two bar stools and watched the two teenage boys play pool. One of the boys encouraged the two ladies to play this round, but they gave the excuse that they needed to talk and they would play later.

Erica caught a glance of Emily’s eyes. Erica turned away and considered, “Why don’t I say hi. I wonder what she is up to these days.”

“Hey, Emily”, Erica waved.

“Hi, Erica”, Emily replied.

“How are you?” asked Erica.

“I am doing well, Erica. And you?” responded Emily.

Erica nudged her head with a smile. She got distracted when the voices in the pool hall cried. Her attention drew to the television. Baseball was on, and a player was injured dramatically. Erica was like the perfect wife-to-be because she loved sports and she could hang with the guys, yet represent her womanhood.

Emily would have been interested in the fact that the injured player had to rush to the hospital, and that he would probably be out of the game for three months, if is wasn’t for Emily walking by almost touching her and headed to the bathroom. At that point, Erica began to take an interest in Emily.

“I can’t believe he is injured. This wound is going to screw up some baseball fantasy teams,” reacted Erica as she tried to deny the strong impulse to helplessly follow her in to the bathroom like a puppy follows his master.

“I got two tickets to that game we talked about, Hol, are you still staying here for the Fourth of July weekend? Erica’s co-worker asked.

“Umm, do you want anything to drink?” she replied as if she didn’t hear him.

Erica was storing up so muc
h sexual tension energy for a woman for a long time. She’s had great sex with her ex-boyfriend in bed, on the couch, in the kitch
en, etc… yetthey broke up two months ago. He was too selfish and lacked passion. Every guy seemed to lack something. She had an obsessive sexual experience in college with a girl named Holly less than four years ago, but never again since. Right now, Erica wanted to somehow release some sexual anxiety. She wondered how she could do it without saying anything about it to Emily. She didn’t want to be too sure of herself as if Emily would make out with her in the bathroom. It was ludicrous. However, last time she thought about making out with a stunning woman, she ended up waking up next to her naked. Like the evening with Holly, Erica was anxious for something more tonight. Clearly, the same feelings were there. Tonight, not only did she crave the same experience such as kissing Holly’s tender yielding lips and caressing her soft skin again, but Erica hungered for those sweet juices one more time, tonight or right now. She hungered. She desired it. She wanted her. Seeing Emily only made Erica more eager for another woman all over again.

Chris asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chris Brown’s, “Gimme that” was playing in the background.

“I think I am starting to feel that second beer, Chris.” Erica said , “I am going to get some water, and yes, I do have that weekend off. I totally want to go see them play. It’s my turn to buy the pitcher I will be right back. Play for me, k?”

As she walked to the bar, she felt sensual and physical. The music played a love song. She ordered another New Castle Brown Ale instead of the water. She drank it sort of quickly and looked intently out the window. Holly came to her mind. Holly was an actress now in low budget films, but Erica slept with her and that was all she cared about. Holly had the most compelling smile. Guys must get so lost in Holly’s eyes. Holly’s breasts were 36 C and firm. She had tight abs just like Erica. Erica continued to dream about the first time she ate out a girl while she slipped her tongue in the top of the bottle. Drooling and drinking, at the bar, she forgot about the pool game.

In the meantime a few co-workers said hi and started small talk with her. Even though she acted like she heard them, she wasn’t really listening.

“Erica, we won!” cheered Chris.

Erica smiled and cheered to her opponents.

“Good game” she chanted.

Erica continued to dream about that night and what Holly whispered gently in her ear and said…

“Does this feel good?”
“Yes!” she moaned. Her tits were hard.
That night, Erica lifted off the college actress’s top so the two could touch breasts. Holly stopped sucking and they rubbed nipples as they tenderly kissed. They took in the feeling of touching each other’s breasts. This made Holly’s tits harder and knees weeker…
Erica gently pushed Holly down on the bed so she could make her comfortable and take her clothes off lightly. She took her skirt and panties off …

…Gosh, I never felt that good before, and Holly knew just what I needed. She said that she knew what I wanted after I asked how she knew what to do… Erica’s heart pulsated alone at the bar…

Erica thought… she said that she knew what I wanted… Erica wondered how Holly knew what I wanted…until Emily brought over two shots and placed them down beside Erica’s beer.

“Come-on Erica, never drink alone or drink or drive.” Emily said.

“Hey, Emily, you’re right, you’re right. Perfect timing. Holy cow, I think I was just drifting off for a minute there.” Erica finished her beer and picked up the shot.

“Cheers. To …” Erica started… “To us?” The girls drank.

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