Exploring Bliss (Sequel to Raving Bliss)

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It was a few weeks after the Galactic Earth party, and Tina was still in awe of what had happened on that amazing night. Before then, the shy blonde eighteen year old had done little more than trade a few kisses with guys and then there was that time at the school break up party when she had boldly flashed her tits at Steve …

But in the forest, with Ecstasy burning in her veins and her lucky panties soaking up her sweet virgin cunt juices, Tina had plunged tongue-first into a hedonistic world of Sapphic sexual abandon …

Sitting in the back of the cab, her heart pounding and her cunny becoming moist with anticipation, Tina had to fight hard to resist the urge to plunge her hands into her panties. Tonight she had her “Power Girl” set on again – just for good luck!

She nearly jumped when her phone erupted with noise, the tune was that song by Tatu, and she looked at the screen to see the words “MAX MUFF” explode with colour.

“Where are you Teenie?” Max’s husky voice came through the noise in the background. “I’m really hungry and we’re going to start without you!” If Max was “hungry”, some of her sorority friends could be naked already!
“I’ll be there in a few minutes “Cherry”!” Tina exclaimed. “I’m no more than two blocks away! Cherry?”

Max had already hung up the line.

As the taxi pulled up outside Max’s apartment building, Tina threw open the door, bounded out, pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and ignored the splash of water as she landed in a puddle, soaking her month-old Nike runners …

Tina’s heart pounded with excitement as the lift climbed to the sixth floor. She pulled the piece of paper from her pocket and read the apartment number again – the details were scrawled above Max’s phone number and e-mail address. It was all written with a pink coloured pen in the college girl’s neat handwriting. The note was signed: “Max Muff”.

She walked out of the lift, straightened her tight white t-shirt, into the corridor and after only a few moments, she stood apprehensively in front of the door with “609” marked on it. Tina was about to knock when she heard the muffled moans of a number of girls inside. She shook her head, pushed her anxiousness aside, took another breath … and decided to knock.

A moment later Max threw open the door, and Tina could do nothing to stop what happened next.

As her hazel eyes came upon Max’s taut form, Tina’s jaw dropped open. The twenty two year old was wearing tight fitting black pants, leather knee-high boots and an awesome singlet made of black net-like material. As usual, Max wasn’t wearing a bra and her slinky top did absolutely nothing to hide her small pointy tits, round pink areoles and perfect, sweet long nipples.

Max’s smooth skin was milky-white and her green eyes burned underneath the wild spikes of her bright red hair. As usual, she was wearing a cheeky grin that spoke of naughty promises soon to be fulfilled!

Tina threw her arms around the girl in the doorway and Max pressed her mouth onto Tina’s waiting lips.

As they kissed deeply, the other girls in the apartment whistled and called out for Max to show off her new high school sweet heart.

As Max turned to lead Tina into the apartment, she discovered the source of the sounds that had led her to believe the party had started without her. One of the girls seated on the couch noticed Tina’s eyes falling onto the screen where three lesbian porn stars were fucking each other with their tongues and impossibly large dildos.

“The movie’s called “Pussy Playhouse”. Want to play … ah, watch with me?”
“That’s Halle – with her massive chocolate tits and hot booty, she’s our Porn Queen. I think she stole this DVD from her brother!” The other girls laughed as Max motioned with her hands to a young black girl with long curled hair.

“OK everyone,” Max called. “This is Tina, she’s my Raving Bliss!” Tina’s smile blazed as Max leaned forward to kiss her. As their tongues locked for the second time, the other girls cheered again.

“The girl with her hands down Sam’s top is our favourite blonde haired, blue eyed all-American sweetheart whose pussy tastes like apple pie – Britney! Of course you remember Sam from the rave. She’s not only pink on top!” They all laughed at Max’s exuberant words.

Tina waved “Hi” to them all, and her eyes lingered longest on Halle …

“I think the pizza’s hot and the beers are cold!” Max declared. “The sooner we finish dinner … the sooner we eat out our dessert!” …

Tina laughed as Halle fed her another slice of pepperoni pizza, and Britney sat next to her ready to offer a sip of beer. She was in heaven, being fed by these hot college girls while the slurping, sticky, sweaty sounds of girls fucking each other blared from the TV speakers with scene after scene of sluts with giant dildos, hoars in pairs and lesbian orgies flashing on the screen …

The low coffee table was piled with beer bottles and pizza boxes when Max suddenly called out: “This porno’s making me wet, girls! Tina, I think it’s time you brought out the dessert!”
“Fuck!” The brunette teen swore.
“What’s wrong, Honey?” Halle asked.
“I knew I forgot to bring something! Sorry “Cherry”,” Tina turned to her red headed fantasy girl. “I forgot the fucking dessert!”
“Oh, that’s OK honey,” Max smiled naughtily. “I think we’ll serve you instead!”

Tina couldn’t stop giggling as Max ordered the three other girls to strip her down and lay her on the coffee table where she was going to be served for “dessert”. Sam’s lips were already upon Tina’s, their kiss only breaking as the red-haired girl lifted Tina’s t-shirt over her head and her chill hands worked loose the strap on Tina’s bra, freeing her firm pale tits.

Halle was busy unlacing Tina’s sneakers, while Britney’s hands were undoing her low-waisted jeans. The zip came down and Tina giggled again as she felt Britney’s fingers caress her arse while she pulled her juice-stained “Power Girl” panties off.

At the sight of Tina’s wet and naked brown-pubed cunt, the girls cheered. From a few metres away, she could still hear “Pussy Playhouse” blaring from the TV. Despite the daggy music, the slurping sounds of one porn star eating out the sticky minge of another still reached her buzzing ears …

“Before we serve up our dessert, I think we should clean her up!” Max declared.
Tina couldn’t see what was happening, but she felt Halle push her legs open and then she heard a gushing sound and Britney was rubbing some cold cream onto her outer cunt lips.

“She might be too wet and puffed to do this!” Britney giggled.
“I’m going in!” Tina heard Max cry and the next thing she felt was the chill of a stainless steel razor blade against her outer lips as Max shaved her pubes away …

Halle held a little mirror under Tina’s spread legs, and the brunette looked down at the delicious reflection of her own clean-shaven pussy. Max had left a little “V” of dark-coloured hair directly above her clitty and Tina couldn’t help but smile. Her snatch looked much sexier.

Max sponged Tina’s newly-shaved labia down with a warm towel and the sensation was delightful upon her now-exposed clit.

“I’ll add the finishing touch!” Tina heard Britney giggle as Max wiped away the last of the shaving foam. Soon she heard another squirting sound.

The sweet smell of whipped cream filled the air, mixing with the growing warm, heady musk of leaking muffs. The sweet blonde poured some cream out onto her hands and started massaging it onto Tina’s newly shaved labia. The warmth between Tina’s thighs grew and the teen girl began to feel light-headed.

“You look good enough to eat!” Max called out from between Tina’s legs and Britney moved aside to allow the red head’s tongue to finally fall onto Tina’s aching pussy.

As Max’s tongue washed away the sweet cream, Tina shuddered and drew in and exhaled an ecstatic breath as the sounds of the girls fucking in t
he porno were joined by the sounds of sex filling the room …

Sam and Britney had joined Halle on the couch and the pink and blonde haired girls were stripping the black beauty queen’s clothes from her athletic form. Despite her aerobic training, Halle’s chest heaved and as she panted with lustful excitement, her massive bust rose and fell in rapid succession.

Britney yelled out as Sam pulled Halle’s sports bra over her head and the massive dark mammaries were free.

Halle was emitting soft purring sounds as both teens sat on the couch to either side of her, each of them kissing and licking her round breasts, sucking on her long, hard nipples and slapping each other’s hands playfully as they both raced slowly towards Halle’s warm crotch …

On the floor in the middle of the room, Tina’s moans had begun to increase in volume as Max’s tongue and fingers tortured her now inflamed cunt, sending shudders of ecstasy through her slim frame.

Max’s mouth rested fully over Tina’s bulbed clitty and the pressure built towards Tina’s fist gush of cum as Max sucked and fingered her slippery virgin slit. Tina laughed with joy as Max’s whip-like tongue darted in and out of her taut pink lips and pressed with slight tension on her itching cum-button.

She could feel Max’s long fingers as they worked their way up her love tunnel towards her unbroken hymen.

It wasn’t too long before Tina’s thighs were slicked with a mixture of sweat, Max’s saliva and her own sticky love juices.

Tina knew how much Max loved to lick out her fresh musk box and the thought of Max’s enjoyment heightened her own sense of arousal.

Max’s tongue moved from her swollen clitty to deep inside her cervix to her labia flaps and back again with increasing speed and pressure.

Already the sweat was beading on her forehead as the first feelings of climax traced their icy path up her thighs to her boiling candy cunt …

As the pre-orgasmic surge of butterflies bubbled and danced in her stomach, Tina came to appreciate the gifted and experienced tongue of her older college girl lover.

Chantelle had licked her out good at Galactic Earth, but Max was a muff-munching maniac!

If possible, Max pushed Tina’s creamy skinny legs wider and inched her mouth closer to Tina’s sore passion bulb.

The urgent lustful attention of Max’s tongue was now focused entirely on Tina’s sensitive clit and as the sound of the moaning girls cascaded about her, from the DVD and her lesbian playmates, Tina felt the boiling, icy wave of orgasm come crashing down upon her. Tina’s pelvis started to jerk in time with the spasms of her wild climax and she started to scream …

On the other side of the room, Halle was nestled between the bare-chested Sam and Britney. Sam pulled herself free from the black girl’s orbs, keeping her teeth tight on the hard nipple as she moved away, causing Halle to cry out in ecstatic pain!

She climbed off the couch and came to kneel between Halle’s toned, long legs. She took one look at the girl’s soaked white panties and said: “Now look what you’ve done you little slut!” Sam smiled wickedly up at Britney. “You’ve made her all wet and her panties are soiled! I’ll have to remove them!”

Sam grabbed hold of the crotch on Halle’s panties and gave a hard tug! The black girl cried again at the pain as the lycra refused to tear from her skin. Sam clenched her muscles and pulled even harder and soon the sound of tearing cloth came from between Halle’s legs.

“That’s more like it!” Sam laughed as she threw Halle’s ruined panties to the floor.

Britney had taken advantage of Halle’s distraction and now stood on the couch with her back to Sam. Luckily, her long legs brought her blonde brazillian-waxed slit to hover just above Halle’s hot face.

Britney could already hear below her Sam’s first tentative licks at the black girl’s thick dark labia, and the thought of the pink-haired slut snacking on Halle’s strawberry bits sent her over the edge!

Halle looked up from Sam’s activity between her legs and smiled as she saw Britney’s perfect puffed slit rocking above her. She snaked her tongue out to catch the first viscous strands of girl-juice that were running out of the blonde’s neatly shaven box and slurped in the sticky candy-like sap – she caught some of the strings on her tongue while the rest leaked onto her chin.

Halle’s lips were already wet with Britney’s juices when her tongue finally reached inside to push those engorged pink flaps aside – the moment she found the prized clitty, Britney gave of a primal yell and had to grab onto the head of the couch for dear life!

Halle’s tongue went into greedy overdrive, and within moments the blonde felt the warm pressure of bliss throbbing achingly within her abdomen …

The girls in the movie were screeching in orgasmic nirvana, as were those five Sapphic sluts fucking on the floor of the lounge in Max’s apartment.

While Britney, Halle and Sam were engaged in their three-girl cunt cunnilingus collision, Max was taking advantage of the beer-aided arousal of her high school plaything – Tina.

Tina was lying on her back on the floor, her ears assaulted by the screeching stereo sounds and the cries of Halle and Brittney as they started to share orgasmic bliss.

The short carpet pile was rubbing annoyingly upon Tina’s back and the insistent sensation, coupled with the others’ cum crescendo, almost distracted her from Max’s oral ministrations. She could feel Max’s loving tongue working her towards a second orgasm, the sensations fanning out from her aching clit like a slow-burning blissful wave.

The thin V-strip of short brown hair above Tina’s clitty was soaked with her own juices and Max’s saliva. The pleasure that Max was giving her succulent cunt caused Tina to moan with even greater passion, and her cries only served to excite the girl who’s tongue tickled her hot clit …

There was no doubt as to how much fun Max was having eating out the newly-shaved cunny of her gorgeous plaything. Her tongue was already starting to ache after the ten or so minutes that she had spent savouring the sweet juice of Tina’s teen snatch, but the hard, long strokes of Max’s pink probe upon those places that give all girls pleasure let Tina know that her lover’s hunger was not yet satiated.

Their girl-fucking efforts were nearly interrupted by the shrill cries coming from the couch as Halle and Brittney were caught up in an orgasmic storm!

Among all the distracting lustful sounds, the very last thing that Tina wanted Max to do was to lose concentration and stop eating her out!

But as Tina found herself nearing orgasm, her own desire to taste muff-musk grew. Her mouth began to moisten with saliva as she fantasized about tasting Max’s red-tinged minge, or any of the other wet slits in the room, and her attention began to shift from Max’s lustful tongue strokes between her thickened pink flaps, to her sudden overwhelming hunger for pink meat!

From somewhere in her lust-muddled mind, Tina remembered how to speak and she moaned deeply, “Max Muff, I have to lick you!”

Had her words not escaped in a rushing burst, her cunt would have exploded into orgasm. Max moved her mouth off Tina’s roar, swollen labia and the red head lay on the floor.

“You taste so good, Teenie!” Max cried as Tina rose from the ground.
“I only think we should share Cherry,” The brunette returned as she crawled towards Max. Tina pashed the girl deeply, her tongue swishing around in Max’s mouth so that Tina could taste her own cunt cream. “I do taste good!” Tina exclaimed as she sucked on Max’s tongue.

Tina was finally in position, her pussy facing Max’s waiting lips and tongue as she lowered her own face between the college girl’s warm legs. She inhaled deeply of the strong
scent, and felt the muscles in her cunt dance in orgasmic anticipation. Her tongue reached out for Max’s waiting flaps …

Just as her own tongue
finally flicked at the entrance to Tina’s honey-slicked vagina, Max felt rough hands pulling her away as she longed to once again taste her raving bliss …

Halle, Britney and Sam had moved from the couch to join Tina and Max on the floor. All three girls were sweat-slicked and panting heavily, their rough exhalation speaking of the exhaustion that only comes from multiple orgasms.

“We never got to taste the dessert!” Britney whined as she looked longingly at Tina’s wide-open legs.
“Share and share alike!” Halle cried in agreement. “It’s been so long since I have licked teen pussy!”

Britney and Halle stood to each side of Tina and led her away from Max. Once she lay down again, Halle pushed a long nail-tipped finger up into Tina’s moist cunt and Britney began sucking on her teenie tits! Tina yelled out in pain at the invasion of her cunt, although her hips were grinding in a circular motion on the black lesbian’s stiff finger.

“No FUCKING way!” Halle cursed as her fingers explored Tina’s warm, velvet insides.
“What?” Britney giggled.
“She’s still got a hymen! TINA’S A VIRGIN!!”

“I have never fucked a guy …” Tina answered ashamedly.
“No worries baby, if pussy’s all you need …” Britney laughed as she took Tina’s hard nipple into her mouth again.

Sam didn’t want Max to feel left out, so she began to kiss the red headed girl and knead her tiny tits, all the while working her hands down toward the pink haired girl’s bare cunt.

“It’s been so long since I tasted virgin pussy!” Halle cried. “White girl, you’re mine!” The big-boobed black girl pushed Tina to the ground and shoved her face between Tina’s legs.

Before Tina knew what was happening, Halle’s tongue was violently plunging into her clam, punishing her already hypersensitive clit and Brittney, down on all fours with her arse facing Tina, had brought her waxed blonde wet fanny onto Tina’s already cum-drenched face.

Tina was excitedly licking Britney, her second new cunt for the night. Her aching tongue explored the new taste and came to nestle tightly between the pleasure-thickened pink lips of the girl’s partly waxed blonde slit.

While she traced her tongue along the wide musk-dripping lips, scooping up strands of juice, Tina felt Halle burrow deeper into her own cunt as Max began to tongue fuck the black girl.

Sam’s shaved pussy was being eaten out by Britney, the blonde girl’s short sharp tongue lashings were already eliciting wild moans from the pink-haired girl.

The vibrations of her guttural sexual expression sent warm vibrations into Max’s bushy red cunt. In turn the moaning and sucking of Tina’s lover completed the circle as she pushed her hungry lips onto Halle’s black-pink muff.

The circle of Sapphic sin became a cacophony of sound as the noises of five girls licking and sucking on burning cunt reverberated with their own moans and the blaring sounds of girl sex still coming from the DVD.

Best of all, Tina knew that while dessert might have been served, the night had only just begun …

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