First Encounter (Part 2)

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Part 2

The Blonde was just finishing putting on her harness when she returned with two more bananas.
“So aren’t you going to introduce me to our little slave Bitch? Or are we going to dispense with names?” the Blonde asked.
“Well he knows mine of course, but I’ve instructed him to call me nothing but ‘Mistress’ for the evening…I suppose we need to come up with something for you to eliminate any confusion. How about Madam?” Mistress said setting the fruit on the nightstand.
“No, too old sounding…Hmmmm, how about “Trix” as is Domina-“trix” The Blonde suggested.
“Oh that’s cute!” Mistress said with a chuckle, “Works for me, Bitch, this is Trix…she’ll be joining us for the rest of the evening.”
“Well excuse me for not getting up, but I’m a bit tied up right now!” He said sounding a little pissed off about the situation. He didn’t mind her joining, but everything seemed to have turned rather ‘one way’, and he desperately needed to cum again.
“He sounds little smart ass to me,” Trixie said, “I have just the thing for that in my bag! With your permission of course Mistress.”
“Oh by all means, please feel free.”
Trix went to her bag and pulled out a penis gag and climbed on the bed. He tried to fight it when he realized what she was doing, but he had no chance and she easily forced the 3” cock into his mouth and secured the leather strap around his head.
“Ah, works perfectly!” Trix said, “Now we just need to clean him up a bit, those bananas are a bit messy.”
“Yes they are…I forgot the KY”
“Well I have plenty.” Trix said.
“Great! Well here, grab a wet towel and clean him up, I’m going to take a quick shower…Oh by the way, there is room service if you want anything” Mistress added.
“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind…Hmmmm nice ass Bitch” Trix said quickly cleaning him up with the damp towel, “Can’t wait to get me some of that!” She finished and as she turned to leave, she paused, spun the towel, and snapped him with it.
“Hmmppffhhh!” He jerked forward in surprise from the unexpected sharp smack on his ass cheek, and in doing so; he inadvertently pulled on his balls that were still leashed to footboard. “Hmmppffhhh!” He mumbled complaining as a small red welt appeared.
CRACK!!! She snapped him again with the towel and again the same action and result.
“Oh this is too much!” She said laughing, “We’re certainly going to have some fun!”
In the bathroom the shower started running and resisting using the towel again on him she turned and went into the living room. He was able to turn his head just enough to see her leave the room and thought, She was a certainly a scary one. She wasn’t anything like the other girl, who was petite and toned. She was taller and almost too muscular. He could tell she worked out constantly and the muscular roundness of her ass showed that she did some kind of athletic hobby daily like running or biking. He shuttered to himself thinking of the powerful thrust those thighs could produce and was surprised to find he was growing hard thinking about it. As she disappeared from sight into the living room…he could faintly heard her picking up the phone and talking.
“Five minutes? Great, yes that’s right…just knock and leave it at the door, Thank you.” He heard after a few minutes of hushed conversation. He resigned to his predicament and laid his head on a pillow and waited for what was to come next. After a short time the shower stopped and few seconds later Mistress emerged in a foggy cloud of steam.
“Hmmm, that felt good!” She said padding herself dry and bending backwards in a slow stretch, “Did you order anything from room service….ah…Trix?”
“Why yes” She said seemingly stepping back into the room, “Should be here any minute.”
“Well I hope not too much, I wanted to show you this really cool restaurant just down the street in about a hour or so…they stay open quite late.”
“Oh don’t worry, I just got the ‘Honeymoon Dessert’ I saw on the menu.” She said with a wink.
“Oh you’re Bad!” Mistress said dressing again in her leather bustier and boots and cleaned strap-on.
A moment later there was a knock at the door and Trix went out and returned to the bedroom with a small tray with a bowl of strawberries and a can of whipped cream.
“Isn’t that cute…decorated nice and romantic like that!” Mistress said.
“Yeah, but I bet all that ever gets used on the Honeymoon is the Whipped Cream!”
Both girls laughed for a moment, but became more serious as they climbed on the bed. They let their hands wander over his body, caressing his muscular shoulders and moving down to his up turned ass.
“Hmmmm, he is quite nice. Where did you find him?” Trix asked.
“Oh I’ll tell you later over dinner” She responded reaching underneath him and stroking his hardening cock, “Well someone is certainly getting excited!”
Trix didn’t want to waste any time with foreplay, since she was ready to fuck when she arrived, but she decided to remove her harness and have her pussy eaten just to get things started. She was reaching over to undo his gag when Mistress asked what she was doing.
“Oh I’ll do it” Mistress said hearing her plans and she motioned Trix to lie beside their tied up victim.
As Mistress eased her face between Trix’s legs and began licking her soft wet pussy, all he could do was watch…and it was driving him crazy! Mistress licked and sucked her pussy and clit and in no time brought her to the brink of her first orgasm. But then she stopped and moved up between her legs and bent forward and shared a long passionate kiss with her. At the conclusion of the kiss, Mistress whispered that she was going to fuck her and she reached to guide her cock into her.
Trix was surprised! The two were friends, but had never done this to each other before.
But even so she found that she was eager and opened herself up and moaned loudly as the thick dildo slid in. Mistress shortly began pumping harder and Trix wrapped her strong legs around her waist and pulled her deeper and deeper.
“Yeah! You fuck me so good!” Trix moaned…getting close again.
“I always wanted to fuck you…Yeah Baby, Fuck My Cock!”
After some time and a few shifts in positions, Trix cried out and tensed in orgasm as Mistress buried her face into her neck and blonde hair and in a muffled cry, evidently had one of her own.
Still helpless, but very much excited, he could only watch and feel the bed shake as the two hot women fucked each other. Damn he wanted some of that action! He was so horny the tip of his cock was dripping with pre-cum
“Well…that was a nice surprise!” Trix said getting up and moving to put her harness back on and added with a grin, “But I came here to be the fucker!”
After her harness was securely fastened, she reached into bag and pulled out the cock she had showed off earlier.
“Wow, that thing is huge!” Mistress said.
Thinking about it she agreed and reached for a smaller one that was still thick and 8’.
“Yeah you’re right, I’ll start with this one.” She attached the cock to her harness and moved behind him and carefully inserted the tip of the can of whipped cream into his ass and shot some in. He jerked forward a bit, bu
t had nowhere to go and she removed the can and inserted two fingers.
“Hmmm, still l
oose enough” She said and grabbed a strawberry from the bowl and worked it in his ass. After inserting another, she squirted more whipped cream in and then rising to her knees, lined up her cock.
“Honeymoon Surprise!” She said laughing, “I’m going to Fuck those strawberries into your ass Bitch!”
She rammed her cock in his ass easily with the whip cream oozing out and started pumping away. The strawberries quickly broke apart and with all the cream, her thrusts began to make loud wet fucking noises.
“Yeah Fuck Him!” Mistress encouraged, “Fuck that sissy ass!”
“That should be good” Trix said stopping and replacing the cream covered cock with the huge one “Now take this Bitch!” She pressed the tip against him and he tried to move away from it.
“Where do you think you’re going?” She said grabbing his hips and holding him still.
She pressed harder and watched the head of the monster cock squeeze into his well-lubed ass. The cock was massive and with only the head in, it still felt like it was ripping him apart! He groaned and ached his back trying to at least make it as easy as he could for himself.
“Oh Yeah” Trix said watching and pressing harder, “Damn that looks so Hot!”
Mistress not wanting to be left out removed her harness and positioned herself between him and the headboard. She removed the penis gag, but before he could say anything she grabbed him by the back of the head and buried his face between her legs.
“Eat My Pussy Bitch!” She commanded and thrusts her hips up, rubbing her wet pussy all over his lips and face.
Meanwhile Trix had worked about five inches of the huge cock in, but she still had about five inches left to go. She felt that he was loosening up to it and she started pumping it in and out…working it deeper with each stroke.
“That’s it Cunt! Take my Huge Cock!” She pushed deeper, “How does that feel!?”
With each push Trix when deeper until it was all in. Mistress felt each thrust against her pussy as Trix pushed him forward into her. After several minutes Trix was able to really bang away. He felt Mistress put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back when Trix came forward.
“Fuck His Ass! Fuck that Horny Little Bitch!” Mistress said.
So much was going on that he was in a blur. Once the huge cock was in, he was grew used to it’s massive size he found he was almost ashamed that he started wanting it more. He buried his face into Mistresses pussy and tried to wiggle his ass even higher to get the big cock deeper. His balls were swollen with cum and the harness he wore pulled back each time he was penetrated.
“Oh Look! The little Slut is starting to want it! Trix observed.
Suddenly Mistress started to cum on his face. She clamped the sides of his head with her thighs and while beginning to shivering, pushed him away from her sensitive clit.
“Oh God that was Great!” She said as Trix smiled at her over his body. As Mistress came down from her orgasm, Trix continued her assault. Her naked body was now wet with sweat from her exertions and the candlelight shimmered off her tight muscular ass and thighs as she pumped into him.
“Let’s turn him over and finish him off” Mistress suggested.
“Alright I’ll hold him, untie his hands and retie them in the center of the headboard so we can spin him around. She stopped, but stayed in him and held him by his hips after unclasping his cock and ball leash as Mistress quickly did the arm adjustments. Then like he was on a screwier, the spun him onto his back. Trix dropped a little and placed his ankles high over her shoulders, so she could still fuck him. Quickly she resumed pumping.
“Well after all this I think we can let him cum” Mistress said grabbing his swollen cock and stroking it. .
“Well not before I do!” Trix said, “But go ahead I’m really close.”
Mistress, from the side, took his cock into her mouth and started giving him what he had been waited so long for. She watched the massive cock slide in between his ass cheeks and back out again and with every stoke, Trix’s flat stomach slapping into his balls just inches from her face as she continued fucking his ass with a look of lustful dominance in her eyes.
“OH FUCK! THERE IT IS!” Trix screamed after just a few short minutes and between slamming thrusts continued, “OH!” Slam! “FUCK!” Slam! FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!! Slam! Slam! Slam!
Witnessing her shattering orgasm, Mistress sensed that he was about to cum himself. She withdrew from his cock, but continued pumping it until cum squirted from its tip. The force surprised her, but luckily she had it aimed and the stream of cum landed on his upper chest. She squeezed and pumped in time with his contractions and after four more powerful ejaculations his chest and stomach were covered.
Trix witnessed the display as she was coming down from her orgasm and withdrew her huge cock and pushed his legs down.
“Here rub that cum on my cock” She said working her way up his body. Mistress gathered as much as she could with her fingers and smeared it on the shinny dildo before making him lick her fingers clean.
“Her Bitch, I believe this is yours!” She said forcing her fingers to be licked.
“Ok my turn!” Trix said moving up and slapping her cum and strawberry cream covered cock against his lips, “Suck Bitch!”
“Look at that! What a Slut!” Mistress said laughing. “Damn what a find!”
”Yeah he’s quite the little cock-sucking Cunt! So what now…Dinner?” Trix asked.
“Yeah let’s take a shower and get something to eat. I’m starved!” Mistress responded.
“Ok you go first” Trix said.
“I was thinking Together!” Mistress winked.
“Sounds good! We can take care of him later!”

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