First lesbian experience

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Krystin was getting her things together as she was trying to figure out where her room mate Elyssia was. They were to be attending a meeting in an hour.

She sat around for a while hoping that she would show up.

Krystin was always a very pretty girl, 5’6 120 lbs, long light brown hair, nice large firm breasts… always catching everyones eye. Especially when she went anywhere with Elyssia. Elyssia was gorgeous. Also 5’6 bright blue eyes and long blonde hair… and tits to die for. Atleast Krystin thought so.

She had always imagined being with Elyssia… thinking what it would be like to taste her pussy and feel her tighten up around her fingers. She had never been with a girl before and Elyssia was definately one girl that she would love to fuck.

As Krystin was thinking about all this she started to get turned on. Next thing she knew she had her hand down her tight fitted pants rubbing her clit then fingering herself. As her juices began to get thicker she quickly stopped and ran to the bathroom for a shower grabbing her huge dildo on the way.

she got into the hot water her large tits bouncing and her nipples erect, leaned against the wall and fingered herself franticly… just imagining what Elyssia’s hot pussy would taste like.

Then she gripped the large dildo and thrusted it into her tight pussy, she loved the feeling of fucking herself in the shower as the hot jets shot out all over her body.

Just as she began to cum she felt something flicker across her nipple… she opened her eyes and there was Elyssia standing in front of her completely naked and rubbing her own clit.

Well not wasting any time Kristin got down on her knees in front of her sexy room mate, grabbed her thighs and pulled her juicy mound into her face. Darting her tongue out across Elyssia’s hot clit.. feeling her pussy juicces pour over her tongue and in too her mouth.

Then Kristin slid her fingers into Elyssia’s tight cunt and finger fucked her as she licked the cum that was pouring over her clit.

Elyssia turned off the water and lifted Kristen up off her knees and guided her out of the shower.. but Kristen didnt want to leave the bathroom so she laid Elyssia out on the floor and started to lick her clit again.. then Elyssia grabbed her thighs and pulled her over placing her on her face.

Kristin couldnt believe it.. the feeling of Elyssia’s tongue on her clit was amazing. She loved lapping up Elyssia’s cunt juices then sliding her tongue as far as it could go into her cunt. Feeling her get wetter and wetter thrusting her pelvis into her face begging for her not to stop.. the juices pouring all over her face… it was all too much for her she couldnt hold it anymore so she let it go and cummed into her sexy room mates mouth. And just as she did that Elyssia shot a hot load into her mouth as well.. She loved it, tasting her cum.. it was amazng…

So the girls got up, walked out of the bathroom and found their way to Elyssia’s bed.

Kristen looked at the clock and realised that they were late for their meeting so she descided to just get into bed with Elyssia.

She lifted up the covers and there was Elyssia holding Her huge dildo. So she slid it into Kristen’s tight cunt franticly fucking her with it. Kristin exploded all over Elyssia and the dildo so she took the dildo from her and put it under the pillow thinking that she will need it again later.

And with that sweet ass laying next to her she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

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    Great Story!!!!!

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