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My first time
when we were growing upi my sister and me were quite close though I was the little brother
It seemed we did everything together and were nearly in seperable.Being older then me she was vastly more experienced in the ways of life.
Many times on family trips we shared the same quarters .Though other times I was the odd person out left a blanket pillow and the floor to sleep on.
I was told it was no biggie by my parents and others to sleep on the floor.
I would hunker up in a corner or at the foot of the bed where my sister slept.,and fall asleep.
Sometimes I would find myself in bed with her though did not know how I got there.
Though once in awhile when half asleep and half awake I could feel my body lifting it was then I realized it was her putting me in bed with her.
By the age of 20 she was fully grown and had blossumed a tall beauty standing nearly 6 feet in height with long brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes.
Unfortunately I hadn’t been so blessed as had she I was still a skinny whimpy young en of 18 barely 5 feet tall maybe 100 pounds soak and wet.
And still wearing boys clothes.
I liked crawling into her bed and snuggling up to her warm body often using her firm but enormous breasts as pillows.
But one day I started to crawl into her bed but found the other side was occupied by another individual I was shocked.
I could make out he had an enormous cock maybe 9 inches long and very thick.
And his cock was sticking straight up.My sisters breast were exposed revealing her hard nipples with this guy sucking on one.
Seeing all this I pulled my shorts down feeling my first ever hard on with my stiff little 5 inch cock.
This guy then noticed me an said something to Beverly rather then stopping and making me leave she motioned for me to come forward,which I promptly did.
She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek and said do you want to learn about sex.?Of course my response was yes sis.
She looked at Dan and said lets have a three way and teach him about sex.
Beverly ordered me to lay on the bed as she started slowly licking the tip of my cock it felt fantastic,as I could feel my cock once again rising.
Then she motioned for Dan to come over which he did his 9 inch plus cock was only inches from my mouth .
Beverly insisted that I suck Dans cock if we were to ontinue ,at first I resisted but sis stopped licking my cock and said do it you know I have never steered you wrong before
Now I could feel the power of his giant size cock as it passed between my lips.though it barly fit in my mouth .
Just before I was ready to explode Dan flipped me over.pulling my under wear all the way down exposing my bare butt.
I gently cried out as he pressed his manliness inside of me making me his latest conquest. it burned as it finally slid through and hurt but at the same time felt great.
Meanwhile sis spread her legs and had me licking her wet pussy I loved it I was in heaven.
After Dan shot his warm load inside of me after just a few strokes .
Beverly put on a strap on dildo and fucked me Till I begged her to stop.
Then Bev had me lay exhausted as I was on my back as she mounted me.
While Dan came back with his now cleaned cock limp And placed it before my eager lips and eyes as I again started sucking finally I exploded in her tight pussy .
Dan’s juices were so plentiful my mouth couldn’t contain all of them much as I tried.
Well that was a year ago and now Dan and sis are getting married and have invited me along for the honey moon

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