Forbidden Love

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Krysta had just moved to the town of Altamonte Springs. She didn’t want to be there. She wanted to be back in Brockport with her friends, and the snow. She hated her parents for making her move far away from her life.

Today was her first day at school and she knew she was going to hate it. She didn’t know anybody there. And she just KNEW everyone would hate her. She had spent an hour trying to find an outfit to wear.

The day was going pretty good. With the exception of getting lost and then walking in the same classroom. It was almost the end of the day and she was trying to find her last hour.

“Why does this school have to be so big?” Krysta asked herself.

“I’ve asked myself the same thing before.” A voice laughed behind her. Startled, Krysta turned around to see a female with short brown hair wearing a sleeveless hooded shirt that had two zippers going both up and down. Krysta eyed her nervously.

“Don’t worry. I don’t bite. Much.” She added. “My name’s Devon.” she said with a smile.

“I’m Krysta.” She replied.

“So, I take it your lost?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Well, kinda.” Devon laughed. “Let me see your schedule. I’ll help you find your class.”
Krysta handed Devon her schedule.

“Oh! You’ve got English with Ms. Davarni. I’m in there now as well.” Devon said a second later with a smile. “Come on. I’ll show you where it’s at.”

Some how Devon had managed to get the teacher to allow them to sit next to each other, although a boy was already sitting there.

Devon slipped Krysta note towards the end of class. She opened the note after making sure the teacher wasn’t watching. She read the note. It said:
Wanna go to the movies together Friday night? Then stay the night at my house? We’ll have loads of fun.
Luv, Devon.

Krysta only had to think about it for a second before writing her answer. ‘Sure!’ She couldn’t believe it. She already had a friend.

Devon walked Krysta home. Devon was so excited that Krysta said yes. All she talked about was things they could do. Everything sounded like so much fun.

That night Krysta asked her parents. At first they said no. Krysta was on her knees begging them to let her go, when the phone rang. Krysta got up and ran to the phone. Her little brother Matt had answered it.

“Kryyyysssstttaaaa!” He called. “It’s your girrrrlllfriiennddd!”

“Knock it off you little snotbrain!” Krysta said yanking the phone away from him. For some reason she had butterflies in her stomach whenever she talked to her. “Hello?” She said. Sure enough, it was Devon.

“Hey girl! Did your parents say yes?”

“They wanna talk to your mom first.” Krysta sighed.

“OK. Hold on. Just give the phone to your mom and I’ll get mine.”

“OK.” Krysta said and out the receiver on the desk.

“MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!” Krysta yelled.
Her mom came running in with a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on? Did your brother set the outlet on fire again?”

“No mom. Devon’s mom wants to talk to you.”
Her mothers expression became relieved then angry. “Don’t you ever do that again!” She said taking the phone. When the parents got done talking, she handed Krysta back the phone. “I suppose you can go. But if anything happens. Call me.”

“Yes mom. I know.” Krysta said with a sigh.
Devon, and Krysta talked for about half an hour before finally hanging up. She couldn’t wait for Friday.

Finally, Friday came and Krysta was in her room packing her things. She couldn’t believe how close her and Devon had become in those few days. She shoved some clothes and a night shirt into a spare backpack, as well as the necessities like a hair brush, a toothbrush, and some foundation. She put her backpack on and headed for school.

That day wasn’t so bad. With the thought of that night in her head, Krysta managed to make it through her math test and even her boring History lesson.

Finally, last hour came. She headed to her locker to get her English books. When she got there she was pleasantly surprised to see Devon standing by her locker waiting. Devon looked up and saw Krysta. She waved to her to hurry.

Finally, the day had ended and the two girls were on their way to Devon’s house to drop off their things.

“So, what movie you wanna go see?” Krysta asked as they entered Devon’s room.

“I don’t know. Something funny.”

“Well, “The Hot Chick” is playing.”

“Yeah! I’ve always wanted to see that movie. It looks funny.”

When they arrived at the theater they went to but the tickets.

“Sorry girls. But the movies sold out.” The woman at the ticket booth said.

“Sold out!?” They exclaimed.

“Yes I’m sorry. Would you like to see another movie?”

“Do you wanna see a different movie? Or we could always go to Blockbuster and rent one.” Devon said. “Since I’m 18 now, we can rent ANYTHING.” She said with a smile.

“Ok let’s do that.”

The two girls got four movies. Two comedies, a horror, and one that Devon said was really good. “It’s about two girls who became friends and fall in love.” Devon had said. For some reason, Krysta didn’t really care what it was about. As long as she was watching it with Devon.

They got back to Devons house and went to her room. They popped in the first movie “But I’m A Cheerleader!” It was a pretty funny movie.

Then after that movie, Devon put in the one she had said was good. It was a pretty good movie. Then it got to a hot sex scene. Krysta realized that Devon had scooted so close to her that she was practically lying on top of her. Krysta looked over at Devon and saw that she was looking at her. Devon leaned close and kissed her. Fireworks went off in Krysta’s head. She knew then what the feeling of butterflies was there for. She loved Devon. Loved her more then a friend. They wrapped their arms around each other when Devon suddenly jumped up. She ran to the door and locked it. She began to remove her clothes as she stepped closer to the bed. She now had her shirt off revealing her breasts. Krysta longed to touch them. She knew that this kind of thing was forbidden and frowned upon. But she didn’t care.

Devon reached down and pulled Krysta up close to her. They kissed again. Krysta reached down and removed her nightshirt. Devon embraced her, then laid her on the bed. She felt Devon removing her underwear. Then felt her finger glide gently over her inside. Krysta couldn’t believe this was happening. She then felt Devon’s finger go inside of her and she couldn’t help but moan. Devon moved up to kiss her as she gently moved her finger in and out of her.
Krysta moaned again.
“Oh please! Do me harder!” She cried as she neared a climax. Krysta felt the thrust of Devon’s fingers become more wanting. She knew that Devon wanted some too.
After her climax Krysta climbed on top of Devon. She leaned down and began sucking on her neck. She felt Devon’s sharp intake of breath as she moved her lips to her breasts.
She then moved her lips lower till she touched the sweet lips of Devon’s private place. She spread the lips and gently flicked the sweet mound with her tounge. She tasted so sweet that Krysta couldn’t help it. She plunged her tounge deep into Devon’s sweet body.
Devon began to come almost immediatly. Krysta took hthe sweet juices into her mouth. She reached down and began to masturbate.
After a few minutes Devon arched her back moaning.

Finally, after both had had thier fill, they layed in each others arms and fell asleep. They both knew nothing would ever be the same between them again.

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