Girls Holiday turns filthy

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Me and my best friend Lauren decide we were bored of going out in the same places, seeing the same old men. We booked our first girls holiday for our 18th birthdays to Ibiza!

So, off we went and landed in ibizas hot sun! After a few nights of going out, we both had our eye on this one man- Alex! Being good friends… We thought we would both stay clear of him as good friends do….. Or we could share him and have the time of our lives as BEST friends do. 
We came home from our birthday night out and saw alex at the bar, it was about 4am and everyone was pretty drunk, but still partying on! So we carried on back at our bar with them, soon to Learn that Alex has
A girlfriend! 
Me and Lauren go up to our apartment, gutted that the gorgeous tall dark and handsome hotty was taken. 
I said I was going for a shower, so I took off all my clothes, apart from my thong, and went to the bathroom. 
After about 5 minutes in the shower, I heard Lauren come in the room, we were both quite comfortable being nude around eachother, but I asked her what was up? 
Lauren sighed, looked at me and said ‘you have got such an amazing body, looks amazing wet as well’
I shyly giggled, and looked back at her, and she had this look in her eye and she was carressing my body with her gorgeous eyes. I knew exactly what she was thinking! 
She started slowly undressing herself, and before I knew it she was in the shower with me, running her fingers down my back. 
As I turned around she just kissed me, and I kissed her back. Our tongues rolled around in eachothers mouths, whilst we were squeezing eachothers breasts. Lauren was a 32D, and I was a 32F… She bent down and started gently flicking her tongue over my hard wet nipple. I was so excited, neither of us had done this before but it was so hot. 
I slowly ran my hand down her curvy body and started teasing her with my fingers on her swollen pussy. I gently pressed one fingers between her lips, and flicked her clit. I was so wet, I turned the shower off, took her hand, and walked out of the bathroom, and pushed her onto my bed. 
We couldn’t stop kissing each other and rubbing each others bodies. She got up and turned me over so I was on all fours, and started rubbing my arse, she then licked her fingers and started rubbing between my arse hole and my pussy.. I begged her to lick me, I just wanted more. She licked my hole crease from my arse hole and my pussy, and started tongue fucking my pussy hole. 
I was panting like fuck and just let out a scream. She was teasing me and just stopped, led back on her back, opened her legs, and pulled me between them. I could see her wet pussy just dripping with her juices, I couldn’t wait and just started eating her pink virgin pussy. she was screaming out my name and I loved it. 
We were both so frustrated she turned me around so my pussy was hovering over her face and I was still licking hers, whilst I gently finger fucked her hole. I could feel her warm breath between my legs, and she finger fucked my arse, age started licking my pussy faster and faster, I screamed as I came, and all my pussy juices dripped into her mouth. 
I decided that I would get on top of her, put our tight pink pussys together, and fuck her until she came all over my pussy. 
It was so intense, and electrifying down my body, as we both came together. I licked her pussy dry of all her juices and kissed her one last time! 
We definitely  had a story to tell when we got home, but we decided to keep it our little secret. When I’m home alone, I tend to pleasure myself thinking of this night in Ibiza, a very good birthday present! 

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  1. Diamond Girl

    I lover stories where basicly straight girls lustful thoughts turn to each other I had a friend who I first met when I was ten and after our Hight school prom we had the most amazing sex I mean I loved it so much just like I looved your story

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