Girly Sleepover

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Amy Has been looking forward to her girly Sleepover with Chloe all week. And now it was the day of the sleepover she was jumping with excitement. “Thats Chloes mum here to pick you up!”
“Okay mum. Bye”
She was on her way right now she was so exciteed she had even token her make-up for make overs with her!
“Hey Amy! Your finally here. come in” said Chloe. “Okay so what we gunna do first?!” asked amy.
“How about we play truth and dares?”
“okay. lets get into our pj,s first.”
5 mins later.
“Okay I will start!” said Chloe
“hmmm I am picking truth for you! a random question .. have you started you period?”
“yes just stopped last week! Now its my turn.. I will pick for you tooo… have you?”
“yeah like 2 years ago!Now my turn…. What size are your boobs?”
“…Ummm…. 27B. I truth you the same question!”
“24C. Now I truth you… aare you wet?”
“…. I umm Will check…….” Amy stuck her hand down her pants and her finger in her vagina then pulled her hand back up and her hand was full of juices. “Yes I am…do you have a towel I can wipe this on?”
Chloe grabbed Amys finger and sucked the juices from it! “Now its your turn!” said chloe.
“Okay are you wet?”
Chloe quickly shuved her finger down her pants and into her vagina and came out with it soking wet and some cum on it…Then she took her finger and shoved it in Amys mouth! “There you go try that!”she said
“……Its your turn”
“I dare you to get naked!”
“Okay…” Amy got her clothes off quick then sat back down on the bed.
“There! Now I dare you to also get naked!”
Chloe pulled her clothes off slowly doing a strip tease.
“…There… I dare you to lie down and close your eyes” Chloe said
“Fine” Amy lay down and shut her eyes tight. Then Chloe slowly crawled to her and licked her lips… then she bent down beside Amy and started squeezing her boobs then slowly started licking her nipple then she moved up to her face and started kissing her slowly… then stuck her toungue in her mouth snogging her. She then moved back to her boobs sucking on them again.. then licked down her belly and down her leg until she got to her bagina… and licked the lips teasing her… then she stuck her toungue right in her flicking her clit up and down until Amy cummed in her face and was moaning loud! “Your turn” chloe said!
“OKAy I dare u to lie down naked with ur eyes closed!” Chloe quickly did so and then Amy started snogging her then sucking her nipples while squeezing them but she was so excited about sucking the clit that she quickly moves her head down and started sucking it and flicking it. “Aww yeah Baby mmmm yeah AMY AMY FUCK YEAH” Chloe moaned!
Then Amy got up with cum over her mouth.
“This was the best sleepover ever lets have more…tomorrow” said amy.
“okay “said chloe
And then they snogged the face of each other
The end… for now!

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