Help with Astrophysics

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Jana was a tall, brunette, with DD tits and a slender, voluptuous figure. She lived by herself in an apartment just off campus where she went to college. Ever since she moved into the apartments she had admired the girl across the hall, Stacey. Stacey was a blonde haired, blued eyed girl with nice C cups. Jana always fantasized about sucking on Stacey’s full, bronzed breasts. She also knew she wanted to taste Stacey’s pussy, she wondered if Stacey was a true blonde. One day after returning from class, Jana saw Stacey at her front door. As soon as she saw her, Jana’s pussy began to drizzle. “Hi, what’s up, Jana.”, said Stacey. “Not too much, I am surprised but pleased to see you here, Stacey.”, Jana replied. “Well”, Stacey began, “I remember you saying that you take Astrophysics and so do I and I really need help in that class, could you help me?” “I will do anything if you could.” “Really? Well, come on in.” Jana knew this was her chance if she was ever going to get to lick that sweet pussy of Stacey’s this was the time. Jana tried to get things started right away but Stacey didn’t seem to pay any attention and demanded on studying. After 3 hours of talk of Astrophysics. Stacey felt more confident. “Thank you so much, Jana. What ever can I do to thank you?” This was it, this was the moment. Jana wanted that hot blonde’s twatt and she wanted it now. “There is one thing you can do for me, Stacey”, Jana replied. “What is that?”, asked Stacey. Jana then walked over to Stacey and put her arms around her waist and slowly moved her hands down to her zipper and began to unzip her jeans. “Whoa! What are you doing, Jana? Wait! I have never…” And with that Jana shoved her tounge into Stacey’s mouth and while stunned at first Stacey returned the passionate kiss. She couldn’t believee that she was kissing another woman but she knew that it felt good before she could have time to get used to that Jana became pulling down her shorts and panties and put her hand between Stacey’s hot, pussy. “I have watched you for months, Stacey, I have imagined eatimg your pussy and now that is exactly what I am going to do!” Stacey could do nothing now but surrender to the passion of the hot sex she was about to endure. “Oh, yes, baby, go ahead, eat it, I want you, eat it!” Jana kneeled between her legs and just like she thought, Stacey was a true blonde. There in front of her sat a golden blonde, neatly trimmed bush, now glistening from all of Stacey’s pussy juice. Jana immediately devoured it, licking Stacey’s clit furiously while fingering her pussy at the same time. First she stuck in just one finger, then two and then, as Stacey moaned, she inserted the third finger..”Oh, you are so tight!”, moaned Jana, “I love your hot, little, blonde pussy.” Stacey moaned uncontrollably all of a sudden she felt a sudden urge come over her. She pushed Jana off of her and yelled, “Take your pants off, bitch, I want to eat your cunt!” Jana was exhilerated, she had no idea that Stacey was such a slut, did as she was told. Stacey dove into Jana’s pussy, driving her tongue deep into Jana’s hole. She ravished Jana’s pussy with her tongue and fingers and Jana groaned and moaned more loudly as she approached orgasm. Stacey was sucking on Jana’s click while finger fucking her hole when looked up at Jana and said, “I want to feel your cunt on mine!” With that Stacey straddled Jana and began rubbing her hot, dripping wet, blonde pussy against Jana’s. Jana propped herself up and began to grind her cunt into Stacey’s. She could feel the wet, blonde hair on Stacey’s pussy rubbing over her throbbing clit. Their juices were running together and all over the place as they fucked each other. “Oh, I can’t believe it!, moaned Stacey, I can’t believe we are pussy fucking!” “Oh, me either, screamed Jana, I have wanted you for so long!” I am about to come, moaned Jana, I wanted you to come with me, Stacey!” The girls began thrusting their wet, throbbing, hot cunts together more fiercly than ever before and almost simultaneously their orgasms exploded together, sending a crashing wave between the two of them. They engaged in a passionate kiss and then got dressed. As Stacey was leaving all she could say was, “Thanks for the help with Astrophysics.” but Jana really knew what she meant.

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