Her Best Rescue

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Elena was half asleep when she heard the women’s scream. She had thought the beach was empty. It was a foggy evening and no one else should have been in the water; it was choppy as though a storm were coming. Elena looked down the beach and saw that the other lifeguards were too far away to have heard the women. Panic overtook her and she grabbed her body board, blew her whistle, and plunged into the icy ocean.
Only minutes later Elena was pulling her victim on shore. A minute after their toes had left the ocean water Elena’s victim opened her eyes and began to cough. Elena sighed in relief and sat down beside her body board.
“Good thing you screamed before you lost consciousness”. Elena said. “Otherwise I never would have noticed you. How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine.” The girl said.
“What were you doing out in the water by yourself today? That was idiotic. You could die out there.”
“Well, thanks for saving me.”
“You’re welcome”. Elena glanced over at her victim. She raised an eyebrow, noticing that the girl she had saved, probably twenty years old, was wearing a tiny white bikini that had almost gone see-through over her tanned skin. Elena looked away quickly. The girl was so lovely but she had to be professional.
“It was stupid of me to be out there on the water”. The girl said. “But I’m so grateful to you for saving me.”
She sat up and her breasts shifted to fill her white bikini top. Elena was about to say she should lie back down when the girl said, “my name is Cristy. I’d really like to thank you for saving me.”
“Don’t mention it.” Elena said, forcing herself to keep her eyes away from the younger girl.
“I know how I’d thank a male lifeguard.” Cristy gave Elena a naughty smile. “But I imagine you might want something different.”
“You might be surprised”. Elena said, but then catching herself, added, “I can’t. This isn’t professional. I’m on duty.”
“I see.” Cristy said. But suddenly she was laying back in the sand. “Well I’m about to stop breathing. You’d better give me mouth to mouth.” She froze with her lips partially opened, her eyes closed, one leg raised slightly in the sand. Elena moved closer to her. She felt a twinge of guilt but realized the other lifeguards really would assume she was doing rescue breathing. She bent over Cristy and began to gently kiss her mouth, still salty from the sea.
“What else can I do to thank you?” Cristy asked between kisses. “I am so grateful.”
“Don’t move.” Elena said. She reached behind the girl’s neck and untied the white bikini top. It fell away to reveal her large, perfectly tanned breasts. Her nipples were hard from the cold water. Elena messaged them first with her fingers, the leaned over and began to kiss first one nipple, then the other, letting her warm tongue lick away all the salt.
Elena leaned back then and pulled off the one piece she had on under her t-shirt. She lifted her soaking shirt enough to expose her breasts, took one of her own breasts in her hand and put it into Cristy’s mouth. She ordered the younger girl to suck and kiss her, with the other hand, she lifted Cristy’s head to bring her in closer. “Now the other one.” She ordered, pushing her other breasts into Cristy’s mouth. Once both breasts had been sucked clean, Elena lowered her head and straddled over Cristy, moving her shaved crotch towards the younger girl’s mouth.
“Wait, isn’t that enough?” Cristy asked.
“I saved your life.” Elena said, stroking the girl’s hair back out of her forehead. “Are you grateful?”
“I’m so greateful!” Cristy gasped.
“Show me.” Elena said and pushed her pussy into the other girl’s mouth. She felt Cristy’s cool tongue moving inside her body. She threw back her head and groaned with pleasure, before long feeling on the verge of an orgasm. It was the best rescue ever.

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