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“Florida, huh? That will be like such a big move for you. Are you sure that you want to move to Florida?” asked Erica.

“Erica, I don’t have a job here and I have some friends in Florida. I think I could really make a nice life in Florida. You can come visit me!” exclaimed Holly.

“I just thought that after graduation we would both be working for the same company but now that is not the case. I want the best for you” said Erica.

“Look I am almost at your house, I just past the video store, be ready I will honk the horn. And I want my US magazine that I left at your house last night” said Holly.

“Alright, see ya” Erica hung up the phone and fixed her make up then searched in the bathroom for Holly’s magazine.

Holly finally found it under her bed. It must have gotten mixed with her own magazines. She noticed a porn magazine that her ex-boyfriend gave her. She never did return it because she became attached to it. It made her cum just looking at it and she needed to fulfill that urge. She got the urge to feel sexy every now and then, but now that she and Kevin broke up she didn’t have anyone to share that intimacy with. She knew several guys were interested in her but now she was having images of making out with women and experimenting with Erica.

Erica and her became intimate before and they have been honest with their feelings ever since. They didn’t want to ruin their friendship because of the sex they had, so they made sure that they always remained friends and kept doing things together. Up until now Holly wasn’t thinking sexual thinks about Erica, she was thinking about Erica moving to Florida. But she opened the magazine and flipped to the pages where the hot sexy girl’s face was full of emotion as she was masturbating. Holly became hot and moist. She wanted to masturbate right there but knew Erica would be there any minute. She went ahead and opened her legs and lay down on her bed. She looked at a few more photos of a woman with luscious breasts round and beautiful and she imagined eating her out or Erica eating her out again.

Erica’s cell phone rang, it was Holly.
“Erica, come upstairs I am feeling hot and we don’t have to be at the dinner rehearsal for at least another 20 minutes. Will you come up for a quickie? Holly asked playfully.

Erica had a huge smile. She was stopped at a red light and she felt so embarrassed as if the guy in the convertible next to her red convertible could hear what Holly said. His eyes met with hers but he just smiled and flirted. She looked straight ahead and said, “yess!” “I will be right there. Wait! What are you wearing?” Erica felt like playing a little to start some foreplay.

“I have a black halter top and pink panties on. Do you want to see? ” asked Holly.

“Holly, you are turning me on! Yes I want to see! What got into you?” Erica was giggling.

Holly sensed the playfulness in Erica’s voice so she hung on and played some more.
“I know how tense you are with this moving thing and I think you need a nice massage to loosen the tension. Com upstairs and let me help you. How does that sound?” Holly said.

“Holly, you are too much. I like it. You got me wrapped around your finger right now. I am all yours. What are we going to do?”, flirted Erica.

Holly was naked and laying on her bed. She was playing with her breasts and talking to Erica. She was caressing her thin tan stomach while lying on her back with both knees bent. She was naturally coming up with these ideas like she use to with Kevin. It wasn’t rehearsed just natural, fun, and sexual.

Erica opened Holly’s door slowly and they started to make out.

“Mmmmmm you are hot, Holly. Nice tan. Have you been working out? Asked Erica as she took off her sunglasses and threw them on the floor. She unbuttoned her blouse too.

“Yes, I want to look good so you can have the best” they giggled.

First they started kissing. Kissing Erica was nothing like kissing Kevin. This was different. It was worth paying for; it was something Holly was thinking that she could not live without. She wanted Erica so bad. She was fulfilling every sexual tension with Erica. Erica made her feel so relaxed and sexy. They both looked like pro’s. They could be in movies because they looked so hot together.

Erica took off her pink blouse and tan skirt. Then she unbuttoned her bra. Holly kissed her neck softly and sucked on her breasts. She enjoyed sucking Erica’s breasts especially when Erica called out her name, “Holly, mmmm”.
Erica’s panties were wet and she was so moist. She kissed Holly again and said, “Holly, I missed you, you were turning me on like crazy in the convertible. I couldn’t wait to see you! You are such a flirt. I know what Kevin saw in you. I am so lucky to have you.”

The two girls laughed and rolled over. Erica kissed Holly’s breasts and down to her belly and licked her pussy. Holly let out a yelp. Erica rubbed her tongue along her lips and her pussy was moist. She tasted like cream. She was cumming and Erica was swallowing as much as she could. Holly’s face was so red as she began to cry because it felt THAT good. Even Kevin’s eating out experiences never made her feel like this. When Erica did it Holly pictured her tight ass and her gorgeous face. This only made the experience more appealing.

They didn’t take a shower. They got dressed and took off in Erica’s convertible. Both girls wearing sun glasses and their dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind. They got to the dinner rehearsal on time. They sat together of course and rubbed each others thighs as they drank wine. The wine made them blush. They went in the bathroom together later on and kissed. That was a fun night. The end.

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    Lol, nice idea, shame it’s not that well written…maybe try a re-write

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