Hot Tub First Time

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Catherine (or known as Cat by her friends) was sitting in a hot tub with 4 of her friends who were both couples and a girl who was a friend of a friend that Cat had never met before. They were all enjoying getting drunk and unwinding from their stressful days at work. After about an hour of talking and enjoying the alcohol, one couple, Derek and Lilly, got up and headed off into a room. That left Cat, her friends, Seth and Kristina, and the new friend, Riley. 
Cat was straight but something about Riley made Cat entrigued. Riley was a good looking girl, about 5’8″ and in her early 20s. She had mid length curly brown hair that fell perfectly on her shoulders. She had a nice, natural tan and big brown eyes and a slight athletic build. She was wearing a small, and sexy bikini that barley kept her large breasts from popping out that Cat estimated were about a C cup.
Cat considered herself a good looking girl with long straight brown hair and a skinny but not too skinny build. She had blue eyes and she was a little taller than Riley. 
Cat was sitting across the hot tub from Riley looking at her perfect body and having extreme urges to have sex with Riley. She had never had these feelings for a girl before and she liked it. She was trying to figure out a easy way to get her alone. She had noticed that Riley had had a few drinks past being sober. She was getting drunk which made Cat happier because then maybe it would make it easier for Riley to let lose. Cat wasn’t going to give Riley the option to say no though, because she was having such strong urges for Riley that she wasn’t going to let it pass.
The night continued on and Cat could tell that Seth and Kristina wanted to go up to a room themselves so Cat suggested that they go and Riley and her would talk. Cat was very happy about this because it gave her the perfect chance to fuck Riley. Kristina was a little hesitant about leaving because she felt bad, but she did in the end and left Riley and Cat alone together.
After about 15 minutes or so, they talked about work and if they had boyfriends or not and other small talk. Cat could tell that Riley was straight which would make things a little tougher but Cat wasn’t going to let that stop her. She slowly started moving closer to Riley but she was still far enough away so it didn’t make Riley nervous. Cat wasn’t sure how to start it off because she was pretty good at getting a guy but had no idea how to get a girl so she just tried it out with this question, “So have you ever hooked up with a girl before?”
Riley’s face was in shock and kind of repulsed and responded with, “Hell no! What makes you say that?” She pursed her lips and Cat couldn’t help but think how good those lips would feel against her pussy.
“I was just curios, but have you ever wanted to? I mean everyone wants to experiment right?” Cat said hoping Riley would say yes.
Riley didn’t take much time to respond and started to get angry. “No, I haven’t and I don’t want to hook up with a girl.” 
She started to get up and Cat reached her arm out and grabbed Riley’s arm which made her freeze. 
“Don’t you want to experience it just once? We could be each others first times together,” Cat said trying to keep her in the hot tub but she wasn’t having any of it. She quickly stood up but Cat stood up with her. Riley realized that she wasn’t able to go far with Cat’s hand on her arm.
Cat looked at Riley’s body. Her body was glistening with the small water drops running down her body and her nipples became hard from the cold air. It gave Cat goosebumps and made her want Riley even more. She looked at her ass, it was a nice size but firm and Cat put her free hand on her lower back. 
“Come on,” Cat said hoping she would give in, “you know you want to.” 
“Stop,” she said, “I don’t want to have sex with you.”
“I know that’s a lie. Look at your nipples, they are hard as a rock. I know it’s cold out here but I also think it’s because you know you want to. I am just as new to this as you are but you are just so damn sexy that all I  want to do is make you cum. I want to make you cum so hard and it will feel better than you have ever had it before,” Cat said whispering it into her ear while she was standing behind her with the perfect view of her sexy ass. She could tell that Riley’s breathing got a little faster and shallower.
“No, I don’t want to,” she responded but Cat could tell that she did, she just didn’t know it yet.
“Look at that ass,” Cat said as she tried to pull the small bikini in-between her cheeks. She tugged it up so it bunched up and exposed her sexy ass. She lightly touched it and then pulled the material up again. When she did, Riley breathed in a big gasp, but said nothing.
Riley stood perfectly still and if she really wanted to, she could push Cat away and leave but she was enjoying it. Cat pulled again on the bikini and Riley gasped once again. Riley realized that Cat was in control of her now but still didn’t want to give up just yet.
“What? Do you like that? Do you enjoy having the material high up your ass or is it that it’s rubbing against your clit because it’s pulled too tight?” Riley said nothing but as Cat pulled on the material again, her face showed a slight satisfaction from it.
“Riley, you look like you’re getting cold, how about you come over here and sit on my lap?” Cat tugged her backwards towards the dark corner of the hot tub and sat Riley down in-between her legs. She couldn’t imagine how well things were going and how she had complete control of Riley. She reached up and undid the small bikini top releasing her big tits which made Cat happy with pleasure and she threw it to the other corner of the hot tub. 
Riley started to say something in protest but it stopped right away when Cat reached down and grabbed the front of her bikini bottoms moving it up and down, back and forth on her clit. Riley leaned her head back in pleasure and started breathing faster and faster. She reached up and started rubbing her own tits.
Cat whispered in her ear, “Are you enjoying this, Riley? You said you didn’t want any of this. Did you lie to me? I think you lied to me because you’re a dirty little slut. Are you almost ready to cum? Well I won’t let you cum until you say you’re a dirty little slut.” Cat immediately stopped and kept the bikini bottom pulled tight against her clit. Riley suddenly rose her head up and looked at Cat and she realized that with the loss of pleasure, and that she wanted Cat to continue, meant that Cat won. 
Riley started to say something but Cat interrupted and said, “Don’t give me any bullshit. You heard me, I know you did. Either you tell me you’re my dirty little slut, or you don’t cum.”
Riley closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing down but she failed. Cat then slightly tugged on the bikini bottom to remind her and then she said, “I – I am your dirty little slut.”
Cat was very happy and knew she had complete control and said, “Get up and switch me places.”  
“What? I thought I was going to cum,” Riley said I disappointment.
“Shut the fuck up and do as I say,” Cat said firmly.
Riley sat down on the hot tub seat and Cat sat on her lap facing her. This was the first time that Cat was able to see her pussy. The bikini bottom was still on but it was practically all there because the material was pulled up high between her lips. “You really want to cum badly don’t you?” Riley nodded and had a faint smile.
“You are embarrassed about this aren’t you? Seeing your body turned on by another girl, knowing that you really want to cum,” Cat said with pleasure.
Riley became flushed and nodded and looked down at her body. Then she looked back up at Cat with wide eyes and Cat smiled. Riley was starting to really want it now. 
Cat let go of the bikini bottom and started pulling it off and flung it over with the matching top on the other side of the hot tub. Then Cat started taking off her black top and black bottom and threw them over with the other swim suit and Riley looked at her surprised. She hadn’t realized that Cat was going to get something out of it too.
Cat rose up on her knees so her breasts were eye level with Riley’s. “Lick my nipples,” Cat said.
Riley hesitantly licked them slowly at first and as soon as her soft pink tongue touched her nipple, there was a huge pleasure sensation sent from her nipple all the way down to her pussy and she tipped her head back and closed her eyes.
“Keep licking my nipple, Riley. Keep licking until I tell you to stop.”
Riley was slowly starting to enjoy doing it to Cat. Then Cat reached out and started groping Riley’s perfect boobs. Riley started rocking underneath her out of pleasure.
“Get up and sit on the edge,” she did as Cat said. 
Cat spread Riley’s legs and slowly kissed her way up to her sweet, bald pussy. It was perfectly shaven and Cat was getting even more turned on by seeing it. She kissed her outer lips and Riley groaned out of pure pleasure and was practically begging Cat to eat her out. 
Riley leaned back and propped herself onto her elbows and relaxed. She was really enjoying it and Cat knew that this would not be a one time thing. Cat knew she wanted more and thought that Riley would too.
Cat rubbed her hands up Riley’s inner thighs and opened her pussy. Cat lightly licked her clit which made her twitch. Then she pushed a little harder with her tongue and moved it in circles. Cat wasn’t really sure what she should do to make it feel good but she went off of what she thought would feel good and Riley seemed to be really enjoying it. Cat was also enjoying the taste of Riley’s sweet juices which surprised her.
Then Cat started to slip her tongue lower and lower into her hole. Riley looked down at Cat and gave a huge smile. Cat could tell that Riley was getting cold so she decided to try to take it a little faster.
She slid her tongue just barely in and out of her hole to tease Riley and then she stuck it in. Riley breathed in a huge breath and let it out slowly. Cat continued and Riley started moaning out of pure pleasure. Riley reached up and started playing with her breasts. All over her face showed how much she was enjoying it. Then Cat stopped and Riley look at her suddenly.
“You dirty little bitch. You are enjoying this a little too much aren’t you?” Cat knew that it wouldn’t take much longer to make Riley orgasm. 
Riley looked at her and smiled really big and said, “Hell yes. I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner.”
Cat returned to Riley’s pussy and licked her clit fast. Then she stuck one finger up inside her, and then two sliding them in and out at a good pace. Riley was moaning fairly loud at this point saying, “Oh yeah…you know how to please a girl…mmmmm…that feels so good.”
Everything she was saying was making Cat turned on more and more and she almost felt like she could cum right then but didn’t.
Cat then stuck a third finger inside Riley and then a fourth and then her whole fist. She was moving in and out hitting her g-spot perfectly each time. Just a few moments later, Riley took a deep breath. Her moaning got louder and louder. She started moving her hips up and down which was shoving Cat’s face into her pussy. Then she reached over and put her hand on Cat’s face and shoved it even more into her pussy, and arched her back and let out a big moan.
“OOOOHHH FUCK YES!! Mmmm yeah! Oh god!! Uh…uhh…” Riley let out. Her juices filled up Cat’s mouth and didn’t stop licking her clit until Riley started to relax. Her body twitched and jolted with great pleasure and she slowly started to relax. She laid back onto the deck and tried to catch her breath.
Cat got on top of her and started kissing her neck and her soft lips and let Riley taste her own sweet liquid. 
Cat rose up and said with a smile, “My turn.”
Riley went right at it and gave Cat the biggest orgasm she had ever had as well. They went inside and fell asleep together. They just had the greatest night of their lives and they would never forget their first time together.

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