Its amazing to be lesbians

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Its amazing to be lesbians!!! Try yourself and give me feedback…..

My name is Sandra. I am from Goa but now settled in Mumbai. I live in Juhu as a paying guest. My landlord is a businessman of 35 years of age. Her wife is very beautiful and of 30 years. My landlord is generally on business tour. So many times he is on tour for almost 3 weeks in a month.
We are two room partners. My partner’s name is Zeenat. I am very bold as I am working with one Ad agency. Zeenat works as a receptionist in a five star hotel. Zeenat looks very stunning. Her cups size is almost D. Whenever she is close to me; I can feel some vibrations. It gives me a great pleasure. We share lot of dirty jokes. Everything was in limit till we visited Zeenat’s native place one town near Bhopal ( M.P.)
Zeenat’s cousin brother was getting married. She invited me and I decided to take a break. We reached Zeenat’s native town. He house was a very old bunglow with so many rooms but most of them were unused and closed as they were not maintained. We both were asked to share one room with Zeenat’s cousin sister. Her sister Zahida’s look was very shy but she was very beautiful. Her color was very very fare.
After dark we went to sleep. There was one double bed in that room with old fashioned design. Zahid decided to sleep between me and Zeenat. Soon I was asleep. After some time I felt some movement in our bed. I opened my eyes. I was surprised and shocked to see that Zahida was kissing Zeenat’s big boobs and Zeenat was enjoying. I kept on watching for some time. Slowly slowly Zahida was increasing her frequency of kissing Zeenat’s boobs. Now I also was enjoying this act of both. This lasts for about 40-45 minutes. Both were exhausted and fall asleep soon but I couldn’t sleep after that.
Next day morning I asked Zeenat about night’s incident. Zeenat replied that Zahida has this habit since long and whenever she is with her; Zahida is doing this and she ( Zeenat ) also enjoys. Throughout the day I kept a eye on Zahida but she looks normal and very shy. In the evening suddenly light went off and all members came out of the house and moved to the small garden of that bungalow. Zeenat called me and we both went to the terrace on the second floor of the bunglow. The terrace was very big and cool breeze was flowing. We felt very relaxed as it was very hot inside. Suddenly Zahida came to the terrace and we all started talking. We were told that power supply will be restored next morning only. Zeenat and we decided to sleep on the terrace only. Other family members chose the first floor terrace. We all three got only one extra thick bedsheet. Zahida once again decided to retain her place. After sometime Zahida moved closer to me thinking that I am Zeenat. She kept her hand on my boobs. I felt something very special as this was first ever touch to my assets. I didn’t resist. Zahida opened all the buttons of my top and then removed my bra. My excitement was increasing. I hold Zeenat’s hand tightly. Zeenat whispers in my ears ” Darling now enjoy .” Zahida kissed my boobs. I felt that the whole terrace is shaking. I almost lost my control and I hugged Zahida and pressed her face into my breasts. Zahida became mad and she started kissing with a great speed. After some time I took away Zahida’s face and removed her top and bra. Zahida was shocked to notice that it was me and not Zeenat; but she doesn’t show any resisitence. Now I started kissing her breasts. She immediately lost control and we both started roling over each other on the terrace. Zeenat also joined us. Zeenat not only undress herself but also to me and Zahida. Now we all three were kissing each other. We performed this almost till early morning.
I and Zeenat stay there for 5 days and we enjoyed all the four nights.
We came back to Mumbai. During first night we talked about Zahida and our experience with her. After 2-3 nights Zeenat suggested me to repeat the play among us both. I accepted her proposal. Now we both used to play like this during every night.
One night we both were watching movie in the common drawing room. It was very late in the night. We both fell asleep on the sofa only after the movie was over. As ususal we both removed our clothes and were playing with each other’s body. Wife of landlord Seema was going to kitchen. As the night lamp was on she saw both of us in this condition. She stop in the drawing room and watched us for a very long period.
Next day after dinner when we all three were watching TV; Seema told us yesterday night’s incedent. We both were shocked and we got afraid that now she can ask us to vacate the room. But on the contrary she requested us that she also wants to join us as her husband is most of the time on tour and generally he touches her once in a month only. She is totally unsatisfied in sexual needs. We both agreed this.
During nights Seema replaces Zahida. Seema was more dangerous than Zahida as she was untouched since last 2 months by her husband ( on that particular night ). She suggested to touch our pussies and try to have FM like sex. Now this was a new experience for both of us but we accepted. Seema by doing this filled so much energy and hunger in me and Zeenat that when we felt exhausted it was already 6 AM.
Now its almost 2 months since that night and we all three are enjoying our nights upto highest level of satisfaction.
So try and perform this play and give me feedback.

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