Just Never Know, Part 3

Are you guys ready for Part 3? Hope so; here we go.

Elizabeth, Mark, and I kept things low key from my husband, as well as from each other. Me and Mark would have phone sex with each other on regular occasions and even Skyped once. Elizabeth and I would talk about how much we needed to sneak away from our men for some girl time. This had to be done, and soon; I was going insane from the anticipation. We came up with a plan to ditch work one day and play. Liz and I made arrangements to meet at her house on a Tuesday after Mark had gone to work. Without her knowledge, Mark and I made the same sort of plan for later that week. So I was stuck having to juggle schedules around.I made excuses to most everyone as to why I would be unavailable for a good portion of the day. I did have a crisis of conscious at one point and an issue keeping up with that many lies–somehow I managed and got away with it.

I arrived at her house at the appointed time. Let me just say, all the build up was well worth the wait. Starting in the living room and culminating in their bed, we gave each other orgasms we’ve never felt before. Fingers, toys, tongues, hands, mouths, and whatever we could grab to heighten each others pleasure, we did it. I couldn’t wait to do that again and she felt the same way. Believe me when I say it was wanted and very much needed. I left her home satisfied. Legs weak, heart racing, I felt like I’d run a marathon. As I was driving home, Mark called me. Turns out, he was behind me. on the road. Ha ha! Too weird, right? He had seen me entering the freeway and thought he’d follow me home. So adorable. I pulled off and found a gas station for us to meet. We greeted and exchanged pleasantries. Since we had some time to kill, we agreed to find a more secluded spot–after all, here someone could see us. He had me follow him down a side road to a parking lot; he led the way away from prying eyes. I took this as a cue that something was about to happen. I quickly parked and met him in his car. We nuzzled and made out in his vehicle, our hands feeling each other. He found his way under my shirt, unhooking my bra, and my hands found themselves in his pants. He fondled me, I fondled him. Releasing his penis from his pants, I bent down and began sucking him. Then he said it.

“So how was she?”

Oh my fucking GOD. He knew. My mouth seized, my body went numb. Turns out, he smelled her perfume on me. So I confessed everything to him. Which made him more aroused. He was happy his wife and I had a bit of girl time. I would mumble out the things she and I did as I sucked him off. The more descriptive I got, the more tense and rigid his penis got… so it wasn’t long until he shot down my throat. I was all too happy to swallow it. Man, I wanted more. We kissed as we said our goodbyes. We promised we wouldn’t tell what we knew. On my way home, I replayed the day’s events. In the morning a nice lesbian love affair; the afternoon, a quick suck job in a parking lot. The more I thought about my day, I realized I was dripping wet. I could feel it running out of my panties and down my thigh. I was a woman lost. But I knew I had to contain myself. I also felt kind of guilty. I just had two intimate encounters with people I had only known for a few weeks, and my husband had been left out of the picture.

When I arrived home, I collapsed on my bed and regained my senses. After calming down I phoned Liz and asked her would she consider sleeping with Rob? It couldn’t hurt, right? No harm in asking.  I figured he deserved a fling. After some tap dancing around the subject, she told me they had been together a few times already. Their affair had started shortly after our first double date, but I wasn’t supposed to know. She made me swear not to get mad at him. It was her idea; she took full responsibility. Her story started to make the pieces fall into place. He had been staying at work later and later. Wow, I was fooled. Typically, not much gets passed me. At first I was rather upset, but then stopped to think. I had been “stepping out” for a while now. I couldn’t be mad. I soon got over it. A while later I drifted off to sleep wondering what it would be like to make love to Mark in a proper bed. Slow, sensual, passionate love making with the husband of my friend. Yeah, who am I to judge, right?

That evening after dinner and our kiddo went to sleep, I decided to have some fun with Rob. I knew what he had done and  I decided to see if I could make him crack. It was fun, at least for me, to prod him about Liz. I was privy to everyone’s dirty secrets. Elizabeth and Mark were on a dating site looking for bi girls. I have had extra marital affairs for a good while now, and just found out my husband had been sleeping with Elizabeth. I slept with Elizabeth in the morning and gave Mark a blowjob later that day. It was one torrid mess… and sort of sad. None of us could be honest with our partners or our friends. The more I poked and coyly worked our new friends into the conversation, the more closed off he got. I knew I had struck a nerve. I decided to end my harassing and turn the talk to our kid-free weekend. That upcoming weekend our daughter was going to a friend’s home for a sleepover. It was going to be Rob and me, alone, with no real plans. I came up with an idea. I took it upon myself to have a BBQ at our place. We could take things easy and lounge outside on a spring day. I told Rob I’d jingle Liz and see if they wanted to pop over. He tried to play it off as if he didn’t want to spend his off hours with his boss. As he was talking, I’m thinking, Buddy, you’ve done a lot more than just hang out!

After talking with Mark and Liz, we set up a date for that Saturday evening. The days leading up to the BBQ I spent toying with Rob. I’d toss out hints that I knew, just to see if he would confess.

Like,”I love her boobs, I wonder what they look like naked.”
Or to push him a bit further, “She seems the type to trim her pussy.”

I would drop bombs like that just out of the blue. He didn’t spill the beans; not once. I think up until I decided to write my exploits for all to enjoy, we could have been spies. We all sure can keep a secret. There were a few times where he almost said something, then backed off. I already knew, I was accepting of it, I just wanted him to come clean. Not that I was going to. I’m not that nuts.

The day of our party came and it was frantic with last minute things to do; I wanted our evening to go off flawlessly. The food was cooking, the alcohol was ready. I thought we were set. They showed up, and we all lounged around the grill, conversing, laughing, telling stories. As we dined, Mark would play footsie with me; not letting on that anything was happening, I would sit there and take it, but I wanted to retaliate. I decided to up the ante, and placed my foot on his chair. He would reach down on occasion and rub my foot. God, I love a good foot rub. I’d purposely extend my toes and rub his crotch while talking with everyone. It was all in good fun…for me. I excused myself to go potty. The funny thing about drinks of any sort; the more you consume the more you need to pee. Vicious cycle, it is. Just as I was leaving the restroom, there was my husband. He pinned me against the wall and planted the most passionate kiss on me he had in a great while. That was my reward for making him agree to the BBQ; he was having the blast that he sorely needed. I felt like I was just kicked in the gut. Knowing everything I had done up to that point, and for him to do that making me feel all gooey inside, I started having regrets. I went back to our bedroom and sat on the bed. My husband and our guests were out back carrying on and I felt like I wanted to cry. Liz eventually came in to retrieve me. Asking what was wrong, I told her I was tired, that all the preparation had taken its toll on me. Geez, I only wish that was the case. She suggested that they leave, but I wouldn’t hear of it. I needed a drink. That would help. So the rest of the evening was tequila shots and beers.

As the sun set, we decided to hop in the spa.  The boys went and put on swim trunks, Liz and I found something we could wear. She put on my bathing suit and I wore a pair of shorts and a raggedy Guns N’ Roses t-shirt. We made our way to the yard; the boys were already in the water. We hopped in and joined our respective spouses. The more we all sat there talking, the more we realized what all we had in common. We’re all about the same age, and our formative years were the 80’s. We discussed a variety of topics from A to Z, then the discussion of avenue cruising came up. Those who are in their late 30’s and 40’s will remember the days of driving a main strip; up and down, all night. Meeting people, loud music, bad Taco Bell, and Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine. That was the drink any girl back in the day was guzzling.

Which lead to a drunken truth about me. As we talked about it, my husband volunteered that my bisexuality arose from binge drinking that particular wine. He went on and on telling a story that I told him when we were dating. That led us all to a game of Truth or Dare. Worse still; drunken hot tub Truth or Dare…


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