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Going to the bank is such a hassle. But I tend to enjoy it, if I get Kelly. A woman of womanly curves. Bright blonde hair, the most erotically bright blue eyes. If she sees me in line, she tends to hurry people along, it’s very amusing. Again, I get her as my teller. She makes a problem with the computer. Just to chat.
“I want wrap my tongue around your clit.” I whispered into her cubby hole. Even through her makeup, her face turns red. I smile at her. Bank Manager comes to fix the error. She slips her number with my receipt. ‘Finally!’ Three months of sex talk.

Driving home for lunch. I call her up ‘You’ve reached Kelly. Leave me a message. If I like it, I’ll call you back.’ I wait and leave my message:

I pick you up from work. I have a fun filled evening set up. Once we’re on the road. I pull up the center console. You scoot over, if you feel comfortable to, I wrap my right arm around your shoulders. You lean you head down my shoulder. And kiss my neck. I slide my arm down your side and I rub your ass. I want more, but I wait…

I call back: You pull my hand to your hot spot. Through your business slacks, I rub your sweetness. You roll your head back and let slip a sigh, then a husky deep throaty moan. We are sitting in heavy traffic; I turn my head and kiss your neck. Oh you taste sweet…

I think of leaving it like that to see what she does. But before I get a chance to call her back, she calls me. “I’m on lunch. Tell me more.”
“Where are you at?”
“Sitting in my car down a dead end road wanting you to continue.”
“Oh baby, I’ll finish for you.”

“You taste so sweet. I want you then and there. Knowing we’re in traffic, it’s just not possible. I pull my hand up your body. I want to feel your soft skin. I tuck my hand up your shirt. Softly squeeze your tummy. Traffic picks up and I pull off on the next exit.”
“Where we going?” she asks.
“Shh. It’s a secret. Still driving, the water is coming close. During one of our sex chats, I remember you said a midnight boat ride, skinny dipping, and sex was a fantasy. I want to fulfill yours, baby. The sun’s setting. I park at my boat slip. I take your hand and guide you into ‘The Tygr”. We unhook it from the dock and I drive away. Sitting high at the captain’s helm. I pull you close to me, in front of me. You lean your head back on my shoulder, I kiss your neck. I want to devour you.”
“Now where we headed?”
“Shh. Baby, Listen.” And I heard the sexiest giggle over the phone.
“About 3 mile from the dock, I drop anchor. Very little traffic through there. I cut the engines. I swap you spots. You sit in the chair. I spread your legs and lean my body closer to you.” Another beautiful sound came over the phone, “Lick your finger for me, baby.” I told her again, that husky deep throaty moan screamed through the phone, along with words, I could only guess at being continue.
“I have to get back to work.” I told her. “I’ll call you back in ten minutes.”
“mmm. Hurry!” She barely got out.

As quickly as I could get back to the office. Went directly to my office, telling everyone big phone meeting. Told my assistant to hold all my calls. I closed my door.
“You still there?”
“mmm. Yes finish.”
“I lean into your warm body. I unbutton your shirt opening to a beautiful set of breasts. I lean in and lick your cleavage. I unbutton your pants. I want them off. You stand and pull ‘em off, dropping them on the deck, along with your shirt. You want my shirt off, too. I fling it off. You reach up and grab my breasts. Your soft hands caressing my full ‘C’ chest. I grab your hands and kiss your hands. I want your bra off.”
“Take it off!!” She screams over the phone.
“I unclasp your front closing bra. Each button showing more of your beauty. I toss it on the deck. I pull mine off, I want to taste you. I throw a blanket, I had ready for us. I pick you up, in my arms and lay you down on the deck. I pull off your sexy panties. I look down at your glistening pussy. You’re wet, I slip my middle finger up and down, and oh you smell good. I slip my tongue inside your pussy. The taste sends me in to a rage. I have to have you. I wrap my tongue around your clit. I suck till you squirm; I slip my index finger into your pussy. You cum almost immediate. I stop sucking your clit; pull my finger out of your pussy. I strattle your body with mine. As I lean down to kiss you. I grind my hips into yours. Knowing your still tender. I roll onto my side and pull your back to me. I drape my right arm over your body. Caressing you, occasionally, I dip my hand cupped around your pussy. Slide a finger in and out.”

Inaudible words run through the phone. Soon, she speaks English.
“What about you?”
“That’ll be another time.” I know I have to get back to work, since I’m in my office.”Baby, I have to go.”
“I’m off at 4:30″

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  1. 8 inches

    Very good I would like to hear more.

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  2. Baby Gurl

    That is good i like it u need to make a part two to it i kinda keeps me guessin but u are a very good writer

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