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Lesbian Chat 101: Crzygrl4u: anyone willing TO cyber press 1? Moments later a dozen lesbian horny women presses 1. Crzygrl4u picked an exciting screenname TO choose FROM; NghtyBlndy69. It turned her ON so she private messeged her. Crzygrl4u: So I see your just AS horny AS I am. asl? NghtyBlndy69: maybe . 18/f/ny AND you? Crzygrl4u: 20/f/ny aswell. Crzygrl4u: I have nothing ON AND my pussy IS swollen. NghtyBlndy69: my pussy IS wet WITH a 9 inch pink dildo IN AND out. I’m rubbing my cum all over my 36 ds. Crzygrl4u: can I eat your ussy NghtyBlndy69: eat my pussy and make me cum in ur mouth. Crzygrl4u: I’m sticking my tongue IN AND OUT your pussy making you moan BY EACH stroke NghtyBlndy69: make me cum mmm make me mmmm ahhhh AS the two girls CONTINUE TO talk dirty TO EACH other they are pleasing themselves. crazy girl IS finger fucking herself WHILE her dog IS licking her pussy . ANY moment her pussy will reach climax AND explode ALL IN her dogs mouth. the thought of it making her feel dirty AND nasty made her cum seconds later. Naughty 69 had her dildo IN AND OUT her pussy occasionally sticking it IN her ass . AS juices FROM her pussy driped she scooped them up AND licked her fingers. Crzygrl4u: your cum IS so strong AND sweet you taste so good. NghtyBlndy69: yeah you LIKE my nasty juices don’t you. Crzygrl4u: yeah I do make me cum now? NghtyBlndy69: I straped my dildo on bend over and let me fuck you. Crzygrl4u: stick it deep in my ass and fuck my tight pussy. NghtyBlndy69: your a dirty little whore aren’t you. Crzygrl4u: I am I am fuck me don’t stop fuck me hard. As Blndy69 thrust deep into Grl4u she grabs Grl4u tits in full desperation to thrust harder. Banging her ass cheeks harder and harder . The friction of the harness turns blndy69 on, she wants to cum but needs to finish grl4u first. Harder and harder she pumps the silicone dildo in her ass . . . grl4u squirts all over her thighs and feet. Blndy69 fucks her deep and hard until the last friction touches her clit and she lets out a yelp of exhaustion and pleasure. Crygrl4u: your a pretty fun girl NghtyBlndy69: yeah I can be Crzygrl4u: wanna chat up 2mrw around the same time? NghtyBlndy69: 2mrw at 10, ill be here goodnight nasty bxtch. Crzygrl4u: bye

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