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Jase was one of th photographers at weekly slutt fashion center
“Damn it! I’m late!”
He said as he hurried to the set. No one was there but him. All of a sudden he heard noises from the back room. He slipped around the corner onto one of the other set. Bailey and Sam were back there on the bed. Sam had her red soft lips in bailey’s perfectly shaven pussy. He pulled out his iPhone and started to film the two take turns fucking each other. When they were done they put on their out fits and walked around the dressing room looking for a next designer bra and undies. Bailey walked around to the first set. As she passed Jase he cupped her mouth and held her in a head lock.
” I’ve seen what you can do,” he whispered in her ear,” Now let’s see how you can do that on a boy.”
He let go of her head but kept his grip on her face. He ran his hand through his brown spiky hair.
He drug her into a dressing room and took off his Pants and dropped to his knees when he saw her pussy. she held it out in his face and he licked. she groaned as his stubble rubbed her clit.

More cumming soon

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