lesson one

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She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and thought to herself I’ll show him, she was thinking about the conversation that she had overheard the following evening when she had come home from work. She was earlier than normal due to the last house that she had to show a couple around was just around the corner from their house so her boss had said rather than travel the twenty minutes back to the office she may as well go straight home.
When she went through the front door she could hear laughter, one laugh she knew was the sound of her husband Tony but the other laugh and voice that followed she didn’t recognise, it had a slight Scottish twang to it, they started talking again but she couldn’t hear properly from the that end of the hall so she carefully took her shoes off and crept towards the lounge intrigued to find out what was so funny and just who the unexpected guest was in their house. As she got closer she could hear their conversation more clearly although it was joined by the unmistakable soundtrack to a porn film “bloody hell is that even possible” the guest said to which Tony replied “only in your dreams, how many women do you know that look like that and would even do that” “only in films” was the reply and was followed by him telling Tony what he had got up to with an ex girlfriend ” she use to love watching films and was always up for trying something new” he went on “yes well there is always a mad rush to strip each others clothes off when you first get together” Tony replied “but after six years it gets a bit mundane”
Mundane mundane I will give him bloody mundane she thought to herself and with that she got dressed and headed out the door to meet her friend Anna for coffee if there was anybody that she could confide in it was Anna.
She had known Anna for years and they had clicked from the start, Anna would know what to do so she told her about the conversation to see what she thought “its not about what I think” she told Beth “its about what you want to do about it” I probably have let myself go a bit she thought although she was the same size as when they had met she never seemed to take as much time over her appearance “I need a make-over” she said “and I want you to help me” with that Anna laughed and said ok lets go and with that they got up and went around the corner to the salon where Anna always had her hair done.
The hairdresser ran her hands through Beth’s hair, it came halfway down her back and she normally had it tied up, “and you are going to let Anna pick” she chuckled “yes” Beth replied and with that the hairdresser went off to mix up the colours. Two hours later and Beth emerged a new women, no longer the mousy brown hair hanging limp down her back but she now had a sharp layered bob in a mixture of rich chocolate and lighter caramel shades, “ok” she said “that’s the hair lets go shopping” and they walked off arm in arm both wearing big grins across their faces.
Beth didn’t know that half this underwear existed let alone all of the other items that were on the racks in the shop “my god she said there are hundreds but how do you decide which one to have” as she held up a vibrator, now she knew what all the fuss was about as they held the different ones against their noses to feel the vibration getting the giggles in the process. As she laced up the back of the basque Anna looked down at the hair sticking out of the sides of Beth’s knickers and said “it would look ten times better if you pruned the hedge” oh hell Beth thought, its no wonder Tony thought their sex life was mundane compared to the girls on the films or was it just her that was mundane “well Tony is away until Friday night so it looks like you will need all that time” she said half thinking to herself that there was no way that she could do it in that time.
They left the shopping centre at three armed with bags and headed off back to Anna’s so that they could go through everything again stopping off at the off licence on the way to get a few bottles of wine, Tony wasn’t going to be home so they decided that they would make a night of it.
Anna poured the wine while Beth was in the shower and when she came out there was a box on the bed with an array of vibrators and various toys Beth looked wide eyed at them “knock yourself out” Anna said laughing as she went for a shower herself, when she came out Beth was sitting on the bed a glass of wine in one hand and a rabbit in the other and a grin on her face “what have I been missing” she said “why is this one shaped like an egg” she asked with a slightly embarrassed look on her face and they both laughed loudly “well put it on your clit and find out, if you can find it under that undergrowth” Anna said and poured them both another drink “I was going to do it in the shower but wasn’t sure how much to take off” Beth replied sticking her tongue out at her friend “wanna do it for me” Anna disappeared into the bathroom and came out with a towel a razor and a can in her hand “ok girly are we having a landing strip, Brazilian or would you prefer something else” she said as she threw the towel on the bed and motioned for Beth to move herself onto it, she may as well have been talking Brazilian as far as Beth was concerned “what is yours like” she enquired of her friend and with that Anna let her towel fall to the ground to reveal the thin strip of neatly trimmed hair. Beth lay down and Anna squirted the pink gel on her fingers and began to rub it over Beth’s pubic hair, it seamed to foam up to produce a nice creamy consistency which she thought to herself felt nice or was it the feeling of Anna’s fingers that she was enjoying?
She lay back as Anna went to work trimming her from one side then the other and gently parted her legs as she moved further down, she was enjoying the feeling of Anna’s hand gentle caressing her lips as she moved them so that she could make her all smooth, she felt her nipples hardening a fact which Anna had noticed herself as she wiped away the last traces of the foam, she got up from the bed turned the bedside lamp on and took the towel and razor through to the bathroom turning the overhead light off as she went, “you will need some moisturiser on that, we don’t want you getting sore do we” and with that she squirted some and put Beth’s hand on it and said “ok rub it in” as Beth moved her fingers over herself she could feel the smoothness “wow that feels so much better” and with that Anna place the egg shaped vibrator onto Beth’s stomach and said “ok now feel what difference a shave makes” and with that she pushed the on button and it wriggled across her belly, she picked it up and placed it between her legs, her eyes opened wide with shock Anna laughed “that’s only the first setting you still have three more to go” Beth smiled as she pressed it again and the motion got quicker, she sighed and her other hand caressed over her left breast “mmmmmmmm this is good but doesn’t it make you want cock” she said as she pressed the button once more “that’s what these are for” Anna said as she held up a vibrator in her hand with that Beth looked at her left hand and then her right “I seem to have ran out of hands” looking into Anna’s eyes with a wicked smile on her face, Anna smiled at her and moved forward and gently kissed Beth on the lips they parted for a few seconds and then they kissed again their tongues entwining around each others as Anna’s hand caressed Beth first over breast and down over her stomach until it reached the warm wet folds of her virgina “ooooooooh someone’s rather wet” she dipped her fingers inside the folds and Beth raised up to greet them as Anna’s fingers explored deeper, she moved down kissing over Beth’s body until she was in between her legs and ran her tongue over the newly shaven skin and flicked her tongue along Beth’s lips and clitoris she removed her fingers from what was now a very wet hole and ran the vibrator along its edge just dipping the first inch in and out and teasing her all the time keeping her tongue on Beth’s clit “don’t stop don’t stop” she said as her bottom rose off the bed and she shuddered as she had her first orgasm, she gave a little giggle and looked at Anna and smiled “that felt so good” as Anna dipped the vibrator a little further in “well there is more to come unless you want me to stop” Anna said in a teasing voice “hell no” as she tweaked her nipples and thought to herself that she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this turned on she moved her hand from her breast and ran it over Anna’s as she looked round at her she moved her face up and kissed her again turning her body around gently so that she was now laying on her side she put her hand down onto Ann’s and pulled it away from her still with the vibrator in her hand “I think it must be your turn now” as she took it in her hand and ran it along Ann’s thigh while gently kissing her way down her body, it was the first time she had seen another women this close she moved forward and flicked her tongue across her lips as Anna gently opened her legs, she was wet and tasted sweet Anna made a little murmur as Beth explored with her fingers inside the folds of Ann’s pussy she began licking over the hood that hid her clitoris trying to think what she liked herself she could here Anna’s breathing getting deeper as Anna put her hand on Beth and gently she moved round turning to the 69 position and they both tongued at each others smoothness, Anna sucked Beth’s clit between my lips, biting it gently as too not hurt, Beth copied what Anna was doing and she started sucking her clit she began bucking her hips hard into Anna’s face, forcing her clitty hard against her face. They was fingering each other while sucking and flicking their tongues over each others clit, things went wild as Beth’s orgasm started at the same time as Anna’s wriggling and cumming together was amazing.
As they parted Anna once again got hold of one of her toys and started with slow shallow penetrations as increased speed and depth. Beth started thrashing about hard wanting more Anna knew what she wanted and flicked it on to full speed Beth raised herself up to meet the thrusts as Anna again and again pumped it hard into her “oh god I’m going to cum again” Beth shouted as wave after wave of the orgasm ripped through her body and she was trashing about on the bed, Anna moved her head down and gently flicked her tongue over Beth’s clit while lapping up all her juices and as Beth’s breathing slowed down she lay on the bed a wide smile upon her face, she looked at Anna who was now laying next to her again and said “wow well I know I asked you for help and that was amazing, just what have you planned for tomorrow” and with that they both laughed. But that’s another story.

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