Long Awaited Vacation – pt. 1

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As I got off the plane that morning, I felt my excitement grow. After four months of minimal contact, I was finally going to be able to see Andi again. I walked out of the jet-way amidst a crowd of sleepy passengers, and into the new morning sunlight pouring in from the windows right next to me. I paused slightly to take a deep breath before readjusting the carry-on bag on my shoulder and continuing the drudge out of the terminal. Passing the numerous gates between me and my destination, I walked quickly to the baggage claim area, stopping just short before going through the door. Looking around, I frantically searched for a restroom, as my need for this moment to be perfect was overwhelming.

I looked in the mirror above the sinks while I ran some cool water into my cupped hands, and could see the exhaustion in my eyes. This morning’s flight had been an early one, and it was not wearing well on my body. Mornings were never good for me. I took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and expelled it quickly. This was followed by a rigorous dashing of the chilled water on my face to wake me up. Today was going to be a long day, and I needed to be awake for it.

I patted my face with a paper towel, brushed through my hair, and touched up my makeup before I decided I looked presentable. Smoothing the wrinkles out of my shirt and skirt, it felt obvious to me that my panties were stashed in the carry-on bag at my feet.

Just as you ‘requested’, my dearest, I thought.

I could never say no to her.

Quickly, I grabbed my bag and on the few steps it took me to emerge from the women’s restroom, I slung it over my shoulder. I headed straight for the Baggage Claim door, temporarily queued into a line to be inserted its revolving slots. The door drew closer, and I prepared myself for the jostle and awkwardness that always surrounds revolving doors. Whoever thought that it was a good idea to put one into a busy metropolitan airport should probably be shot where he stands. When it was finally my turn, I took the plunge only to knock myself on the head by the plexi-glass panel that swooped up behind me.

On the other side, it took me a moment to get oriented to the scene that was now displayed before me. Utter chaos was more organized than the jumbled mess of people trying to get bags off of the belts, while simultaneously trying to say hello to their friends and love ones who had come to meet them. There must have been a great many planes landing just before mine. I glanced at the panels on each of the conveyer belts, looking for my flight number when a sultry, familiar voice came up behind me.

“What took you so long?” was the innocent inquiry, causing me to abandon my earlier quest of finding the right turnstile.

A grin breaking across my face, I turned around quickly to see my sweetheart’s smiling face looking down at me.

“I’m sorry, my love, but the plane took a whole hour to get here! You’ll have to complain to the Transit Authorities about this, as it should only take 55 minutes.”

It was so wonderful to see her again.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her down towards me for a kiss. She obliged by pulling me into a tight embrace that left no doubt to the rest of the room that we were in love.

At this moment, my lack of panties began to be problematic. My body was molded against hers, and sensations began to arise. Our electric kiss turned on the gears and motors within my body that signal the start of foreplay, and my midsection was no exception. I could feel the dampness beginning, and continue to get worse the longer I was pressed up against her.

I ended our kiss, feigning a need to grab my luggage before it was stolen by some sticky fingered creep, when really I just wanted the wetness to stop until we were gone from this place. My skirt was short, and the evidence of my arousal would not have to travel far before the whole world noticed it. I may be open in my opinions and relationships, but I do not need to flaunt it.

Glancing about, I found the right conveyer and scampered over to it. Waiting patiently for my luggage, the voice behind me spoke again.

“So how is your fiancĂ©? He’ll be here in a few days to collect you, right?”
“Yes, he and his cadre of friends will be here on Wednesday. How is Katey? She doing alright?”
“Oh yes, she’s doing quite well. She loves her new job! Speaking of which, I have a little surprise for you. I have an interview tomorrow!”

I squealed with delight, knowing how much this meant to her, as her current job as a sales clerk was less than palatable. “I’m so proud of you, sweetie!” I said, before landing a chaste little kiss on her cheek. “Ooh! There’s my bag!”

I lugged the ugly brown suitcase off of the turnstile and raised the handle so I could roll it out of the airport. “I’m ready whenever you are! Let’s get rolling!” I exclaimed, anxious to be in a more private setting. She caressed my shoulders before settling her hand on the small of my back.

“Alright then” was all she said as she led me out of the building and into the already hot, Texas morning.

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